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Painting and Drawing

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Painting and Drawing discipline in the Green Area (Western, Central and Eastern Europe).
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalist selected in Western, Central and Eastern Europe


Attard, Malta

As cliche as it is, I always loved art and always attended short courses and experimented on my own. In 2015 I graduated with a Masters in Pharmacy from the University of Malta, however, 2 years later I decided it was time to finally study and give priority to my art practice. In 2018 I enrolled into the preparatory course for M.A in Fine Arts and I have submitted my dissertation this February and will hopefully hold the exhibition in August and September 2022.

Artwork presentation
The works selected here are all related to my M.A dissertation. Through these works I sought to experiment, as well as deal with and challenge the truth in our appearances in relation to how we present ourselves through social media. All whilst trying to assess if the public's current attitude, that of disinterest in the truth, is reflected in ones portrayal of ones own appearance.

Semifinalists selected in Western, Central and Eastern Europe

Laurent Dumortier

Namur, Belgium

Born in Namur (Belgium) on June 05, 1989, Laurent Dumortier is a visual artist – designer living in Lonzée. He grew up surrounded by his father’s studio, his paintings, dark colors and night landscapes. This undoubtedly pushed him to become an artist from an early age, already having a preference for drawing. After his secondary studies, he wanted to deepen his drawing practice at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. During these 6 years, he got closer to drawing after a living model, observation work, landscape or even figurative drawing. 

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Themes with various techniques where he had a sensitivity for colored pencils, watercolor and charcoal. After obtaining an in-depth master’s degree in visual arts, he decided to pursue his research towards figuration and the intimate space of everyday life where bodies live. During his artistic career, he is often immersed in the texts or drawings of Klossowski because he questions the place of the body in closed space as well as the role of the voyeur / hidden spectator. There are also paintings by Francis Bacon, each element of which is the presence of objects / memories of the real that transform into figuration. Laurent also evokes the shadow often present in his drawings since it is the inseparable double of the body and it refers to symbol and myths. Finally, regularly using charcoal – this volatile dark matter – he has always been interested in aspects of this color and the important role that black plays with light and other colors. Pierre Soulages is also an artist who counts a lot and who made him want to explore various techniques with charcoal. His drawings begin with an encounter, a walk, an observation with his notes and sketches to become a story told through the image. What fascinates him is that the paper becomes a “narrative” surface: the drawing tells a story of lines, colors, shapes. When drawing, there is always an observation of an environment, taking notes, sketches; he tries to draw what he saw – believed to see – to have lost sight of – phantasies – and what is being seen on the paper. Undoubtedly influenced by his studies as a landscape architect, he likes when the drawing has a certain elaboration of the space, with the interactions of the different elements and a precision that appeals to the eye. Laurent is constantly looking to build a space where a story can be “lived” for the viewer without there being a single way out. But, where to start and / or end a story? How to make the characters act, the colors, and to bring back in an order a chaos of memories?

Artwork presentation

This project began (2018) with a simple observation: look towards my neighbors’ windows at night, while walking in the deserted streets of my village or in Brussels. This observation revealed several aspects: the position of the “voyeur”, bringing back to the point of view of the narrator; the window, this field or space delimited with its mullions, its panes, its outside and its inside; and the nightlife of the people. In reality, we do not see much except the play of black surfaces, which is why the fantasy and the narration of things perceived or felt are “released” in the surface of the paper. Then, with the confinement, investigations appeared at the level of the human being folded in on himself. Windows are sources of light where we can see life go on, but also see the fragility of our fellow human beings.


Zlata Shyshman

Odessa, Ukraine

Shyshman Zlata – a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 2018. She was born on October 23, 1995 in the city of Izmail in the family of Honored Artist of Ukraine Ivan Shyshman. She graduated with honors from the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering, majoring in “Fine Arts”. Works in the technique of oil painting.

She teaches painting, drawing and composition at the Art School “Kostandi” in Odessa. The works are in private collections in Ukraine, USA, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, France, Greece, Lithuania. Active participant in all-Ukrainian, international and regional exhibitions, gliders and painting competitions.

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Was awarded: (Main awards for 2019-2020)
-a certificate of honor for significant contribution to the development and promotion of national culture and art in public life, participation in the exhibition of paintings, graphics and tapestries “Sphere of Creativity” at the invitation of the Fifth Administrative Court of Appeal, August 2019, Odesa
-diplomat for the best work of art, exhibited at the Odessa regional art exhibition “To the Independence Day of Ukraine”, September 2019, Odesa;
-certificate for participation in the international art symposium “Blue Dog”, Lithuania, 2019;
-order “For the Development of Ukraine”, June 2019
-thanks for the multifaceted talent and bright artistic flair from the Presidential Fund of Leonid Kuchma, November 2019
– Order “The best artist” and diploma of the winner of the international art plein air – competition “Best Artist” 2020, Vinnytsia.
She was the coordinator and curator of the All-Ukrainian children's competition “Drawing together”, September 2020.
-medal “Ukrainian Guardian”, August 2021
– December, 2021 – receiving the title of “Man of the Year-2021” for professional activities in the field of painting, Odessa.

Artwork presentation

1. “Prayer for Peace”, 2022 year, 110*150 cm, canvas / oil.
The composition belongs to the cycle of paintings called “Prayers”. Made in the author's technique of multilayer painting. In this picture, we see a family that is united by a single action – a prayer for Peace in their country. In this picture, I depicted portraits of all members of my family. The work was written after the start of the war in Ukraine and symbolizes the prayer of all our people for the desired Peace.

2. “Under golden skies”, 2020 Year, 60*80cm, canvas / oil.
The picture was painted from nature in the port of Odessa. I really like to convey various states in nature. And the way sunlight transforms everything around, depending on the time of day and season. In this work, we see the moment when the sun sets and the sky becomes golden, it is mesmerizing.

3. “When Cherry Blossoms”, 2022 Year, 50*60 cm, canvas / oil.
The picture was painted this spring, in my parents' cherry orchard. Flowering trees are a symbol of eternal rebirth in everything. Bloom time is especially magical. The sun shines in a special way, softly and gently. I love to convey light and color in landscapes.

4. “Evening Tale of the Carpathians”, 2021 Year, 40 *80 cm, canvas/oil.
The picture was painted from nature during my trip to the Ukrainian Carpathians. The moment that I wanted to capture on my canvas is the moment when the bright rays of the setting sun illuminate an incredibly beautiful mountain landscape and give it a special fairy-tale atmosphere. This beauty inspired me, I would like the viewer to also feel the feeling of beautiful contemplation that filled me at the moment of creating this landscape.

5. “Night lights of Nevsehir”; 2021 Year, 70* 90 cm; canvas, oil.
This picture was painted during my summer trip to Cappadocia. On it we see a girl who prepares tea and coffee on a fire for night travelers.
I really love to travel with paints and convey the unique flavor of different countries and cultures.


Valentina Joiu

Madrid, Spain/Romania

Emerging painter based in Madrid.
I’m in a continuously evolving process of discovering new ways of expression through oil colors.
My inspiration comes from my multicultural background and my many travel experiences around the globe.
Each year I’m developing new themes, unique pieces that are exhibited in Spanish galleries.
All the paintings are made with high-quality pigments on surfaces like linen, cotton, and wood.
I’m aspiring to develop collections and individual paintings that have an impact on social and environmental initiatives.

Artwork presentation
The submitted paintings are unframed final version/in progress to be finalized. Each artwork represents a stage of personal representation of Justice, Fear, and Peace using external inspiration. The stories behind each painting are meant to highlight human emotional needs/experiences.

Other selected artists in Western, Central and Eastern Europe

Daria Ostrowska

Choroszcz, Poland

Daria Alicja Ostrowska, born on August 12, 1986 in Lidzbark Warmiński. She currently lives and works in Choroszcz near Białystok- Poland. A student at the State High School of Visual Arts in Olsztyn, where she obtained a diploma in artistic ceramics. The subject of her interest, however, was painting from the very beginning, which is why she graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Olsztyn in this direction.

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A woman who has been perceived rather as a character is a constant element of her work since her studies. The woman becomes a metaphor of sadness, joy, requests – a mental emotional abbreviation. In her works, she often refers to folk motifs, fairy tales. The huge inspirations resulting from the mixed Polish-Ukrainian roots are icons for her – holy pictures where the figure is a symbol, not a body.

The symbolism plays a significant role in the artist’s works. The setting of characters, the directions in which they turn their heads and their gestures are of ritual significance. The Artist is currently cooperating with the Marchand Gallery in Białystok and ProjectArt in Warsaw, where you can see her works at cyclical collective exhibitions. She is also a participant of many group exhibitions, including those before the auctions of „Młodej Sztuki” (Galeria Stalowa- Warszawa, Galeria DNA -Wrocław, Auction House Polswiss ART -Warsaw, DESA Krakow)
The artist’s paintings are found in collections all over the country

Selected collective exhibitions of Gallery Marchand in Białystok with which she cooperates
„Summer” 30/06/2017
„Autumn” 21/09/2017
„Winter” 07/12/2017
„Mystery” 22/03/2018

Participant of the Art Fresh festival 2018 – art fair organized by the organization American Friends in Warsaw.

Featured in the review of the work „Expedition towards imagination” WOAK Bialystok 2012 and the national photographic competition „Ciało kronika chwil” Ostrołęckie Centrum Kultury 2013

Author of individual exhibitions:
„Woman – emotion identification”, MGCK Gallery Choroszcz, 01-02. 2014
„Forgotten stories”, Gallery at Majstra, Grodno, Belarus.
„Forgotten stories”, MGCK (Choroszcz) 19.11 – 30/11/2014
„Gardens”, Coffe Karma Warsaw 04/01/04. 2018
„Whisper”, Żywa Galeria Stalowa, Warsaw, November 9th-September 10th, 2018

„Whisper”, Galeria Woak, Białystok, May 5th- May22th, 2019

Artwork presentation
My paintings are a mirror of the female soul, I am not trying to paint its physical beauty, but to transfer the element of its sanctity to the canvas. I often draw inspiration for my paintings from icons, religious paintings or ancient sculptures. I am trying to create a kind of ceremony in my paintings, where a small gesture matters.

Not Sam Artist

Madrid, Spain

I am a 21 year old multi-talent artist. I am a dancer as well as a painter and took part in a number of musicals throughout my high school years. I attended the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I majored in Ballet. I also love to write poetry and short stories. My artist name “Not Sam Artist” is actually a play on words derived from “Not Just Some Artist.” My preferred painting style is surrealism and I paint mainly as a form of escapism. It has been my escape since I was about 7 years old. 

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I sold my very first painting at the age of 11 to a child’s artwork collector at an exhibition in Johannesburg. This piece was a copy of Van Gogh’s bedroom as an old master’s project. I added my own touches to the painting including a vase of flowers and a rug. The piece was sold along with a poem I wrote specifically for it. I often try to incorporate my love for painting with my love for dance by painting works of ballerinas. I now live in Spain where there is fortunately a much bigger industry for The Arts and so I can learn about and grow my talents so much more.

Artwork presentation

This work, Skits, was an especially exciting piece for me as it was the first time I attempted painting someone I know personally and also one of the first oil paintings I completed. I really wanted to try and paint completely in my own style without necessarily attempting to copy my references. The model, Skits, is a dear friend and fellow ballet dancer. I painted this work from photographs I took of him and used some references of surreal portraits painted by other artists as some inspiration for creating my own technique, warping the portrait and forming a surreal painting of my own.



Nicosia, Cyprus

Iacovos Loizou is a self taught artist who has participated in numerous exhibitions and sells his work through online platforms across the world. He has been labeled by Visualspc as 1 of 3 upcoming artists to look out for in Cyprus.
He is a qualified Urban Planner, specialising in Urban Design and
has gained hands on experience in Cyprus as a professional in the field of the built environment through his participation in a wide range of studies, dealing with both public and private institutions.
Currently, he is in the process of setting up his own Creative Studio which will operate in hybrid territories of both art and urban design.

Artwork presentation

The title of the canvas painting is called Dreams not Allowed II, with dimensions 160 x 120 cm.

I choose this piece because for a long period of my professional life in Cyprus I was imposed and brainwashed with the idea that Dreams are not allowed and that individuals should compromise with their professional aspirations and the current status of play in regards to the environmental and social sustainability of cities and their infrastructure.

Moreover, this piece attempts to present how Cypriots live in their bubble, away from reality, are stingy of sharing knowledge, and have plenty of insecurities. Yet these dark messages are married with a colourful canvas and a wide variety of comic protagonists that aim to reflect the diversity of characters in the Cypriot realm.

Therefore, this piece is an expression of my emotions and desire for change.

In addition, this work was prepared and selected during an open call by an art community in the Capital of Cyprus, with the theme of creating “social awareness” through art.

The essence of the piece (and most of my work) is how it can be interpreted as a visual textbook, which engages with the audience through storytelling, text, bright colours and comic-like characters in an attempt to make the audience reflect on some key messages through the medium of painting. Essentially, making the messages easier to digest, and encourages critical analysis of where we stand.

Furthermore, this work was a turning point for me as an urban creative and since its creation and exhibition I received a lot of positive feedback, my fanbase has doubled and I was able to connect to key members of the Cypriot cultural scene.

Finally, I have to admit that my artwork is not a result of training in art nor do I pretend that the outcome is a fine art product, but instead a genuine expression of feeling and colour that dance on a canvas.


Pedro Juan Rabal

Águilas (Murcia), Spain

Pedro Juan Rabal (Águilas, Murcia, 1988) is a painter with a very characteristic style, always in constant evolution, whose themes include flamenco, cinema, the sea and fishing, daily life and traditional festivals.

He has participated in more than twenty individual and collective exhibitions in the Region of Murcia (Águilas, Caravaca, Cartagena, La Unión, Lorca, Murcia, Torre Pacheco), the Valencian Community (Altea, Rojales, Torrevieja, Valencia), Andalusia ( Cuevas del Almanzora, Pulpí), Catalunya and Madrid. In addition, he has been an active part in recent years in the international festivals of Cante de las Minas and Cante Flamenco de Lo Ferro.

Artwork presentation

The works that can be seen are examples of his concern for experimentation in material painting: supports in which the mixed technique fuses heterogeneous materials that are not usually seen in the pictorial medium.
Pedro Juan Rabal’s brush has been able to stop in a moment the strumming of the guitar, the scramble of heels, castanets and batas de cola, and capture the spirit of flamenco with his characteristic style, dynamic and playing with texture and color.
Among other works, he was the author of the first poster for the Águilas International Carnival (2016), and has developed different activities at the Cante de las Minas International Festival in recent years; He has also held numerous individual exhibitions in different parts of the Spanish geography.
Pedro Juan Rabal is consolidated as one of the values ​​of national contemporary painting, with influences from different artistic styles and a most varied theme (daily life, festivals and traditions, the sea, mythology, etc.).


Artista Pasta

Sopot(Gdansk), Poland

Dawid Wojtalewicz was born in 1989 in Poland. He studied painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Fine Arts with magna cum laude and the Hugo Roelandt award; and also at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turnhout and at the Athens School of Fine Arts. He did an internship in orthodox iconography on the Athos Peninsula.

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He creates contemporary paintings with respect to tradition, murals and frescoes, especially on religious and historical topics, and co-creates artistic groups: Pink TV only good news and Polish Art Benelux.

He had solo exhibitions at: the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp (M HKA); the European Art Center Frédéric Chopin in Sanniki, Poland; the Galeria Żak in Gdańsk, Poland; the Halo Kultura association in Gdynia, Poland: the Cranach House in Wittenberg, Germany.

He did a few mural paintings in his hometown Gabin under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture in Poland.He designed frescoes in the Capuchin friaries in Antwerp and in Herentals, and a series of paintings and polychromos for the Chapel of Mercy in the Church of Saint Anthony in Antwerp.

His works are in the collection of: the National Museum in Gdańsk, the European Art Center Frédéric Chopin in Sanniki, the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin and in the private collections. He won an award in the 1st Painting Biennale in Lublin.

Solo exhibitions:
ARTmageddon, Galerie Verbeeck-Van Dyck, Antwerp, May 2022.
Si! Beauty!, Lucas Cranach-Stiftung, Wittenberg, Germany, March 2022.

Halo Portrety, Halo Kultura, Gdynia, Poland, February 2022.

Nomad, Żak art gallery, Klub Żak, Gdańsk, Poland, January 2022.

Art gallery Mara, Turnhout, Belgium, December 2017, March 2019 and February 2021.

Glow of the sound of light, European Art Center Frédéric Chopin in Sanniki, Poland, February 2020.

Glow of enlightenment, Galerie Verbeeck-Van Dyck, Antwerp, August 2019.

Kwadrato Roso s Pektywa, INBOX, M HKA, Antwerp, March 2018.

Na początku drogi, Muzeum of Gąbin, Poland, 2012.

Important group exhibitions:
Time New Roman, group exhibition, Sopot, Poland, April 2022.

4 + 1 anniversary of Pink TV, University of Arts in Poznan, Poland, December 2021.

Art Biennale in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland, December, 2021.

Nowe Znaczenie group exhibition, Halo Kultura, Gdynia, Poland, October 2021.

Biennial of Painting Lubelska Wiosna , CSK Lublin, Poland, March 2021.

Grote Prijs Ernest Albert 2018, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, August 2018.

Group exhibition with Greg Van Staey and Martins Rozenfelds, Galerie Verbeeck-Van Dyck, Antwerp, May 2018.

De Opwarming, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, November 2017.

Artagon – The International Encounter of Art Schools Students, Paris, April 2016.

Polish Art Benelux Presents:, FWD: gallery, Poznan, Poland, March 2016.

Antwerps kunstsalon, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, July 2015.

Lieven in Heimwee, Catharinakerk, Eindhove, Netherlands, 2013.

Global Soul – Exposition on the move’, De Warande, Turnhout, 2013.

Artwork presentation

Collection of images that constitute postmodern theater. The attitude he represents is that of a modern tramp, a nomad. The artist has traveled a lot and his journey with art – as he says himself
as he claims – he is an alter-modern labyrinth. It is a modern path in a space-time marked by the problems of modern times. Pictures combine magic with nature.

The collection of paintings is dominated by a mystical aura captured with the use of traditional oil techniques, which is a derivative of the artist's many trips around Europe. is a bridge between Wojtalewicz's artistic activity in Belgium and art practiced in Poland.

The art is a journey through the labyrinth of painting. The artist tests the boundaries of his painting, often creating painting objects and situations.
Everything can suddenly become a painting matter – an old musical instrument – a zither, a display case full of ceramic pictures, books on experimental pedestals …
Dawid Wojtalewicz introduces the viewer to his world of performative painting, to the theater based on nuances, lyricism of artistic expression, commitment.



Berlin, Germany

My Name is Elvis , 30 years old and im an Artist from Berlin, Germany. I do art for more than 8 years. From 2009-2012 i was on a higher school and learned the basics as a stage painter. After that i tried different styles from realistic landscape to spontanrealism portrait art. I also tried grafiti and popup.I wanna try new art everytime and search for the perfect painting. My target is to reach more young people , to love art again and show them what i feel. We have so many colours so why dont we use them ? So i try everyday to find a new way. My main part are acrylicart.
Artwork presentation

I like to paint realistic, powerful and colourful paintings on canvas. I put all my emotion and feelings in my paintings and this is how it works with these colours. I cant say which colour i use before, i comes with the flow.
So i get a huge dynamic on the paintings and there are also realistic. Im searching evertime fo the perfect combination of colours and motiv.
I always use acrylics for my art. My sizes are very different. Starting on 50x70cm and get larger till 140x120cm. The bigger the painting is the better i felt at the end. My concept is , to reach younger people in Berlin Germany and mayber all over the world, who are not into art. I wanted to show them that art isnt boring and it isnt only for rhich people. I wasnt a art lover all the time but now ,i cant life without it. Thank u for reading my little storie


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