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In this page you can discover the top 3 artists for the
Photography discipline in the Blue Area (Mediterranean to Ocean) selected by the qualified judges and the audience are invited to the Semi-final event in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalist from Mediterranean to Ocean

Glorija Lizde

Split, Croatia

Glorija Lizde (b. 1991, Split, Croatia) researches in her photographic work the themes of family relationships, genetics and memory by bringing together documentary and staged photography. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Video at the Academy of Arts in Split, Croatia and her master’s degree in Photography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia. Her work has been shown in both group and solo exhibitions. Her works Bodyscape and F20.5 were acquisited for the Erste Bank collection. She was nominated for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass (2020) and participated in the international program for new artists Parallel—European Photo Based Platform (2018 and 2021). She is the winner of Radoslav Putar Award for best young contemporary artist in Croatia.
Artwork presentation

Photography series Fearless Youth is based on the eponymous, unpublished autobiography of my grandfather Hasan (1928–2011) in which he recalls, among other things, his experiences in World War II. His upbringing in a Muslim village in Bosnia and Herzegovina was abruptly interrupted when he,
following in the footsteps of his older brothers, joined the Ustashe army in which he served from 1943 to 1945. Following my grandfather’s descriptions, maps and routes and by using his book as a compass, I travelled 1800 km through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia to visit the
places he describes, burdened by history and marked by traumatic events. Through the act of photography, they became personal monuments of our relationship, a meeting point of the past and the present.
Like an unwanted family heirloom, the past is passed down from generation to generation, we are born into it and we carry it even if we never witnessed it. Using archival material along with the landscapes and self-portraits I am weaving a map of intertwined personal and collective history to establish a
dialogue with my late grandfather’s past, a past that is inevitably mine.

Materials: Photographs mounted in wooden frames, video installation in a loop shown on a tablet
Dimensions: Various dimensions 40x46cm (5 pieces), 50x70cm (3 pieces), 170x210cm (1 piece), video installation (20x25cm)


Artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocean


Herceg Novi, Montenegro

My name is Jelena Cejovic, and my pseudnym is malicovekk, which means little human. I’m a spring child, born in Montenegrin coast in 1993. Although I have a Law Master's degree that I’ve earned in Rome and I work within my profession, I dedicate more and more time to the creative, artistic side of my interests. I also proudly stand behind all the creations of the brand calledBura & Bonaca. I am the author of all the photographs, quotes, illustrations and design. The sea is my endless inspiration and the main motive on my photographs, but I am also passionate about fashion photography and portraits.
Artwork presentation
Analogue photography combined with writings and illustration. I am printing my work on textured paper which gives a special vibe to it. All of my prints are packed in hand painted boxes.

Liv Burkhard

Lucerne, Switzerland

Liv Burkhard is a visual artist based in Lucerne, Switzerland, who has recently graduated with a Bachelor in Camera Arts at the University of Lucerne.
While almost always remaining in the position of the observes, the artist creates environments of calm, quiet and reflection and thus tackles topics like escapism, solitude and contemplation.

Artwork presentation

The Ghost of Summer.
The photo series is an object study as much as it is an attempt of drawing the narrative of a paradigm, namely the Badi Mooshüsli in Emmenbrücke, of Swiss bathing culture. The spectator becomes part of a world that on the one hand seems so familiar, that tells stories and recalls memories of warm, insouciant summer days of our childhood.
On the other hand, through the absence of human interaction and the burning midday sun, the familiarity is being turned into an atmosphere of melancholy, desolation and contemplativeness.


Other artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocean

Srdjan Colakovic

Belgrade, Serbia

Photographer, videographer, songwriter, born in Serbia, raised in Bosnia, educated in the US, and now back in Serbia doing artsy stuff.
Artwork presentation
double vision – 35 mm film photography set, with a rotating fractal prism filter done with lomography metropolis film, giving it a faded golden look while looking like the picture is breaking apart, with the various textures


Durrës, Albania

I’m Griseld Hoxha, I live in Durres, I graduated from higher studies in informatics and I’ve been working as a photographer for 5 years, I’ve won various prizes in several photography competitions, and I’ve also opened collective photo exhibitions in Durres.

Artwork presentation
photos in the urban style, black and white photography that convey different messages for the community where I live and more

Edyta Lang

Gourock, United Kingdom

Edyta Lang is a recent graduate of BA Photography at London College of Communication (University of the Arts London).
Born in Breslau, Edyta is a Polish Jewish artist. In her projects Edyta explores the subjects of intimate horror, nightmare within a domestic setting, night terrors, psychology, intense religious experience, and its expression through body language.
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Her work is inspired by Christian iconography, Eastern European folklore, Deathbed Photography.
Her Degree Project, ‘Bliss,’ is focused on the experience of religious ecstasy, attributed to Saints and Martyrs. In particular the dissonance between the descriptions of the spiritual, mystical experiences, as embodying purity and innocence, and the iconographic depictions, fleshing out the elements of physical, sexual pleasure and terror in the presence of God.
In her practice Edyta explores experimental methods of image making. Developing her Degree Project, she devoted her entire final year at LCC to experimentation with extremely low film sensitivity negatives (below 10 iso). In the process she invented her own method of print development, involving the application of wood craquelure. It allowed her to give the surface of her prints appearance of cracked oil paintings and added depth to her work.

Artwork presentation

8 photographic prints. Dimensions of each print – 19 x 13 inches – Developed in the darkroom on fibre based Ilford paper, from black & white negative (iso 10), toned, processed with wood craquelure. Each print is unique. Framed without glass to enhance the illusion of cracked oil painting, and evoke religious art / reliquary.



Sarajevo, Bosnia and Erezegovina

Visual artist and adventurer. Medical student and graphic design student, as an artist I always leave a part of myself in my work. I have been doing photography for many years and it is my first love. I believe that In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality, everyone deserves photos that have a story.
Artwork presentation
The concept of my work includes capturing light and metaphor in photographs. All the photographs were created as part of a monochromatic exhibition.

Bill Psomas

Athens, Greece

I am a PhD student in Deep Learning for Computer Vision and a Photographer. I am trying to combine the scientific with the artistic aspect of photography. I am huge digital and analogue lover. Currently, my scientific direction is towards making algorithms that can find similarities in photos, while my artistic direction is towards landscape photography.

Artwork presentation

All photos are taken with my crop frame Nikon DSLR D3200 having mounted the kit 18-55mm lens.

I find beauty in simplicity. In white and blue. In curves, textures, warm and cold lights. I believe in Bresson’s decisive moment. This moment is that I am trying to capture. And I know that this moment lasts so little that there are very few times I will succeed. But magic lies in the effort. Magic lies in the journey as the Greek poet once wrote.

This is my Greek summer. A Greek summer in the era of the corona virus, a difficult time full of prohibitions and fear. Carefree, freedom, social moments, companionship, gaze, dancing, diving, wrong choices, sunsets, white houses with blue windows, green waters, warm smiles and tight hugs. A trip by ferry. A trip to places where time stops. Magic lies in the journey as the Greek poet once wrote…


Miriam Levi

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Italian visual artist, based in Edinburgh. Soon to be honours graduate in a photography degree from Napier university. Her current focus is on alternative photography and the combination of 19th century photographic techniques with digital software. Her current projects revolve around the idea of post-photography and the discovery of innovative photographic techniques combining old and new, physical and virtual to better represent modern society.

Artwork presentation

These days my hands feel like an extension of my phone. My eyes dilating like the lens of a camera, scanning the outside world to discern it from my inner one. Was I skin before becoming screen? Or was my own body forged by buttons and blue lights?

These images are a visual representation of the loss of boundaries between real and artificial or better a celebration of a new reality that comes out of that loss. A new world, beyond reality itself, that keeps us safe and trapped from the natural world beyond.

These days my hands feel like an extension of my phone. My eyes dilating like the lens of a camera, scanning the outside world to discern it from my inner one. Was I skin before becoming screen? Or was my own body forged by buttons and blue lights?
These images are a visual representation of the loss of boundaries between real and artificial or better a celebration of a new reality that comes out of that loss. A new world, beyond reality itself, that keeps us safe and trapped from the natural world beyond.


Mert Bazgin

Istambul, Turkey

Mert Bazgın was born in 1994 in Manisa. Mert, who started to be interested in cinema from a young age, continues his cinema education at Anadolu University Cinema and Television Department. While he is the cinematographer for various short films and documentary projects, he also directs his own documentary films and takes photos.
Artwork presentation

GÖZE BATAN KIYMIK (FLINDERS IN EYE). When a small piece of dust gets into the eye. Just feel a little discomfort. If it doesn’t matter, maybe you will lose an eye.

digital photography. 1920 x 1280 pixels.


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