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MArteLive European Contest


MArteLive is an international contest and festival open to young and emerging artists from all over Europe.

MArteLive aims to discover, support and promote new talents: selected artists will be given the opportunity to perform in front of an international audience, will be evaluated by qualified juries, will get in touch with professionals in the field, will participate in artistic residencies and will win prizes, featurings and collaborations.

MArteLive Europe is organised by MArteLive (Italy), Tuzla Live (Bosnia), Kintai Arts (Lithuania) and Artnova (Poland) with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The contest is open to every citizen and/or European resident between 18 and 35 years old.

All works and performances admitted to the competition must be strictly original, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

Each artist or group of artists can submit only one application PER ARTISTIC DISCIPLINE.

i.e. If you are a director for theater and cinema, and also a writer, you can submit 3 separate applications, enrolling in each of the  artistic disciplines you are interested in.


Each artist can submit one single proposal in one or more of the following disciplines:

  1. Music
  2. DJ and Producer
  3. Theatre
  4. Dance
  5. Contemporary Circus
  6. Literature
  7. Painting and Drawing 
  8. Sculpture
  9. Photography
  10. Digital Illustration
  11. Street-art
  12. Fashion Design
  13. Handicraft
  14. Short Film
  15. Music Video
  16. Video Art

The information on the artistic disciplines found on  www.martelive.eu are an integral part of this regulation.


The European territory has been divided into 3 Areas:  Blue, Green and Yellow.

For participants living in the European territory and in countries participating in the Creative Europe programme, the enrollment Area is defined by the country of residence.

For European citizens living outside Europe, nationality applies.


Kintai Arts (Lithuania) will organise the Yellow Area selections, and will host in Vilnius (Lithuania)  the semi-final event for this area.

Yellow Area Countries

Lithuania – Finland – Sweden – Estonia  – Latvia – Denmark – Iceland – Ukraine – Moldova – Norway – Georgia – Armenia – Belarus


ProCult (Italy) will organise the Green Area selections, and will host in Krakow (Poland) the semi-final event for this area.

Green Area Countries

Poland – Germany – France – Spain – Portugal – Luxembourg – Belgium – Slovakia – Czech Republic – Hungary – Romania – Cyprus – Malta – Tunisia – Monaco – Andorra


Tuzla Live (Bosnia) will organise the Blue Area selections and will host in Tuzla (Bosnia)  the semi-final event for this area.

Blu Area Countries

Bosnia – Croatia – Austria – Netherlands – Ireland – Bulgaria – Slovenia – Greece – Serbia – North Macedonia – Montenegro – Albania – Kosovo – UK – Switzerland – Liechtenstein – Turkey 


The contest includes 4 selection phases.  The first 3 phases are conducted by Area.  

The first selection will be online, on martelive.eu and our social media.

Each Area hosts a Semifinal Event:  Blue Area Semifinal is in Tuzla (Bosnia), Green Area  Semifinal is in Krakow (Poland) and Yellow Area Semifinal is in Vilnius (Lithuania).

 In each Semifinal, only 3 selected artists  for each of the 16 artistic disciplines will perform.

At the end of each Semifinal, 1 Winner for each of the 16 artistic disciplines will be crowned, according to the votes of both jurors  and the audience.

Semifinal winners  will participate in the Final Event in Rome, Italy.  

One final Winner for each of the 16 artistic disciplines will be selected at the European Final.

PHASE 1 – Call for artists

Registration:  from January 8th to July 15th 2022

Selected artists will be announced on martelive.eu

PHASE 2 – Online and Streaming Auditions

         In each Area (Yellow, Green, Blue):

  • 10 selected artists – for each artistic discipline – will participate in the online and streaming auditions.
  • 3 winners for each discipline will be appointed (May 2021) and will take part in the semi-final events.

PHASE 3 – Semifinal  Shows

 One semi-final multidisciplinary event will take place in each Area:

  • Yellow Area Semi Final Show – Vilnius (Lithuania) June 26nd 2021
  • Green Area Semi Final Show – Krakow (Poland) September 2022
  • Blue Area Semi Final Show – Tuzla (Bosnia) September 2022

In each Semi Final Show  (Tuzla, Vilnius, Krakow) is appointed 1 winner for every 16 artistic disciplines. 

PHASE 4 – European Final

The European Final will be a multi-disciplinary event in Rome, Italy, from 18th to 20th October 2022:

  • winners of all the Area Semi Final Shows participate
  • 1 Europea Winner for each of the 16 artistic disciplines is declared


To participate in the contest, each artist or group must apply on www.martelive.eu 

The registration fee is 5 € for single artists, 10 € for bands/groups.

Specific submission guidelines  for each artistic discipline are provided in the application form.

The submitted artwork/performance will be used for the initial preselection and must be the same presented in the following steps of selection.


Each artistic discipline is evaluated by a dedicated Jury made of professionals and artists, and by the audience. The final result is given by the weighted average of both jury and audience, with the following breakdown:

  • 75% jury 
  • 25% audience

The audience will vote by filling an online form.

Evaluation criteria:

  • quality of the artistic proposal;
  • technique of execution;
  • originality and innovation;
  • emotional impact;
  • live impact;

Members of the  juries are reported on the website.
The judgement of the Jury is unquestionable.

Please note:

  • each artistic discipline will be judged separately in every selection phase.


Each artistic proposal (solo or group) winning in the Semi-Final events will receive a cash prize of 300 €.

Additional special prizes will be awarded both on the Semifinals and Final Show. 

All winners and artists awarded with special prizes will be indicated on the website shortly after the events.


Every artist is responsible for travel expenses and for the transport of their own artworks.

The artists selected for the Semi Final and European Final events will receive a contribution to travel expenses from 20 to 300 € depending on the location of the artist and actual cost of travel. 

The amount of the financial support for travels will be communicated to the artist after the selection. Refund will be given on the basis of invoices and/or receipts.

Travel expenses contribution will be guaranteed only to disciplines that include live performances: music, dj & producer, theatre, dance, circus, painting, street art.

Contestants in literature, sculpture, fashion design, handicraft, short movie, video art, music video will send images and videos of their artworks for the exposition in the semi final event. Travel expenses contribution is not guaranteed for the disciplines that do not involve a live performance. 


The artistic content can be in any language.

Given the international dimension of the competition and considering that the European final will take place with the participation of artists and juries of different nationalities, artistic proposals  containing  speech and texts must be translated or subtitled in English. 

The information sent in the application form (biography, project description…) and the communication for the events organisation must be in English.


In no case we will accept works/performances that have intolerant/offensive contents of religious, social, political, racial, sexual or gender nature.


Each author is responsible for the work submitted and the dissemination of works protected by copyright.

Proposals must be original and may not contain any elements that violate any third party’s copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights.


The Organization is not responsible for damage or loss of the artists’ works and tools in the venues and locations of the events.


A sanitary risk management policy and plan are implemented, adjusted to the pandemic situation in the area where the events are held, considering both the venue of the event and the provenance of artists and guests, and current national and international regulations.


The registration to the competition will be considered valid subject to compliance with all points of these rules and the individual notices of each artistic section published on the website.

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