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Shahrzad Nazarpour

Vienna, Austria

Shahrzad Nazarpour, a Vienna based performer and choreographer of Iranian origin. who is an artist coming from a traditional family in a very religious society my uncompromised feminist perspective, lead to my experience of persecution in Iran. She is challenging her own taboos and social values as a radical performance artist. She migrated to Austria since one year in order to continue her studies at the university of applied arts in Vienna right after receiving the bachelor of theater from the university of art in Tehran. Immigration coincided with the emergence of a new concern which was the mutual relationship between the body and the society along with the impacts of the social on the bodily.
As if the body is under the constant oppression and influence of the surrounding environment and society possessed the power of dictating our bodies behaviors. In her case, Iran as an Islamic state where She spent most of her life in there made me experience and absolutely different body in contrary to the one that she is able to live in here in Austria, and her challenge would be a permanent struggle to adapt one’s muscular memory’s with the new social structure. Most importantly, her agenda is to elaborate her knowledge in dance, performance, and visual arts through speculations on politics, feminism, post humanism, and inclusive dance practices.

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