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Street art


In this page you can discover the finalist for the Street Art discipline in the Yellow Area (Northen Europe) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Vilnius, Lithuania, on June 25th.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive in December and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.

Discover the greatest artists from the Northern Europe countries and keep supporting every talent!

If you live in a country of Eastern, Southern and Western Europe

Finalist Northern Europe

Vilnius, Lithuania

Linas Kaziulionis has successfully defended his painting diploma at Vilnius Art Academy, 2018 granted professional artist status provided by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Linas is currently studying for a master’s degree in painting.

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Linas Kaziulionis has successfully defended his painting diploma at Vilnius Art Academy, 2018 granted professional artist status provided by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Linas is currently studying for a master’s degree in painting.
He has been active in the art world for more than seven years, participates in interdisciplinary and painting projects, and at the beginning of the year he founded the public creative studio K ART 7 in the Old Town of Vilnius, where artistic presentations are gaining momentum.
The artistic experience of L. Kaziulionis can be divided into two parts: one – muralistic art, which made the artist known even outside the country, and secondly – classical painting, which is interesting for its depth, conceptual and freshness. L. Kaziulionis’ large-scale muralistic works have become the landscapes of the city or certain subcultures inviting to dialogue with the artists and history of the past. This is a favorite theme by Linas Kaziulionis, which is escalated in more than one of his works – well-known works of classical art are interwoven with the images and details of the modern world, questioning their influence and place in the life of modern man. The use of different authors, characters, installation of works using the latest technologies becomes a leitmotif of L. Kaziulionis work, enticing even a young audience who is not interested in art. Meanwhile, classical oil painting is very intimate, small-format, contemplative.

Artwork presentation

1. The work of art “Dadaist Mona Lisa in the 21st Century” is a combination of the fragments of “Mona Lisa” and math problems. Technological solutions are added to the painting. This work is painted with 3D effect; Mona Lisa is wearing special glasses made of light tubes. Objective of this project – exhibition of visual art in new and interactive manner, using innovation and technologies, and expanding the limits of the understanding of traditional art.
2. “Lady with an Ermine” and “La Belle Ferronniere” transformed into modern ladies, who play chess with their headphones on. According to the author of this idea, this game, as a symbol of wisdom, courage, insight and diligence, is a particularly suitable detail for the University’s exterior.
3. In today’s world, we face a huge flow of information, which makes it extremely difficult for everyone to deal with it. We can say that information is a very good and useful thing, but from another angle, a person seems to “close” his information bubble and can no longer process it correctly or find reliable information, which has recently become a very big problem in today’s digital in the world.


Semifinalists North Europe

Tbilisi, Georgia

Born and raised in Tbilisi, Masho studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, and then she moved to Vilnius, Lithuania where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA).

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Since 2013, while working in product and graphic design for startup firms in Georgia and Vietnam she started illustrating children’s books and began painting. She came to discover a fictional universe with its own stories and characters, which she later formalized as a visual brand called Masholand (www.masholand.com). She used different media to express the idea of Masholand, such as illustrations, mural painting, prints, animation, game design, UI/UX design, and merchandising. In 2019 she received MSc in Digital Learning Games at Tallinn University (Estonia) where she was focused on research, educational games, and gamified mobile applications. After graduation, Masho lived in New York City and worked remotely as a product designer. Due to the virus, she came back to Georgia and now continues collaborating with different brands and working on various projects.

Artwork presentation

All of my walls tell the stories of Masholanders. They come from a parallel universe filled with different places, creatures, and stories. By going through a yellow door you can get to Masholand, but if you leave that door open, its creatures come and mix with your universe and try to mimic its inhabitants. For example, that’s how Nosy-birds, calm flamingos, and human-like Masholanders were born.



Minks, Belarus

My name is Alexander Blahiy. Nickname – KONTRA .
Im a muralist and graphic illustrator. Now living in Minsk (Belarus).

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Born in 1985.
I am an alumnus of Belarusian National Technical University majoring in architecture with the degree of Master of Science in Architecture.
Currently I am a head and hands of TAKTAK crew.
Here is the geography of my outdoor murals:
– Belarus (cities and towns: Minsk, Vitsebsk, Grodna, Brest, Valozhyn, Ivianets, Malaryta, Baranavichy, Kletsk, Glusha, Stoubtsy, Klichau, etc,..).
– Poland (Bialystok, Gdansk, Chelmno, Korycin).
– Russia (Moscow, Nalchik).
– Latvia (Riga).
– Kazakhstan (Almaty)/
My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kontra_taktak/
Website : http://taktak.by/


Artwork presentation

— KONTRA_1: My “Back to Vistula” mural during 9hillsfestival is based on an engraving of medieval Chelmno in which I portrayed a guy and a girl launching boats on the Vistula river. Location:Chelmno, Poland.

— KONTRA_2: “My Minsk” mural is based on an engraving depicting Minsk, dated 1772. I added the coat of arms obtained by our city after the adoption of the Magdeburg Law in 1499 and the girl in bright socks and a scarf and launched ships “witsiny” on the Svisloch River. Location: Minsk, Belarus.
“My Minsk” mural is a charity project, my gift to the Minsk.

— KONTRA_3 and KONTRA_4 murals are based on a unique stylized double weaving technique, once widespread among weavers in Belarus and Poland, but almost forgotten. Only a few weavers remained who possessed this technique, so I decided to honor it.

KONTRA_3 (red) mural location: Chysts, Maladzyechna district, Belarus.

KONTRA_4 (blue) mural location: Perabroddzie, Miory district, Belarus.

— KONTRA_5: This mural depicts a fantasy moment from the everyday life of an ordinary graffiti writer:) Location: Minsk, Belarus.


Minsk, Belarus

Designer, architect but more of an artist. Making murals since 2013.
Graduated from Minsk state college of arts (2008) and Belarusian national technical university (2014). A member of the Belarusian Union of Designers since 2015.

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Like to work with metaphors, feeling and own worlds using different surfaces from pieces of paper to building’s facades.
Hands and head of the TAKTAK art project.
Studying contemporary dance and UX design at present

Artwork presentation

1. “Friends”•2017•Minsk, Belarus•March cats streetart project
– The artwork based on the photo of my friend and her cat

2. “Homelon”•2017•Moscow, Russia•StreetArt weekend
– The artwork about a tiny Universe of a big watermelon

3. “Day & Night”•2018•Muravlenko, Russia•Stenograffia streetart festival
– This is a story about the big life of little things. Each little part of our world contains its Universe. It’s small and elusive for us but big and important in its own right.
On the one hand, it’s just a cup of tea on someone’s table. But on closer examination, you realize its a small port city at the break of dawn.

4. “Heat exchange”•2019•Tazovskiy, Russia•Stenograffia streetart festival
– This artwork is located beyond the Arctic Circle and it’s about what’s going on around.
There isn’t enough warmth there, therefore, one must go about spending it wisely. Nature creates something amazing out of the contrast between outside cold and inner warmth. The beautiful world of woods, swamps, deer, heuglin’s gulls, and northern lights is emerging in warm hands of cold subarctic climate.

5. “Untitled 2.0”•2020•Minsk, Belarus•Valozhyn Graffiti Jam
– Just a freestyle art made from my own pattern


Tiblisi, Georgia

TamOonz is a famous Georgian Street Artist. She has considerable experience participating in many international and local festivals such as: Upfest, Europe’s largest annual street art and graffiti festival, which attracts around 400 artists to paint 50 venues 

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throughout Bedminster and Southville, Bristol (UK), Prasad street art festival (Kathmandu, Nepal, 2016), Exhibition of collaborative works of European street artists (Belgium, 2016), Kosmopolite Art Tour (Belgium, 2012), Batumi Street Art Festival (2013,2014,2017), Fabrikaffiti /Street Art Festival, Wall painting / author of image poster (2016, 2017) and others. 

In 2018, an American magazine Robb Report named her among five fearless female street artists from around the world who are changing the landscape of the genre, as well as the look of your cities. In 2013, she received the award of Critics’ Choice for her works exhibited in Happenstance Gallery in London.

Artwork presentation

Freedom of self-expression is very important for me as for female Artist. Women in art history was mostly hidden and forgotten. But, nowadays the world can see more and more very talented female art all around the world. I can say that the themes of 70% of my works is female energy, which has to be spread around globally.


Alexander “AXEL!” Witting

Copenhagen, Denmark

I have always been drawing and painting, and as a child, decided that it was going to be my job. 

The first creative community I became part of was in graffiti, and it too became a part of me. 

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The obvious direction forward, was to paint murals and I’ve done that ever since, but I dip my fingers into anything visually creative. So I also do fine art, illustration, graphic design, signpainting, scenography…

The past few years, a big part of my work has been doing commissions and commercial projects. I am grateful for being able to make people happy, fulfilling their wishes and envisioning their ideas, but I’ve slowed down a bit, investing more time on personal projects again. Ultimately, the goal is to showcase a collection of new works sometime later in 2021 – something I haven’t done in far too long.

Artwork presentation

I attempt to show various styles and approaches with these works. Some are indoor commissions, but all are with spraypaint and all are original artwork.

1. “Birthday Boy” 500×400 cm. A self portrait. I painted this on my birthday and I was not in the best of moods. This was my way to work on myself.

2. “Crazed Goblin” 350×350 cm. Part of a bigger, one-day collab with other artists. They wanted to paint a Dungeons & Dragons theme, so I improvised.

3. “A Lady In Lisbon” 350×250 cm. From a recent trip to Portugal. Found a spot in some ruins and painted this girl. The locals really liked it.

4. “Gamers Mural” 1500×300 cm. This is part of a major, two-story interior deco in a gamer’s café I painted in 2020.

5. “Rooflayer’s Viewpoint” 1200×280 cm. I got to decorate the lunchroom for the sturdy craftsmen and -women who build and restore copper roofs in Denmark. I tried to replicate a morning on a roof in Copenhagen.
Their Boss shed a tear when showed the finished piece. I had previously never seen a giant shed a tear before – or been hugged by one.


Seduva, Lithuania

I’m an artist based in Lithuania. I’m passionate about creating various art, from pencil portraits to street art murals on walls, as well as animations, films and montages. I also enjoy being active and adventurous. And I’m always up for a challenge!
Artwork presentation
With my art I am usually trying to experiment and explore different styles and techniques. Mostly I like to concentrate on human forms, body parts, faces and play around with distorted and duplicated effects.

Fulda, Belarus

I am a graffiti writer from Belarus. Currently, I study business Informatics in Fulda, Germany. Till this point, I took part in some street art festivals in Belarus (JWMN and local events) and once in Write for Gold in Moscow in 2007.

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I make digital art, sketches on paper, and graffiti on the walls in Belarus (Gomel, Minsk, Grodno) and Germany (Wuppertal, Darmstadt, Leipzig). You can find some of my works on my Flickr page. I hope you will like them. It would be great for me to participate in such a terrific event.

Best regards,
Viachaslau Vishneuski (Star)

Artwork presentation
These are examples of my works on the walls in the different cities in Belarus and in Germany. I prefer to create classic graffiti styles with abstract elements in the background. The main focus in my works is placed on the form and dynamic of the letters. I try to make them appealing to the eye through bright colors and high contrasts. I prefer to work on my style during the daytime in places where people could see them but at the same time with the permission of the owner of the space, I’m working on. At home I create sketches and digital art.

Helsinki, Finland

Viv Magia is a Finnish street artist, fine artist and conservator working internationally. She often works in a multicultural environment implementing interdisciplinary collaborations. Spending lot of time in South America can be seen as stylistic influence in her colorful artworks.
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Magia is interested in the mystique of nature and fighting for preservation of nature, equity and human rights. Through her art, she wants to present the multicultural diversity of the world.
Artwork presentation

Kohtaaminen. Encuentro., 2020
room 30m2
spraypaint, latex paint, installation
Mural painting/installation, Taiteen kotitalo -exhibition, Kerava, Finland

Serenity, 2021
lobby 20m2
spraypaint, latex paint, installation
Mural painting, Purkutaidevaltaus -exhibition, Hotel Helka, Helsinki, Finland

Fuego que te llama, 2018
5 x 25 m
spraypaint, latex paint, ink
Mural painting, Santiago, Chile

Elovena, 2020
5 x 8 m
spraypaint, latex paint
Mural painting, Concreate-festival, Helsinki, Finland


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