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Contemporary Circus


On this page you can discover the three finalists selected for the Contemporary Circus discipline in all european areas.

The 16 MArteLive Europe Artistic Disciplines are evaluated by a professional jury, made of experts and artists, and the audience.

Stockholm, Sweden

Marina Cherry is hard to define. As many humans are, she is a multitude of layered bits and pieces. By formal training, one may say she is a contortionist/acro-dancer. She was educated at ESAC (École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) in Brussels after starting off her professional circus formation at ENC (École Nationale de Cirque) in Montreal.

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Performing and creating are Marina’s favorite activities in the world. Particularly, she finds endless inspiration through improvisation—the body as her weapon-of-choice. Finding her singular niche somewhere deep in the pockets between contemporary circus and dance, research, innovation and a questioning of conventionalities are at the core of her creations. As she continues to create, more words on what she encompasses might reveal themselves.
Primarily a solo artist, she also enjoys collaborations and is working in diverse projects around Europe including the upcoming production by Belgian company Petri Dish as well as the production 2022 by Belgian Company ‘Les Argonauts’. Marina works as well as a pedagogue and along her travels loves giving workshops in movement research, acro-dance and handstands. She is simultaneously pursuing a degree in philosophy with the University of London (online).

Performance presentations

This piece can either be presented as such, in an 8 minute format, or at its current state 25 minutes.
A complex tension between internal and external.
An exploration of the contradictory paradox of mind and body.
A search into the self. Of being. Amongst Beings.
Of what it means to exist in a world alone yet surrounded by others.
A warped un-narrative told through the body of a contortionist.

IN[EX] confronts one’s absolute freedom of existence through the perspective of a body that is seemingly unconstrained.
It is a research of self, of the physical body, and of the connection to the external.
It is an auto-experimentation; a poking and prodding to the large questions in life traversing multiple dimensions of language.

This performance is a research of the internal enigmas that face each individual, allowing us to see our naïve reality in a different perspective. An uncanny delving of extra-ordinary physicality trying to overcome the barriers of banality that entrap the human existence.
Constructed from my allurement towards the larger picture, a peculiarly poetic exploitation of contortion; IN[EX] attempts to find common ground for opposites: a sense to the absurd.


Grémévillers, France

I was born in 1998 in Beauvais. I started the circus at a very young age at La Batoude. I attended the high school in Châtellerault where they offered the circus arts option. I tried several disciplines before specializing in the acrobatic bicycle.
After obtaining my French baccalaureate diploma, I joined the CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque) in Châlons-en-Champagne where I took classes with different cycling instructors: Anja Eberhart, Camille Châtelain, Jacques Schneder, Serges Huercio,…

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Thanks to these encounters, I have developed a real relationship with my bike and I try to build a poetic and sometimes offbeat universe on stage.
My passion for books has allowed me to create a repertoire of more or less eccentric and crazy characters to whom I give life on my bike.

The circus brings together and unifies all forms of art on the same stage. For me everything can be circus. It is enough simply to observe life in order to be inspired by it and to transpose it with the body. The circus has no limits. Everything is possible and imaginable.

Performance presentations

 – “Jean” (Soft voice) – “I had a dream last night Jean… It was magnificent, splendid, fantastic, wonderful, extraordinary (+ in+ strong)… ” – “And then I heard a noise, it was you snoring, you woke me up again, and you also wiggle at night… Jean, are you listening to me? When I finally managed to find sleep it was no longer a dream that I was living, it was a nightmare, it was horrible, awful, appalling, atrocious, repulsive, infamous “. – “It’s because of what happened last night… Jean, I spent my day cleaning the kitchen, it was everywhere. I have at least a month to make up for it… I can’t take it anymore Jean.” – “And then the laundry was all stained, I didn’t know if I should wash it in hot water? in cold water? 30°? 50°? 90°? with soap? Or bleach?… So I burned everything…- (whispers to her at the bike) “I think he doesn’t love me anymore…”


 – (She gets up, voice louder) “Jean, are you there? Can you hear me, Jean?”


 – (malicious smile) “You know, last night when I went to put the stuff in the back of the garden, I’m sure the neighbor saw me because this morning when I went to get the mail she said hello to me but it wasn’t like usual… She didn’t say hello to me, but HELLO!- “And the back neighbor’s dogs, all they did was bark, I’m sure they smelled something”  – “I heard a noise, I think someone is there, close all the windows, doors, curtains, shutters… We have to hide… Chute makes no noise… – “Jean, (for her) but what is he doing, why doesn’t he answer Jean, (for her) he’s gone he’s gone he’s left me all alone.

 (Shouting) JEAN (calm) ah bah you’re here (shouting) don’t ever do that again listen it’s been months since I’ve taken care of everything here: Cleaning, disinfecting, and even pampering your knife. And what do you do in the meantime?

 Nothing at all nothing at all . – (with a big smile and wide eyes) “So let me rest for five minutes, no three minutes, put on some music or I think I’m going to freak out.” Music: (songs from the movie “La Boum”) 

Thomas Angarola

Lienz, Austria

I went on a solo journey at 19, which opened my eyes and changed my point of view of life. I have reconsidered my priorities, and I have absorbed like a sponge the experiences acquired thanks to the people who have helped and inspired me. In 2018 I had a great experience in Taiwan, which allowed me, to create shows for schools. I developed a passion for creating and expressing myself. I was fire dancing at the time.
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In 2019 I bought a van and traveled around Europe, which brought me to meet street artists. I learned with these people new facets of street theater. Inspired, I started performing on the street with difficulty but also received a lot of support and encouragement. I wanted to go further and start a circus school. Since I arrived in Montreal 2019, I have done training courses for clowns and circus. I was accepted at the Flic circus school in Turin. The same summer I was welcomed by a circus collective ‘CIRCO PANIKO’, where I had the opportunity to exhibit my work from the last two years entitled: WHAT WILL REMAIN?
Performance presentations
What will remain?! A circus theater show that tells the story of a boy on a journey, looking for something he has not found in the comfortable walls of his home. This research will drive him insane by pushing him towards self-harm. Mourning home, he decides he wants to go back. But this is an illusion. We delude ourselves that we can go back by visiting places we liked, friends of the past, we want to go back to where we were happy. But we can just move forward. The return does not exist, because everything around us changes with time, only the scenography remains the same. By keeping our curiosity alive we will have found a tool that will help us move forward: The game of remaining a child inside. The wondering what I want to do tonight that is different from yesterday? And overcoming laziness. Because tonight he will never come back. Nature loves courage
Flat hard floor minimum 5x5meters General lights and amplification .

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