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In this page you can discover the finalist for the Sculpture discipline in the Green Area (Western, Central and Eastern Europe) selected by the qualified judges and the audience are invited to the Semi-final event in Poland in 10th September 2022.
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalist selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

I am Darina Molatová, a Czech artist from South Moravia. My work is inspired by everyday, neglected, yet indispensable things from daily life. My main medium is sculpture. I have a wide range of techniques. I work with soft materials such as foam or wool, as well as classic materials such as plaster, ceramics or concrete. Much of my work is concerned with the human body, its possibilities of movement, its structure and its surface.
Artwork presentation

The artist’s primary intention was to emphasize the beauty of the shapes of the human body through strict cuts. The sculptures juxtapose the vivid, soft and amorphous with a geometric void. This clash creates tension. One of the two figurative sculptures is enclosed in a block that defines precise boundaries that are not obvious at first glance. The other sculpture emphasizes the movement and position of the model’s body through the cuts. The sculptures are made of plaster by casting into a mold. Their dimensions are 58x52x175 cm and 40,5x26x175 cm.


Semifinalists selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe

Sławomir Zięba

Krakow, Poland

Sławomir Zięba was born in 1990 in Skomielna Czarna. He has completed State Lyceum of Fine Arts in Kraków. From 2010 to 2016 he has been studying sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. 

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He received diploma with honours at the atelier of Professor Bogusz Salwiński. He’s been participating in several one-man exhibitions and more than ten group exhibitions in Poland. 

He practices sculpture, drawing and computer design. His main inspiration is the human body, mainly the energy which the body contains, possibilities of its transformation. Best words to describe his art are: dynamism, contrast and expression.

Artwork presentation

“Kąpiąca się” / “Bather”
cykl prac / series
90 x 70 x 45 cm
gips patynowany, granit / plaster patinated, granite

A composition inspired by a female act in the bath. The main theme is the effect of the body coming out of the water, which brings to mind the image of sensations and impact on our senses.


Regular Concrete

Bratislava, Slovakia

Capturing the man-made world with the most used man-made material in the world. Since my studies at University of the Arts in London, my job in the art world is to create concrete sculptures. Did project for the National Theatre in London and a concrete sculpture especially for the Kolektiv 313 in Marseille, France. More of the current collection RADICAL#1 can be found on my instagram or website: regularconcrete.com
Artwork presentation

Relatively small – each is smaller than an A4 paper, custom concrete mixture, year 2022.
6 concrete sculptures in total.


The first of RADICAL collections represent concrete sculptures inspired by objects which shaped generations and left an undeniable impact. The design and ideas they represent are a concrete-solid part of our history, it can now be said literally. All of the objects were mass produced and offered more than just a plain fulfillment of basic needs. They represented statuses, mindsets and desires of their owners, deeply attached to their geographic location and social status.

The Bottle, 1916
The Bottle packs a very popular beverage. It was a forbidden symbol of an American lifestyle in the Eastern Bloc. It was a sweet drink in the Western Bloc.

The Smartphone, 2007
The iconic professional smartphone of the pre-touchscreen era. Before all smartphones started to look and work the same, carrying one of these was a statement on its own. Seen in hands of Hollywood stars, Fortune 500 CEOs and the world leaders.

The Phone, 2000
The most iconic mobile phone from the early 2000s, also the best selling one. This affordable mobile phone brought the luxury of mobile communication to masses.

The Handheld Gaming Console, 1989
The earliest gender-friendly console in history, almost 50/50 ratio of female to male players. In its time it was the best selling handheld gaming device in the world. Came to the market months before the Berlin Wall was torn down.

The Video Game Console, 1985
The best selling video game console of its time. It helped to revitalize the almost extinct gaming industry in the mid-80s by allowing third-party developers to anticipate.

The Music Player, 2004
The best selling digital music player in the world. This device offered more than just a fulfillment of one’s need for music. In the period in which it came to the market, it offered a whole new mindset and also a status symbol, depending on the owner’s location.


Other artists selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe


Řevnice, Czech Republic

Born 2000 in Prague, lives and works in Prague.
• 2019 – now: Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Drawing Studio (Jiří Petrbok, Martin Gerboc)
• 2015 – 2019: Gymnázium Na Zatlance, Prague

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• 2021: Petrblok 2, Hidden Gallery
• 2021: Fitting Room (výstava v rámci festivalu Deziluze / exhibiton as a part of fetsival Deziluze), Březnice
• 2022: parade of finalists of the Critics' Award for Young Painting, Galerie kritiků
• 2021: Nadějné vyhlídky/ Great expectations, centrum současného umění DOX
• 2021: Zabiješ, Kampus Hybernská
• 2021: Shower after Murder, Galerie kritiků
• 2022: nomination for Critics' Award for Young Painting

Artwork presentation

The User (2020, mixed media on canvas, cca 170 cm) is reacting on contemporary phenomenon of sharing on social media where people are creating idealized alteregos of themselves. This led me to create an alterego that would be sharing with no filter and all honesty.

Material (2022, oil on canvas and fabrick) thematize the process of degradetion of people in a capitalistic consumptive society to a mere materiel and a potential of production.

Growing Up (2022, oil on canvas, cloth and other stuffing materials) examines the process and the possibility of growing up and becoming an adult in this accelerated age.

Anna Szmuda

Warsaw, Poland

I graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Gdynia Orłowo with a specialization in the field of artistic photography. I defended my diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk at the Faculty of Painting, in the studio of professor Maciej Świeszewski. I am a two-time scholarship holder of the Erasmus + program at Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and Galery of modern and contemporary art Mentana in Florence. I currently live and work in Warsaw, Poland. I took part in the post-competition exhibition Triennial Rysunku Wrocław at the Contemporary Museum in Wrocław 2022, The International Exhibition “Draw Infinity” at the Wozownia Art Gallery in Toruń and the Triennial of Small Painting Forms in the same gallery, 2022.
Artwork presentation
This is a filament-drawing created using 3D printing technology based on my own hand-drawn sketches. I am fascinated by the combination of the possibilities of modern technology and the traditional approach to drawing from which I create spatial sculptures. An integral part of the series is the light sliding on the surface of the forms, and also it can be the shadow that they cast. The area of artistic exploration that I deal with in my creative work I call paradox: artificial nature.

Rochette Yvan

Bruxelles, Belgium

Yvan Rochette (b.1994 France) is an artiste who grow up in Africa until is 17 years old where he started to develop a reflection on our different ways of living. Returned to France, he did a master’s degree in contemporary art with the congratulations of the jury in the fine arts of Mulhouse. Now he lives in Brussels where he make an art production connect with leaving fish, plants and bacterias by diverting aquaponic systems. His reflection also go one through to the creation of new human mythologies to question our relationship with the world and human beliefs. Finally, he also produces sound and performative research with modular synthesizers and other materials. Most recently, Yvan Rochette exhibited at the decorative arts school of Strasbourg (2019) and the kunshtalle of Mulhouse (2019) and performed at Mulhouse with is modular synth (2020).
Artwork presentation
The objective of this installation is to question our relationships with other species by playing with their symbolism. Create a poetic image that compare the bite of the pike fish with the bite of the nettle. Bring together two species considered to be dominant species to shape a living image that emanates from an interdependent ecosystem. This moving image questions our own conception of the world as well as the values we attribute to it and allows us to step back by exposing other relationships between species that do not have like between them. This kind of sculptures are experimental and can be develop in a lot of different ways. I am still doing research around this subject to propose different installations with different types of species to create concepts how that move with the humans point of view.

Marie Jiřičková

Prague, Czech Republic

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2019–), Specialisation Sculpture Studio I (Lukáš Rittstein School), 6-year MA course
Charles University, Faculty of Arts (2019–2022), Specialisation Translation French-Czech and Interpreting French-Czech, 2-year MA course

Charles University, Faculty of Arts (2016–2019), Specialisation French philology and French for Intercultural Communication, 3-year BA course

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July–August 2017 La Teste-de-Buche, France (Au-pair)

February–June 2022 Aix en Provence, France (Erasmus at École supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence Félix Ciccolini, Studio Pratique d’espace et co-créations)


2014 Lidice Gallery (collective exposition)

2020 “Not enough”, Galerie Na Miladě (solo exposition)


Lidická růže (2014)

Artwork presentation

1. (m3.jpg) “For your sake”, 180 × 80 × 220 cm, plaster, metal, wax, textile
Three children being abducted by a monster – a metaphor for the manipulation of children by their own parents who are divorcing.

2. (m9.jpg) “The Unbearable Fragility of being”, 180 × 60 × 65 cm, plaster
Eating disorder allegory – feeling after a binge eating attack.

3. (Obrázek26.jpg) “Grandma no 2”, 20 × 12 × 15 cm, plaster
Portrait of my grandmother 2 months after her death in connection with Covid-19 – based on a photo from her childhood.

4. (Obrázek23.jpg) “Grandma no 1”, 25 × 15 × 15 cm, plaster, metal, textile
Portrait of my grandmother just after her death in connection with Covid-19 – based on a photo from her childhood.

5. (Obrázek14.jpg) “Kryštof”, 170 × 50 ×60 cm, plaster, metal, textile
A portrait of the face and fragile soul of a loved one. A kind of life-size puppet living its own life in my flat.



Wroclaw, Poland

Hi! My name is Joel, my main field of art is sculpture. I obtained a master’s degree in art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in 2019. During my studies, I had the pleasure to take part in many plein-airs or competitions, including the Baltic Stone Symposium in Imatra, Finland. I graduated with honors. Currently, I work in my own studio, living in the countryside with my wife, who also studies sculpture, and our son. 

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Art fills everyday life here, the local community consists of artists from many fields. I want to develop my creative possibilities and make the space more and more enriched with sculptures that are just waiting to break out of the lands of imagination into the real world. I make a living by crafts, selling art to private collectors. I am fascinated by ancient and modern philosophy, I appreciate objectivity, the human mind and the act of creation that takes place thanks to it. I am inspired by the contrast between the real and the unreal, functional and dysfunctional, necessary or useless. I am fascinated by technology, psyche, body and soul. I get to know and develop all of this.

Artwork presentation

Human condition based on Jung theory (black composition). materialas: gypsum, firedbwood, charcoal. 300×200×180cm
Deconstruction. Machine made from undertrails wood and steel. It’s working mechanism. 250×250×100 cm


Sárkány Balázs

Pecs, Hungary

November 1991. I was born on the 22nd in Orosháza. I spent my childhood in Horgos. After finishing primary school, I applied to Szeged, to the István Tömörkeny High School and Art Vocational School. After successful admission, from 2006 to 2010, I obtained my high school diploma and the profession of decorative sculptor in this high school. 

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In 2012, I fortunately started my university studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs. My master is Prof. Colin Foster. During the seven years I spent at the university, I tried to develop my skills to a high artistic standard and participate in as many Hungarian and foreign exhibitions and artist camps as possible. I obtained the diploma of sculptor and art teacher in 2019. From 2020, I work as a drawing teacher at the Kenderföld-Somági Elementary School in Komló and the Erkel Ferenc Elementary Art School. I am active in my creative activities as much as possible.

Artwork presentation

With my works, I try to express simple and human things. Traditions, myths, and fairy tales based on the symbols hidden in the collective unconscious. Of course, everyday events influence artistic works, but I often rely on my intuitions to create vital works. I express all these with the help of a reduced plastic language, with the classic materials of sculpture.


Györgyi Cséffai

Bekescsaba, Hungary

Born in 1991 in Békéscsaba / Hungary. In 2005-2010 she studied ceramics, then in 2016 she graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with a degree in sculpture. Initially, she experimented with different materials and techniques. In the last years of the university, the direction she followed developed. The central theme is the passing and worthy experience of the past. In the use of materials, great emphasis is placed on close-to-nature materials that are closely connected to the life of the artist. Her work includes several completely extinct installations, but more recently she is also striving to create lasting creations that incorporate this kind of sensitivity in other ways. She loves being able to connect with people through her creations, so she has involved the audience in the creative process in several works.
Artwork presentation
What does it mean to love our country, and what should we do if someone forces us to love well? How can we stay and persevere if we do otherwise? Patriotism should forge society and individuals, not beat a wedge between them. There is still hope that in politics, the left and the right can love their homeland equally. We need to show that no one can dictate how we love. We need to be more than that… This work gives this connection to the individual. It doesn’t matter where you came from, what your attitude is, what your financial situation is, or what your skin color is. All that matters is that you are willing to share what you love best with another stranger. It allows for some kind of intimate relationship that eliminates differences and allows us to belong together in spirit. Many times we give the most to someone with the smallest thing. The seeds in the picture hide the treasures of all kinds of people and say that we are the same and belong together in a very important thing. ceramics, wood 100x100x15 cm

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