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In this page you can discover the finalist for the Handicraft discipline in the Yellow Area (Northen Europe) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Vilnius, Lithuania, on June 25th.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive in December and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.

Discover the greatest artists from the Northern Europe countries and keep supporting every talent!

If you live in a country of Eastern, Southern and Western Europe

Finalist Northern Europe

Diana Remeikytė

Vilnius, Lithuania

Born 1996. Lives and creates in Vilnius.
2018-2020 BA and MA of Graphic Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

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Actively participating in various art projects. The latest exhibition I’ve participated was „Intuitions and Doubts“ (Vilnius, Lithuania) were my works were shown next to the well-established Lithuanian artists. Meanwhile I am getting ready for the third solo exhibition in 2021.
„The boundary between intimate coziness and discomfort is revealed in Diana Remeikytė’s work. “Make yourself at home,” Diana says encouragingly, talking about her series of work Home. In her work, Diana researches the sense and significance of home, relating it to her own experiences. Eventually, home often becomes a repository of a personal memory that cannot be always relayed upon“. Art critic Viltė Visockaitė
The series of works Home was created by using water color technique, which was the most used technique while studying. Recently, for the first time in my oeuvre, I’ve started to explore other art techniques and crafts. The idea to combine my beloved water colour with the carpet making became key of my further art researches. By transferring my artworks from paper on to the huge format fabrics I use tufting technique to create handmade carpets.

Artwork presentation and video

Three presented works are made with a watercolour on print making paper. The carpet is hand made by artist. The work on paper ‘Potato face’, 35×25 cm is transferred by artist on to 205×150 cm size fabric and then tufted with synthetic and natural yearns.



NOW OPEN for Eastern, Southern and Western Europe

Semifinalist North Europe

Vilnius, Lithuania

I graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai faculty, Metal Art and Jewelry in 2020. I always adored painting and drawing it lets me create my own world through colour, shapes and other discoveries. 

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Contemporary jewellery seemed like an oasis for my expression of creativity. Colours, experiments, thoughts that surround me and also traditional craft combination crystallises in my works. Thought it I filter world that surrounds me. The themes of nature, ecology and my inner state dominate in the works. A majority of my nowadays jewelry is made with new eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing stones, which are made from eggshells. It promotes zero-waste policy and thus become a substitute for precious stones in jewelry and design.
“Reloaded Stones” jewelry collection in the competition “Good Design 2020” took the prize place in 2020, and also was also noticed in the “Young Designer 2020” competition. Collection “Pandora’s cake”, which was presented at the Amber Trip Ecosight International Jewelry Competition was evaluated for the use of alternative material in jewelry.

Artwork presentation and video

” Chloris. ” is a story about a never-ending circle of nature unfolding through the shape and material of a flower, the main component of calcium carbonate(CaCO3) – the shell of a hen’s egg. The flower and egg are tied through the symbolism of revival, life, eternity. The chosen motif of the ring creates eternal prayer not only in the form of its mandala, but also in the rhythm of repetition in the works. The use of processed eggshells is a revival in the cycle of particle circulations. Only this cycle is invaded no longer by the gentle west wind Zephyr, but by human hands, which inflate the shells for a new life. In jewelry, the shell, crushed to the smallest particles, glued together and reprogrammed again into one solitary confinement, awakens Chloris*. This is how this material blooms with colorful rings, sowing ideas of ecology and zero – waste in jewelry.

*Chloris (Greek “green”) in Greek mythology flower and spring goddess.

materials used:
eggshells, silver 925, silver string



Vilnius, Lithuania

Self-taught linocut and woodcut artist, holding masterclasses and exhibitions worldwide. Have been making papercuts since childhood as well as decorating Easter eggs and creating wood and lino cuts. Previously made hand-built ceramics.
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Currently primarily creating wood and lino cuts as well as Easter eggs and participate in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.
Artwork presentation
Materials used: linoleum, wood, paper, ink, pencil and cutting tools. Linoleum and wood are used for carving; paper and ink for printing.

Other Selected artists but not admitted to the semifinals

Vilnius, Lithuania

I am Benas Liandzbergis. In 2020 I graduated with my bachelor from the Vilnius Academy
of Arts, Department of applied arts(formerly fresco/mozaic)

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I started my activity publicly a little over 1.5year ago. In 2019 I had my first solo exhibition in gallery in Vilnius. It was mostly decorated shoes, but at the same time I had a few more conceptual works(glass shoe for instance).

I’m currently still working and active in this area
My name is Artistas since I was called this way since childhood and at the same time it almost literally translates into english word Artist which meaning we all know.

Artwork presentation

A simple photo camera for photos. Pairs of leather shoes and special paint made for shoes. Brushes as well. Other works contain stained glass and laces and also an old TV and a pair of red high heels



Vilnius, Lithuania

I am an artist, I have been improving myself for 13 years. I attended art school for 7 years, Fine art academy of arts bachelor studies for a 4 years and now I’m ending with a master’s degree.

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I make artistic jewelry,buy I am still looking for myself. In my work, I examine sustainability, originality, humanity and other important issues.In creating order, I feel freer and less so surrounded by societal attitudes and pressures.

Artwork presentation and video

I use precious metals and various other materials in my work. I create jewelry from old silver jewelry by melting them. I create new original designs.



Tiblisi, Georgia

I’m Nino from Tbilisi, Georgia. I started crocheting in Lockdown. I really liked the bags made from similar yarns and I wanted to have them too. 

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So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. After creating the first bag when everyone liked it so much. I decided to continue this process and create even more. The crocheting process is very enjoyable for me and at the same time very soothing. From time to time I will learn even more, and this makes me very happy. Each bag is very important to me because I put my heart and soul into all of this.I really want you to enjoy my creations too!

I also have Instagram and Facebook pages where you can keep an eye on me.

Love, with great love

Artwork presentation and video
I make bags with t’shirt yarn, and with different sizes of hooks. I use chains for details, as well as metal rings and magnets. To decorate items I choose Various decorative items. My bags are different from other crocheted bags, with shapes and also double knitting style.

Kaunas, Lithuania

My name is Kotryna and I am a textile designer and jewellery maker from Kaunas, Lithuania.
During my bachelor studies in Textile Design (Falmouth University, United Kingdom), I found passion in beaded constructions and wearable art, which continue to inspire me still. 

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KotrynaLenkDesign was born with an intention to make fun, playful, contemporary jewellery and give people confidence to embrace their uniqueness!

All of the sculptural jewellery is constructed from beads and thread only, so it‘s really light in weight and easy to wear. Kotryna Lenk Design stands for sustainable approach to jewellery and promotes creative choices over new purchases. Most of the accessories come in versatile sets, so they can be combinated differently many times and excite the wearers over and over again!

Beading is all about patience, long hours and never the ending counting of beads and rows and knots in my head. By creating sophisticated and extremely detailed accessories, I invite you to forget the constant need to speed things up and remember the importance of true craftsmanship.

Artwork presentation and video

Big, bold, yet elegant, these ear-to-ear earrings can elevate an outfit to a fashion statement. Serving as a necklace at the same time, this piece is a modern approach to jewellery and an encouragement to wear large accessories! Constructed from beads and thread only, these sculptural wearable art pieces are really light in weight and easy to wear.

The self-developed technique of beaded construction results in a repetitive, flawless geometric aesthetic, almost machine-made looking. During this process, a pile of hard, straight, separate beads becomes an organic, tactile object, that‘s pleasant to touch and wear. This tangible transformation and the juxtaposition of meticulous handicraft and artificial visual qualities excites me the most.

To elevate the contemporary aspect of my jewellery even more, these earrings are available as digital jewellery filter on my Instagram, where you can “try out” a pair.

Materials used: polyethylene beading thread, glass beads, ear wires.

Tools used: a beading needle


Vilnius, Lithuania

Karolis Kurklietis is contemporary jewellery artist, based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
After graduating Metal art &Jewellery program in Vilnius Academy of Arts Telšiai faculty, Karolis started his own creative path.

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The main focus of his work are unique gemstones, which are integrated in modern pieces of jewellery. Besides crafting the design of the every piece, Karolis facets the gems by hand, shaping them into one of a kind pieces of wearable art.
The creations are inspired by the nature, urban environment and elemental nature of metals and gemstones. “Every material has its character, which reveals itself as the jeweller evaluates and gets to know the true nature of it”.

Presentation and video
Karolis Kurklietis presents his jewellery collection inspired by the urban environment, strong and elemental nature of metals and gemstones. “Every material has its character, which reveals itself as the jeweller evaluates and gets to know the true nature of it”. Controlled roughness intertwined with playfulness is dominant in the collection, consisting of pendants, rings, earrings – created from silver, gold and precious uniquely cut gemstones.

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