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Your Talent

Your Talent

Call for artists


DEADLINE: JULY 15th 2022
NOW OPEN for Eastern, Southern and Western Europe

MArteLive Europe is an international contest and festival for young and emerging artists supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 

Are you a European citizen and/or resident?

Are you between 18 and 35 years old

Are you an artist in one of our 16 artistic disciplines? 

Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity! 

Gain international  exposure, network with fellow artists and high profile professionals, live the unforgettable experience of an Art Residency, win prizes, featuring and collaborations and a ticket to Rome!

MArteLive Europe follows these steps:

  • Online and Livestream Auditions (June) on Summer 2022
  • Semifinal Shows in Lithuania (Vilnius), Poland (Krakow), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tuzla) on September 2022
  • Final Show in Rome, Italy (October 18-20, 2022)

Are you ready to take this unforgettable journey?

The applications are still open in the Green and Blue Areas

Box Bianco Box Bianco
Music Music
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Dj Producer Dj Producer
Theater Theater
Dance Dance
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Circus Circus
Literature Literature
Painting Painting
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Sculpture Sculpture
Photografy Photografy
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Video art Video art
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Street art Street art
Fashion Design Fashion Design
Handicraft Handicraft
Short movie Short movie
Box Bianco Box Bianco
Music Video Music Video
Digital Illustration Digital Illustration

Finalists in Northern Europe Area

At semi-finals in Vilnius, audience and jury have voted their favourite artists among 48 art projects.

The one winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive in December and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.

Discover the greatest artists from the Northern Europe countries and keep supporting talent!


Juzt, Anushka Chkheidze, ÆMOTION, KompArt, Marina Cherry, Simonas Bernotas, Sandra Strele, Evija Skriba, Denis Vejas, Greta Brat, Linas Kaziulionis K art 7, (between), Diana Remeikytė, George Varsimashvili, Erdvilas Petras Abukevi čius, Saulė Noreikatė

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