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Company Opinion Public

Ixelles, Belgium

Opinion Public is a contemporary dance company that was created in Brussels in 2010. This collective is comprised of Etienne Béchard, Johann Clapson, Sidonie Fossé and Victor Launay. They have met through their education at the Rudra school and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.
The choreographic work is based upon neo-classical and contemporary techniques. It is rich in movement, dynamism, pace, fluidity and it is particularly physically demanding. The floorwork as well as the partnering fall within the choreographic research.

The created pieces are inspired by today’s sociological context. The artists defend the causes they take at heart by using not only dance, but also drama and digital media to create their works. Each year, a new creation is being added to their repertoire: Opinion Public, Apart/heid, Obsolescence, Post Anima, Mr. Follower, Arcadia, Aeterna ,Rocking Chair (a multiple-choice show via a smartphone application, in 2019), Maniac, SO’FAR, Ecran de Fumée and Contact Zéro.
The company has also been invited to perform outside of Belgium, in Europe and in Russia by participating in international festivals, to name but a few: Le Temps d’aimer in Biarritz, France; The Kuopio Dance Festival in Finland, The Black Box Festival in Bulgaria, The Open Look Festival in Sint-Petersburg, The Baltic Ballet Festival in Lithuania, etc.

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