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Darina Molatova

Prague, Czech Republic

I am Darina Molatová, a Czech artist from South Moravia. My work is inspired by everyday, neglected, yet indispensable things from daily life. My main medium is sculpture. I have a wide range of techniques. I work with soft materials such as foam or wool, as well as classic materials such as plaster, ceramics or concrete. Much of my work is concerned with the human body, its possibilities of movement, its structure and its surface.

Artwork presentation

The artist’s primary intention was to emphasize the beauty of the shapes of the human body through strict cuts. The sculptures juxtapose the vivid, soft and amorphous with a geometric void. This clash creates tension. One of the two figurative sculptures is enclosed in a block that defines precise boundaries that are not obvious at first glance. The other sculpture emphasizes the movement and position of the model’s body through the cuts. The sculptures are made of plaster by casting into a mold. Their dimensions are 58x52x175 cm and 40,5x26x175 cm.

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