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Fashion Design

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Fashion Design in the Blue Area (Mediterranean to Ocean) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Tuzla, Bosnia and Erzegovina.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.


Finalist from Mediterranean to Ocean


London, United Kingdom

I’m an Italian multidisciplinary designer born in Naples to a family of tailors, which has been our traditional trade for generations. As a child I was always amazed at how the hand could be more effective than the machine. Handmade garments are not only beautiful but provide more flexibility in the movement compared with machine stitching. The process which is involved in tailoring specifically to that individual; the time, the hands it passes through, the level of detail which goes into its creation. In 2018 I started my BA in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni London. I wanted to create garments which looked like paintings, in which the fabric was my canvas. I came across a technique “The Aggugliatura” which gives a 3-dimensional texture that reminds me of the effect of oil paint. I use Street Photography as a primary research method to record the clothing and styles of people I encountered. I follow my instincts about what to record and discovered some inspiring styles. Developing a fusion of two different aesthetics stimulates my creativity, and I believe is part of my identity as a designer.

This collection begins with a true story. I interviewed Dennis Wood
a Barbadian man who came to London in the 1960s.

While in Barbados, Dennis was recruited into the British army. He arrived in the UK in 1962, at a time when Britain was offering work and a new home to people from its Caribbean colonies, in order to meet the post-war labour shortage. These migrants are often known as the Windrush Generation, named after the MV Windrush, the first ship to arrive. The VIBRANT culture they established here in London is the first inspiration for my collection.

My second inspiration is the struggle against racism that this group faced and continues to face. When they got off the boats at Tilbury Docks, they felt that they were coming home, to join their imperial family. Instead, they discovered a country that discriminated against them because of the colour of their skin and rejected their professional qualifications because they were not gained in Britain.

I imagine this collection as a celebration of colours, mixed with various textile manipulations, merged into different areas of the garments.  I want to create a fusion between an edgy tailoring construction, streetwear and military detailing.


Semifinalists from Mediterranean to Ocean

Hamish Gordon

London, United Kingdom

I am a London based designer and have recently graduated from the London College of Fashion studying Menswear. Before that I was at Leeds University of Arts where I did my Foundation. My recent collection “Rhinns of Kell” Imagined a group of people who in their rejection of high society and indulgence moved to a remote part of Scotland to live a more stripped back and simple way of living. However as time went by they nostalgically resorted to aspect of their past life and in their delusion imagined they lived in a high society centuries before their time and this nostalgic delusion is reflected in the clothes that they end up wearing. Much inspiration from this was drawn from the 1972 documentary Grey Gardens and the 1934 ethnofiction documentary Man of Arran.
The photos selected here show the final photos, working drawings and research for the my final collection “Rhinns of Kell” discussed in my bio. The research images show the final lineup and the inspiration drawn from Grey Gardens and imagining the deconstruction and degrading of objects here for example willow print crockery. The next images of the the final looks include a close up of the antler headpiece/crown which I made for the project the model also wheres a satin cuffed, sheer sleeved shirt also from the collection. The next image the model wears a tightly fitted crepe top with draped sleeves partially inspired by Issey Miyake’s APOC aparel concept, and patent leather trousers. The final image is a cropped bomber jacket and wide like denim trousers both of which are hand-painted with the willow print pattern.


Kyiv (temporary Karlsruhe, Germany), Ukraine

Hello, my name is Olena Lazorenko I am a designer of the sustainable brand Oppido. I also have a master’s degree in art history. My clothes were published in Vogue and L’ OFFICIAL publications, I have been a permanent resident of Ukrainian fashion week for 3 years. The winner of the ecological design competition Lviv fashion week for eco. To make my pieces I choose recycled materials – vintage silk, cashmere, non-woven fabric. Oppido is a brand with story and a heart complemented by a minimalist and sustainable design. I support the idea of ​​ecological fashion and strive for Sustainable competence and an ethical way of thinking of my brand. My project is designed to rethink the issue of price and maturity of our resources. Corresponds to the principles of ecological and conscious consumption, as the line is constantly updated with items made of the highest quality recycled materials.
Presentation and video

Oppido Vintage silk upcycling project

Clothing that has a history and a heart is complemented by a minimalist and stable design.
Connecting with nature can bring us a sense of calm. We feel it when we touch a piece of soft silk or smooth stone.
We live in times of unprecedented change. Some types of silk we use to create unique things are likely to disappear from our planet soon. Some of the most valuable resources we use to make beautiful clothes are no longer available, or their quality is not so high. The vintage silk upcycling collection is designed to rethink the issue of price and maturity of our resources.

For the new collection I chose vintage silk, organic cotton and untreated stones. I support the idea of ​​ecological fashion and strive for Sustainable competence and ethical way of thinking of the brand


Hana Lee

London, United Kingdom

I have been working in the fashion industry for over 4 years, and have a passion for fashion design and 3D technology. I am a confident communicator in both Korean and English with a strong attention to detail. I am very knowledgeable in CAD and Adobe and can work both independently and as part of the team to ensure that product visuals are clear and facilitate design decisions.
Presentation and video
Similarity in the way that both are perpetual movement in nature with no end in sight, such is the process that is common between blooming flowers and Math Theory such as the Mobius strip. Therefore, I would like to communicate through this project, please abandon your fears of the virtual and digital world and begin to imagine a future where the digital and the human co-exist.


London, United Kingdom

Graduated from the University of the Art London, work as an individual fashion designer, be good at using 3D thinking to make cloth. Love art, fashion, film, musical, philosophy, love life.

The ‘In your dream’ collection is inspired by the Chinese book ‘A Dream of Red Mansions’, in this book, the protagonists’ love story is like the poem described: ‘ One is the moon reflected in the water, The other but a flower in the mirror.’ it is a beautiful illusory dream, when the dream wake up, all of the things disappeared. According to this, I designed the whole collection, it described the process of dreaming.

layers and holes are my structure of making this season, soft, blurred patterns and transparency fabric is used in this collection, all of these services for creating an atmosphere of dreaming.


Stephanie Ferreira/La Maison Soigné

London, United Kingdom

During the time I was pursuing my BA in Fashion Design with Marketing at Regent’s University London where I was awarded for the Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship, I had always been focused on nature, architecture and how objects are structured. My ingrained design philosophy stems from my eye for beauty and my obsession for ‘perfection’. With a passion for colours, patterns and expression, my intricate and innovative collections contain integrated design elements, playing with the proportions and shape. Each of my designs begin with a historical concept and as I experiment with different compositions of colours and weights of fabric, I creates products with a commercial and modern purpose. My signature style can be described as an everyday art form, combining feminine/edgy statement pieces with functionality. Therefore, during the pandemic, I launched my own sustainable luxury brand, La Maison Soigné (pronounced swä-nyei).

Presentation and video

I was inspired by the beauty standards in a patriarchal society and how magazines have been absorbed by the ideals of femininity as well as gender equality, inequality, and the symbolism for the colour pink, hence me creating a tattoo-style rose print that reads “WE STAND FOR EQUALITY”. I was able to express my ideas freely, combining my feminine style with the binary opposition of masculine elements, as originated by philosopher Jacques Derrida, in relation to the black-and-white dualism.

It was also inspired by nature and how objects are structured. With contemporary references from Alexander McQueen, Georgia O’ Keefe and Nick Knight, I re-invented the floral form which grows from the body and combines statement pieces with functionality, which embodies my design philosophy by crossing boundaries to voluminous proportions, complimenting beauty with function.

‘Beauty Unravelled’ is a story that exposes the perceived notion of beauty and a submersion of sex, in the life of a young individual who rebels against an idealistic world, combining femininity with masculinity to find the ‘in-between’ through both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics such as duchess satin, taffeta, cotton drill, leather and nylon.


Armin Ćosić

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Erzegovina

Armin Ćosić was born in 1997 in Eisenach, Germany. He holds a Master degree in Product Design and he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in October, 2020. His works were presented at the DESIGN.S Students Biennale in Brno, Czech Republic (2020), and published in SPINNING SHADES Magazine in Berlin, Germany (2019). He’s a member of the organization team that created a global digital art & design platform Creative Quarantine, and an author of several costume, set and props designs for theater, film and music videos in Sarajevo, BA. Ćosić uses the technique of bricolage in designing garments by recycling small pieces of textiles. In his works he explores the relation between the body and the garment in the artificialization of the identity of the forms from nature. He is interested in: product design, recycling, fashion, fashion design, costume, set design, visual arts, performance and video art, combining these during the design process.
Presentation and video
'Postexpose' is a fashion collection inspired by “reconnecting with nature”. The main goal of this project is to design contemporary clothing pieces as silhouettes of non-binary identities, using the technique of assembling little pieces of decor textiles (rollette) to create amorphous silhouettes that always can be expanded/extended by adding new pieces of textile in a design-recycling process. In the aspects of design form, these garments are artificial forms of bushes or tree canopies/treetops, in which the relation between the body and the garment is perceived through the concept of covering the body and appreciating the silhouette of the garment because of the garment itself, and not because of the body that wears the garment.

Cygne by S

Vannes, France

For me, shoes are a passion, a language, and a way of expressing creativity through desirable wearable pieces.” My name is Swann Phelippeau I’m originally from Vannes, a little French town near the coast in Brittany. I am a graduate footwear student from London college of fashion. As a footwear designer, I like to see the foot as my canvas, and the world around me as my inspiration to design beautifully hand-crafted pieces upon it. Being an athlete in my free time, studying has been a driving force. Having a competitive mindset, I have never been afraid of hard work and always have the discipline of pushing forward to give my absolute best. I love all the steps of the design process but working with my hands to accomplish a finished product is equally rewarding. I would also describe myself as extremely detail-focused, where all these steps come together to create perfection, is my happy place.
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My creativity has always been influenced by French haute couture, heritage, and arts. I love to make sure that my design work shows my personality and innovative flair as a creator while incorporating the brand DNA of the label I am designing for. I am not afraid of using interesting colour combinations and textural details to deliver statement shoes.
Presentation and video
The concept of this collection “Imperfectly Perfect” is based on a reinterpretation of the movie “Black Swan” and is heavily influenced by my French heritage. The use of a mirror in the film shows the internal struggle between ideality vs reality, which is what this collection is all about. Creating the perfect symbiosis between two opposite aesthetics, a girly and a sexy one turned into fashion statement hybrid shoes. This collection is also featuring a reinterpretation of Cinderella’s glass shoe that represents true identity, gentleness, purity, and natural beauty. I worked hard to push the boundaries of traditional shoemaking in a new, contemporary direction, using a diverse range of classic and modern techniques from embroidery all the way to 3D printing. My work focuses on the precision of beauty, with a less conventional approach to seasonal footwear design in which versatile accessories add to the collection’s wearability. Both of the shoes feature a plexiglass square sole (a reinterpretation of the Cinderella glass shoe), wings and a 3d printed heel inspired from the flamingo legs.The upper of both shoes are 100% leather as well as the mini version. As embellished both shoe feature glass beads, embellishment spikes and gold sam browns.

Adam Wyszynski

Warsaw, Poland

My name is Adam, I live in Warsaw and I am 29 years old. I graduated from law studies and sales management. I am interested in ecology, automotive and fashion. I saw the problem that good quality leather from old cars is thrown away. I decided to give them a second life – and that's how Ready-Used was born.
Each of our products has been hand-made entirely of leather obtained from old, vintage cars. We obtain skins from scrap yards that previously had no idea to reuse them. The production process is time consuming and requires a lot of work. Skins require prior preparation, cleaning and impregnation. Then they are sewn together. We also use seat belts as holders for our bags. As a result, our products are very durable and resistant. In some of our products, we use airbags as the inner material of handbags – these products are made almost entirely (except metal parts) of recycled materials.


Zurich, Switzerland

Originally a teacher in primary education, I’m now following my desire to create beautiful clothes. My vision is to make people feel beautiful in what they wear and spread hope through creativity. Hopeful is also the mood of my first spring/summer collection 2023 called „Warriors of the Light”. I was inspired by the colours of the evening sky and things that make me feel hopeful and alive. I based my inspiration on quotes from poems I wrote previously. I graduated a one year fashion design course in may 2022 at Swiss Fashion Academy in Zurich, where I presented my collection as well as a creative upcycling project. I’m passionate for people, colours and soft fabrics and my desire is to make the beauty in life and in people visible. That’s why I’m currently designing and sewing custom pieces for clients or taking part in small events where I instruct kids on how to dye their own t-shirts.
Presentation and video

Pictures form my collection Warriors of the Light SS 23
Inspired by the evening sky and hope. References to armor or uniforms are subtly integrated into the collection, representing the warrior aspect.
The warriors are metaphorical for these things in my life, that give me hope, purpose and strenght to fight in darker times.

Yellow dress + Sketch*:
“Sun Warrior Goddess”
Silk fabric dip-dyed by hand with Deka batik dye in contrasting yellow and lilac
Top part made from silk and french terry in ivory

“Passionate Love Force”
Oversized bomberjacket made from pink loopback jersey and red fleece backed jersey. Semi-transparent stripe in the middle made from blush silk organza (colourblocking pink and red represent passion and love)

Men’s jumpsuit*:
“Nightfall Fighter”
Sketch of light grey jumpsuit with handdyed detachable sleeve. Next to inspiration picture (sun breaks through clouds).
Orange ombré made by dip-dye-technique

Skirt, corset top & bolero*:
“Radiant Revolutionary”
Sketch of layered tulle in different colours creating new colours with every movement. Top and bolero made from polyester chiffon and jersey

*Sketches made with markers and coloured pencil on marker paper

Ucycling Jeansjacket (creative project):
Materials (all preused): 3 men’s jeans, 2 soccer jerseys, 1 black hoodie


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