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In this page you can discover the finalists  for the Photography discipline in the Green Area (Western, Central and Eastern Europe).
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalists selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe

Daniela Ariza

Barcelona, Spain

Daniela Ariza is a visual artist and photographer. In her work, there is a strong interest in issues related to gender and family. Her upbringing has given her an idea of ​​the female gender that revolves around ability and strength. Which motivates her to address these issues, with the purpose of making visible, exalting and resignifying these stories. Also, she is a faithful believer in the power of connection and female complicity and is interested in showing that special connection in her images.
Artwork presentation
Title: Tawemakü Akü Gü (Daughters of the Moon) Digital Photography Daniela Ariza Rojas 2019 Within the context of the Tikuna community of San Pedro de los Lagos, in the Colombian Amazon, this project explores the importance of being a woman and the ritual dedicated to them and their lunar cycle: the pelazón. Which consists of preparing them through the pain of total hair removal to assume the moment of giving birth with strength. Through empathy, complicity, and the conscious creative process of the image, this project proposes a look at the essence of this ritual, through images constructed from their own stories and anecdotes. Using color as a common thread and an expressive medium; red representing pain and blue representing calm, the two main sensations that describe this significant experience.

Semifinalists selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe

Julia Naboyoshi Moraki

Cracow, Poland

Biologist and visual artist Monika Krzynówek has  received master of biology at the Jagiellonski University in Krakow. Master of photography at interdisciplinary studies at the University of art in Poznan .
Student of the enviromental doctoral school at the  academy of fine arts in Krakow.
In 2016, she did a Faculty at Belas Artes University in Lisbon.

Her goal is to explore the relationship between art and science. Her interests are geology, biology, philosophy, performance, video and installation.
In 2017, her work was affected by positive disintegration while exploring the secrets of the brazilian tribe of Yawanawa.
Artwork presentation

The series of photos is an attempt to record family life. The protagonists of the photos are two families of my friends. Do I reflect in their history?


Chloé Clément

Mons, Belgium

Chloé Clément, born March 31, 1997 in Mons, Belgium, is a young artist photographer.
His origins and his entourage are the basis of his artistic work. By taking reality as a starting point, it reveals a territory to be explored.
Her career began at the Vauban technical school in Ath, where she graduated with a photo technician diploma.
In 2016, she began 5 years at La Cambre in Brussels where she obtained a Master’s degree and won the 2021 Roger De Conynk prize.

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A few months later, his first exhibition followed at the Museum of Photography in Charleroi, Belgium.
Reducing the distance and carrying out a kind of investigation, his projects go through several stages to finally tell a new story about the subjects that are part of his environment.

Artwork presentation

Concept of the artwork:

“In this series, I imagine a universe not far from reality. A world in which Man feels free to do what he wants at a given time, limited in duration and repeating itself in an infinite loop.

Following a particular ritual, he uses it as a playground. This space is a place that concretizes the imagination.

Betula, the scientific name for birch, speaks to us
of these pioneer plants that grow especially on land impoverished by mining.

The slag heap gradually becomes the landscape of the possible, of a new story. A confusion between faithful testimony and fantasized reality.”

Materials used ans dimensions :

There are several possibilities of hanging, not all the images must systematically be found there and not all are printed.

– Wooden frames 64cm x 94cm (x11)
– PVC Print 180cm x 270cm (x1)
– Print on PVC 120 cm x 180 cm (x2)

+ 1 edition containing all the images.
(+ 1 film of 7:02 minutes.)


Other artists selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe

João Alves

Agualva-Cacém, Portugal

João Alves (b. 1998) is a multimedia artist that works primarily with photography and video. His works tends to cross different mediums in the multimedia landscape, from site-specific installations to books and monographs, lightboxes or pinhole photography. Something that brings him joy is rediscovering “ancient” or old-fashioned mediums and bring them up-to-date by mixing the subjects of his work with a regular or more updated DSLR camera for example. The question isn’t which medium should be used to capture what João wants to show to the world: it’s more which device allows him to communicate better. Much of João’s work also utilizes symbolic language that he states “isn’t exactly original”. In a “society of spectacle” filled with already-seen images, there isn’t any originality: just repetitions.

Artwork presentation
our presence in the virtual world is so or more important that our presence in a physical and sensory world. either by choice or by force of circumstances the transition from one world to the other is something that impacts us; that shapes us. this transition can provoke changes so extreme that we can be completely disfigured and fragmented, almost broken into pieces. this work explores and deepens this theme through an object that captures (or disfigures) the face of those who already live (much) more in the virtual world than in a physical world. it is also a look at the rhythm of this transformation, made by the virtual world: the greater the exposure, the faster and greater the disfigurement?

Miguel Cipriano

Lisbon, Portougal

Miguel Cipriano is a Portuguese photographer. He graduated in cinema at the Lisbon Theater and Film School and in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He was a researcher on the project and book ‘New and Old Trends in Contemporary Portuguese Cinema’, to which he contributed with several essays. In Antwerp, he developed the concept of fluid photograph in the thesis ‘Towards a poetics of the fluid photograph: the case of Torbjørn Rødland’, and later integrated the research project ‘The Unruly Apparatus’ on the intersection between photography and sculpture. 

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This project, and the resulting exhibition, put the researchers’ artistic work in dialogue with that of several contemporary artists, such as Thomas Ruff, Seth Price and Wade Guyton. His photographic work, which deals with the transformation of the private sphere in an increasingly technological world, has been exhibited in Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Artwork presentation

Fifty years after Edward T. Hall categorized the different types of interpersonal relationships according to the physical distance between people, the idea that only spatial proximity could define the nature of our emotions has been rendered obsolete. Exponential developments in computer technology have bridged the gap that used to separate social from personal, work from leisure, outside from inside. All in all, the machines we carry around have turned our bodies into sites of connectivity. A few years ago, I began exploring new contemporary spaces and rituals where this changes can be observed. As an introvert, the permeability of the private sphere has become a source of personal anxiety, so there’s a considerable degree of catharsis in my work. How can we grasp our fears and desires after our spaces of seclusion became so permeable? What happens to the body?



Toruń, Poland

Klaudia Rutkowska is a graphic designer and photographer. She earned a master's degree in Art at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in 2020. Currently works as a freelancer.
Artwork presentation
The Shape of Light project is a series of digital photography that presents abstract notes created by light. Thanks to light we see the world around us. It is an intrinsic part of photography, which builds the form and atmosphere of each shot. The focus in the work was solely on light and bringing its qualities to the fore, disassembling it into basic parts and giving it matter. The light only took shape when part of it was stopped by various media such as glass, water, and metal, without which this experiment would not have existed. This was preceded by many attempts and searches in choosing the right methods to achieve the desired effect. As a result of this method, both the color accents that appeared in certain places and the great saturated aplas that dominated the whole picture were obtained. The resulting shapes formed sharp forms or delicate halftones. Moreover, the series include monochromatic photos, which are pure records of contrasting forms of light and shadow.

Natalia Rytelewska

Warsaw, Poland

I'm graduated Inter faculty Study Program for Environmental Protection (Master Degree) and Theater Studies (Master of Art). In my digital works I combine environmental aspects of human existence as well as human emotions. My main goal is to create works which open hearts and deep concentrated emotions. I’m creating self portrait fine art and conceptual photography. I work with short series which the strong emphasize on storytelling. My main language of communication is focused on contrasting lighting and colors. In my photography I’m using many symbols which covers different levels of interpretations. To achieve more painterly and universal format I use different kind of textures and square format. I created also two choreographic solo works. One was „Human cycle” presented during artistic residency in Gdańsk, Poland. Second was „From ground to ground” presented during residency in Gran, Norway. My work "Jellyfish" will be part of the exhibition in Chania, Greece during 4th Chania International Photo Festival from 30th June to 6th July.
Artwork presentation

This is a selection of my work which I think represents what my focus as a photographer is about. It is an ongoing project, exploration of manhood. We are conditioned about the gender, what is normal, what we are used to see
in media, online/offline, our everyday life. Via my photographs I am bending
the understanding of what we perceive as a gender, which is binary rather than a spectrum. I offer the viewer the benefit of doubt for how we understand gender and ability to re-shape our mind towards it.



Kracow, Poland

My name is Izabela, I'm fashion and portrait photographer from Poland. I have been living in Cracow since 10 years. In 2016 I graduated Art High School and in 2019 Photography School (SKF) I organize fashion photoshoots with influencers and clothing companies as well as business sessions for companies.
Artwork presentation
My diploma photo session presents a lost people in the world of modern technology and artificial intelligence. I used a lot of lights in studio, after photoshoot post-production and graphic elements.

Kosma Ugniewski

Warsaw, Poland

My name is Kosma Ugniewski. I’m working as a workshop worker in Warsaw. In free time I’m expressing myself as a photographer, painter and a graphic designer. My life goal is to educate people through my art about issues that is important for myself.

Artwork presentation

In both of these series I am exploring the deteriorating human condition and the ever growing feeling of alienation, the phrase ‘Alien feminism’ swirls around in my head. This is only echoed in the current situation we are watching unfold on the streets of London, with police brutality and the silencing of women. That’s why the phrase ‘Alien feminism’ seems fitting; in our echo chamber we might feel that things are changing but now we see that we are just floating sheets of polyester, hoping to land in fertile soil. Hoping the breeze or blizzard won’t blow us behind enemy lines. When hashtags like #notallmen is the response of too many, then our feminism is still, unfortunately, alien. These series aim to draw attention to the contradiction by juxtaposing the hyper-unnatural polyester fabrics with the mundane lawn grass and clear blue skies. And so we’ll keep searching for liveable lands, hand in hand with the green movements, for nature also identifies as a woman.


Pace Anton

Montreuil, France

My work is primarily influenced by urban brutalism, street art, and the diverse subcultures of Paris (or Montreuil?). I was born in Montreuil, Paris. Montreuil is a melting pot of cultures; the energy is raw but vibrant. My surroundings have thought me how to see and shaped me into a curious mind.
Photography has been the medium which I use to explore, make sense of the world around me and capture its beauty in places that others choose to overlook. It is through my urban wanderings that I have learned to see. To highlight the beauty of everyday life that we no longer see. The actors and the subtle scenery of our concrete jungle.
Artwork presentation

this photo was printed and cut to make a 3D collage

street art
Nikon D800
aluminum camera tripod


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