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Street art

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Street art discipline in the Green Area (Western, Central and Eastern Europe).
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalists selected Western, Central Eastern Europe

Soen Bravo

Madrid, Spain

César de Fernando Bravo, better known as Soen, was born in Madrid in 1987.
From the year 2000 he begins to paint graffiti, which gives him experience in the spray painting technique and broadens the field of artistic creation.
His formal artistic studies are his two years of Artistic Baccalaureate at the Escuela de Arte number 3 in Madrid.
Since then, there are numerous artistic works that he has done in small and large format, in Madrid, the rest of Spain and other countries.

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At the same time, he has developed a personal style of painting characterized by mixing the decomposition of figurative elements, with superimposed shapes and letters from his graffiti style, uniting all this with unfinished forms and some carefree brushstrokes.

He participates in numerous urban art exhibitions and festivals such as the international Art Aero Rap that is held every year in La Bañeza, León (Spain).

In 2017, he is selected with his work “Teta y sopa” for the exhibition of the 52 Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture, in Madrid.

In 2018 he is the artist selected to make a large-format participatory mural in the district of Arganzuela, within the Sharing Walls program of the Madrid City Council.

In 2019 he made a participatory mural with the students at the IES Alameda de Osuna, within a social program supported by the Barajas District Board.

This same year, he mounts his first solo exhibition at Writers Madrid, with the title of “Alegal”.

Also, he carries out a mural, the result of the project of the Department of Culture and Equality of Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, which opens on the 25th of this month, International Day against Gender Violence.

In 2020 and part of 2021, given the circumstances due to the coronavirus, he takes the opportunity to make several oil paintings on canvas, creating a series with the title “States of alarm”. In May 2021 he is selected for the artistic residence “Street art City” France, in which he leaves a mural and a canvas for his gallery.In July 2021 he makes a large format mural for the “Vertical Gallery” project in Reinosa, Cantabria, Spain.

In September 2021 he participates in the Pompei Street Art (Italy) and in October in the I Art Madonie project, Sicily, Italy.

In April 2022 he participates in the Gargar festival in Penelles, Catalonia, Spain.

In may, he participates in the MX Tour, Morlaix, Bretain, French.

Artwork presentation

The artist is considered versatile in terms of the themes of his works. In some, he intends to convey a message of social, political and economic denunciation, trying to create a debate between the legal and the moral. In others, certain traits of tenderness, due to personal experiences, and even touch on themes of a historical and costumbrist nature.


Semifinalists selected Western, Central Eastern Europe


Paris, France

Licea is a French illustrator, painter and muralist. Her colorful surreal universe has its roots in ancestral initiatory tales, and the fantastic imagination. Connected to nature, it evokes the duality of our consideration for living beings, and through animals, the metaphor of our relationships between humans. Of the place that we are constantly looking for, between acceptance of the domination of some and the perpetual quest for freedom.

Artwork presentation

Connected to nature, it evokes the duality of our consideration for living beings, and through animals, the metaphor of our relationships between humans. Of the place that we are constantly looking for, between acceptance of the domination of some and the perpetual quest for freedom.

The size of walls depend but they are approximately 120m2, 12X12, 15X4, 9X11…

I used a singular material for wall and outdoor, I use acrylic ink, to have the watercolor effect on the wall.



Madrid, Spain

I’m a multidisciplinary artist, focused since 7 years in murals, and big scale projects.
In my work you can find a reslistic portrait obsession, mixed with abstract universes of color, influenced by graffiti, tattoo, hip hop, and urban styles.
I am a spray paint lover, always learning, testing, and improoving new skills.

Artwork presentation

My concept use to change depends of the place, freestyle is a big part of my work, so it depends a bit of the vibes and the wall location.

It could be based in a powerfull woman, offering a magical animal/object to the viewers.

About materials, Is up to the spot dimensions, but anyway, just spay and backgound paint

I would love to make it at the bigger wall you can offer me, hehe, maybe a vertical spot ,but I can fit everywhere.


Other artists selected Western, Central Eastern Europe


Paphos, Cyprus

I am fine artist from Paphos, Cyprus and I specialize in the field of Murals. My techniques include painting and graffiti methods! I like to give a message to the viewer through my artworks, so he/she won't see just a beautiful graffiti. I am very passionate about art and this opportunity would be a great experience for me!
Artwork presentation

Some photos from the two recent Murals I have done in my city:

1.The Chernobyl Mural focuses on the change that can come after the destruction! So mainly that is reason that the girl with the mask comes through a sunset with a working ferris wheel! Also she holds a sunflower which is receiving the toxicity and radioactivity.
(7m x 15m) (Acrylic paint & Spray paint)

2.The Fish Mural focuses on the problems that our ocean is facing like toxic waste and plastic. The lionfish is wearing a mask to fight the toxicity and the lobster has a plastic bag wrapped on its body. Although, the octopus is the irony in that because is taking a selfie of the situation!
(8m x 19m) (Acrylic paint & Spray paint)


Lyon, France

I have been a street artist for two years ago. My art is digital made. I am very influenced by street art and its very colorful universe.
My art is influenced by iconic figures of street art and other lesser known ones.
My culture is also inspired by the 80s in style and people.
My work is entirely digital at the base then printed on various supports and different formats.
I also colk on city walls to awaken the gray of urban walls with vibrant color and radiant faces.

Artwork presentation

Digital artwork done with my smartphone and severals applications to customise à picture.
My paste up is printed on canvas, fujifilm pictures ou dibon. I use two size : 21 x 30 centimeters or 60 x 80 centimeters



Chamonix, France

Self taught artist, Laec is born in Chamonix. She tried a lot of things as pencil, watercolors, acrylics and oils but she found her favorite medium with sprays. Walls have a specific energy. It's a gift to the street. And it touches everybody.
I also love the ephemeral side of the painting and my art, it's very philosophic
Artwork presentation

I paint portraits women. It’s the fémininity in its diversity. for me it’s very necessary in our societies to représent strong women. The values of feminity Like kindness, poesy, spirituality… Are the values our societies need most especially nowadays.

It’s the link for sisterhood. This link of sisterhood was broken, I tried to heal it painting women. Showing WE CAN be broken, and no matter what we passed through WE CAN get up, look up, and keep our heads high. To all my sisters in this world



Santarém, Portugal

Francisco Camilo is a multifaceted artist that works in many art styles but mostly through murals, nowadays. Based in Portugal, studied arts since 10 years old in public and private schools. His art flows between figurative representations and abstract ambients, taking the viewer to a dreamland that somehow connects to our world. 

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With bachelors in architecture and painting in fine arts university of Lisbon, Camilo have is work shown in portuguese wine brand labels, L.A. postcards, ilustrated books, television videoclips and worldwide murals and exhibitions. Fan of several sports and metapsysical theories but also a fervent geek, he keeps is low profile as an artist, preferring to travel and learn with the knowledge of other people rather than surf in social networks.

Artwork presentation
“Existencial Naif” is the title for this mural wich questions the public about life itself with the million dollar questions that make us think about existence since child ages.
It's a look into the mirror of ourselves searching for comprehension of us and the others in theyr own questions. The artwork is designed for a large scale building wich will make the child figure seem a giant looking to itself, giving emphasis to the concept. The procedure of painting is about using paint buckets of acrylic colors and sprays also. The idea is to make the art look figurative, realistic, dreamish and make people truly think about the fact that no one really knows why exists but still existing

Sebastian Bożek

Krakow, Poland

Born in 1988 in Kraków, where he lives and works. A graduate (MA degree) from the faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (diploma in the Studio of Professor Leszek Misiak in 2012). Since 2015 student of Ph.D. studies (Fine Arts department, Pedagogical University, Kraków). From 2019 works as an assistant at the Institut of Painting and Art Education, Pedagogical University of Krakow. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture.

In his works, the artist starts chiefly from the human figure and architectural space to try to grasp what eludes verbalization – cultural, linguistic, and last but not least architectural – that continues incessantly both in the real and in artist’s mind. His area of intervention and inspiration are the specific questions of the city, its order, and architecture. As Sebastian is both a keen painter and a site-specific urban artist, he eagerly paints murals in city space.

Artwork presentation

All the pieces are examples of wall painting / murals, as well as mural/spatial installations combined with for example: wooden panels, plexi / light. Painted mosty with facade paints + sprays.

Chosen projects (just part of the whole ) represent wide filed of my artistic activity/ research in in public space, showing how I've dealt with architectonical sorrunding/ context. The were developed in different palces across Poland (Gdańsk, Łódź, Kraków, Toruń, Katowice) and reperesents variuos approach to the artistic goals established by the clients / founders.



Paris, France

After 5 years of training at the school of Boulle, she began her career in drawing as a Jewellery Designer, then changed her path and took the path of street art, which allowed her to live her passion for drawing to the fullest and express herself freely. Passionate about portraiture, she develops different colourful universes around faces and material effects. Each glance is worked with a lot of emotions and finesse, it is according to her “the most captivating element of her creations because everything is in the expression.
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Having tried various drawing and painting techniques in the past, it is with oil pastel that she finds her style and uses it on all supports in the street in the form of a performance. Her style is part of a colourful universe mixing characters and material effects. She pushes the technique of pastel to effects of transparency and superimposition which brings depth and richness to her work.
Artwork presentation

All artworks are created with oil pastel, this technique is very rare in the street art middle. I like using oil pastel because I love the special texture with the support. Each time is different. It’s also an ecological technique because it’s just chalk with zero waste. And there are no harmful fumes like sprays for example. I use oil pastel for inside walls and outside walls. For the outside, I put a varnish to protect the colors.
About my work, I’m inspired by the idea of “rebirth” with different symbols like the phoenix and the tiger. I symbolize the rebirth with flame effects and a human face with a determined look. I create different compositions with cold colors and warm colors, which represents the passage from shadow to light. My creative world is very mystic.

It represents two faces of woman with the cold colors in the left and the warm colors in the right

It’s the fusion between “SPIRIT” and “PHOENIX”, an artwork that refers to the rebirth.

It’s a fusion between a woman and a leopard, the animal symbolizes strength like protection and a special power for the woman.

This wall is like a “trompe l’oeil” because there is a broken glass effect to free the tiger. People can take a photo breaking the glass.

Mix with a lot of woman faces and different colors. A search around expressions

(For the big wall I can use painting but I make the same effect as oil pastel.)



Barcellona, Spain

the combination of straight forms, the organic and movement, plus color, make the works make sense, trying to personify certain scenes in everyday life.
Artwork presentation

I usually paint with sprays and acrylics. the surface, it can be vertical or horizontal walls, where art can be captured a little, it is always a good place


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