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Music video

In this page you can discover the top 3 artists for the
Music Video discipline in the Blue Area (Mediterranean to Ocean) selected by the qualified judges and the audience are invited to the Semi-final event in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalists from Mediterranean to Ocean Europe Countries


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Froukje Veenstra comes from an educational family in which music plays a more or less central role. Early on she sang with her father and sister in Ginger Squad on all kinds of occasions and in bands such as Chicks & Wings. She also used to play the drums. At those performances they mainly sang covers. At the end of the tens she went to study at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts), songwriting department. She learned to get a better structure in her work with structure and rhythm. The study was hampered from 2020 by the corona crisis. Because of the same crisis, she was unable to perform in front of an audience. She did, however, sing during Kaleidoscope by Wende Snijders in the Royal Theater Carré and as a singer she stood in front of an empty Oosterpoort for the digital version of Noorderslag.


Dušan Petković

Belgrade, Serbia

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia on August 26th 1983.
Graduated cinematography at Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
An absolute perfectionist, passionate, practical and can pull off the most demanding projects with ease.


Other semifinalist from Mediterranean to Ocean Europe Countries


Bor, Serbia

Realma is an intimate musical alter-ego of a Serbian/Chinese polymodal artist. Her music has been featured in Rolling Stone India, Calvert Journal, Music Crowns, Zile si Nopti, Vreme and other smaller media outlets across the world. While her eye-catching live session videos feature notable locations, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Felix Romuliana and Botanical Garden “Jevremova”, Realma’s animated music videos have been a part of multiple international film festivals, including Lift-Off Global Sessions, Flipbook Film Festival and Animest.

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Using otherworldly sonorities and narratives to confront the everyday in all its light and dark hues, Realma began wielding the medium of songwriting as a transformative force that offers a state of reverie and escape. Like disparate realms reflected in the crystals of a sorceress, Realma’s songs manifest divergent themes through the influence of different musical genres. Fused together by the omnipresent witchy quality, her music is both atavistic and postmodern, gloomy and empowering, but most of all filmic and life-like.


Other Artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocean Europe Countries


Paris, France

Both prematurely passionate, we started to create stuff as soon as we could hold on a pen!

Graphically obsessed, our art direction explores moving images and mix media techniques. We aim at developing cinematic, emotional and unique storytellings that captivate viewer’s attention for him to be completely immersed into the story.

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Swann focused on film and motion design. He worked for the VFX industry in creative studios in Paris after graduating from ArtFX school. During his years in the industry, he worked on animation films like Despicable Me 3, Secret Life of Pets, Sing, and many feature films as Compositing/Matte Painting artist.
On his side, Yoann focused on visual communication after his graphic design studies. He quickly became creative director in a Parisian agency and is behind many campaigns for brands.

We both desired to emancipate from the industry to feel even more creatively free.
We decided to link our skills around a unique vision and a new visual way of telling stories.
Away from big productions, we worked together on our first short film, Falling Down, which was awarded Vimeo Staff Pick and nominated best music video in several festivals.


Andrea Tešanović

Tuzla, Bosnia and Erezegovina

I studied Production because in my hometown of Tuzla I was unable to study Directing, and I couldn’t afford to leave at the time. ”Close enough” I thought. Whatever provides me with skills to create worlds unseen yet. That wasn’t a bad choice because it gave me managerial skills. Moved to Belgrade afterwards. Since graduating from MA Studies in Transdisciplinary Humanities and Theory of Art in Belgrade, I have been active in developing cultural projects such as exhibitions, festivals, video and theater projects. I have an interest in feminist studies, media activism, podcasting and film. Biggest projects I’m working on at the moment are HALI GALI and FEMKAST. 

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Apart from that, I am a photographer (with 3 solo and several group exhibitions), a writer (essays, short stories) and an actress/model. I directed a few major music videos and right before that really kicked off for me, COVID happened. A music video I managed to produce and direct in lockdown is currently running for Adria Music Video Awards in categories‚ ‘Best indie‘ and ‚‘Best director‘. As I grow up, I’d like to go further into exploration of media arts and media cultures and the role they will have in future societies.



Tiblisi, Georgia

The band ANIK was formed by Jazz singer/composer Ana Zhordania in 2021 alongside with rapper/producer Niko Mtchedlishvili and multi instrumentalist Nikusha Janelidze. We have a very specific line which we want to follow musically which fuses the smooth yet complex elements from jazz and catchy sounds and lyrical elements from hip-hop. 

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Alongside our music you’ll always see videos directed by the Shota Rustaveli State University actor/director Grigol Zhordania which also follow specific rules that we have set from the start, one of which is shooting every video in one shot which showcases the dedication and artistic enthusiasm of our whole crew every time we are at work. To this day we have released 7 songs and 6 music videos ( which will all be a part of our 8 track audio visual album set to finish this year in 2022 ). We also have a live band which brings a radically different look and sound compared to our studio recordings. Our plan is to grow locally, but definitely bring our music and ideas to bigger and bigger stages outside the country.


Rupert Höller

Vienna, Austria

Rupert Höller was born in Vorarlberg, Austria and is currently living in Vienna,
where he is working as a freelance director for music videos, commercials and short films.


Nicolas Lejtreger

London, United Kingdom

Nicolas Lejtreger is a filmmaker and photographer born in Montevideo, Uruguay.
He currently lives in London.
Nicolas has shot films, music videos and commercials in many countries across Europa, Latin America and United States.
His work has been awarded and exhibited in international festivals and collective shows.


Pathos Studios

Gouda, Netherlands

Pathos Studios was founded in 2015 by Luigino G. Clarinda a cinematographer, photographer and filmmaker with many years of experience.

At Pathos Studios we don’t just make films or take photos. We tell stories and capture moments. From a corporate film, documentary, promotion film, music videos, animations and more. With the tools of film, photography, animation and expertise.


Jeremie Brivet

London, United Kingdom

Jeremie is a French director based in London. His work shines a light on the emotional truths and innate vulnerabilities of the human experience. This authenticity in Jeremie’s intimate creative process often finds him looking beyond the limitations of conventional mediums, trailblazing between the lines of live, narrative and experiential storytelling.


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