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Street art

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Street Art in the Blue Area (Mediterranean to Ocean) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Tuzla, Bosnia and Erzegovina.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.


Finalist from Mediterranean to Ocean


Athens, Greece

Onebran (born 1989) is an Athens based Visual Artist. Born and raised in Patras, Greece, he became involved with Graffiti writing since 2001. He graduated with a Graphic Design degree in Athens, where his studio is currently located. Onebran creates in public space and not only, with his spontaneity always giving surfaces new life in a persistent search for new forms or elements. While focusing on large scale abstract murals, projects range from small paintings or comissioned artworks to installations or video animations.
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Deeply influenced by contemporary culture and society’s everyday observation, his work deals with transformation and experimentation and has diverse applications. Daily life impacts on his creativity and emotions define everything he does.
Artwork presentation
My greatest influence is the daily routine of our time. The stimuli can now be infinite enough if only you train your operating system in such a way of thinking.  Architecture, urban scenery are some thing i really observe. I would describe my job as an emotional escape or otherwise as a spiritual revelation. It’s obvious that it’s geometric, sometimes more rigid in terms of structure and forms and sometimes more free. Abstract compositions with handwriting scriptures, motifs, and stylized forms are some of the elements I have been studying and working on lately. The spontaneity and the element of improvisation play a decisive role in the creative process and it’s an internal necessity that guides me through the appropriate combination of color-form-object.

Dimensions are variable, according to the project.
Materials: Acrylics, Spraypaint, Tapes,Rulers.

Artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocean

Peanuts Deli

Gloucester, United Kingdom

I used to make sandwiches but I also offer equally delicious design and illustration, every piece of work still comes with your choice of sauce, pickles and salad.
Artwork presentation
I like to explore form and movement through my own character development and the world they exist in. Everything is done with spray paint normally onto as large a wall as I can find but normally around 2-3 meters by 4-5 meters. The bigger the better! I tend to work with a bright colour pallet and like to stick to just 2-3 main colours then vary the hues to create depth and contrast. There is no deep philosophical meaning behind my work I prefer to create something that anyone can look at and enjoy without any prior understanding of art. I just like to make people smile.


Lutsk, Ukraine

Andrew Kalkov was born in Lutsk, Ukraine in 1987. He entered the art world when he was still at school age, when he became interested in painting graffiti. Kalkov gratuated Monumental Art degree in Kosiv Institute Of Applied And Decorative Arts Of Lviv National Academy Of Arts. From 2009 to the present day, Kalkov has been working on the abstract series “Circulation”. According to the artist:”The main symbol of this series is the spiral line – the eternal symbol of perception, one of the most popular worldwide ornamental decor through the centuries.” Kalkov decided to use this profundus symbol and rearrange it into new modern forms and, more precisely into art objects created in geometrical and op-art styles.
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“The Circulation” has one challenging feature. It dives inside and expands outside as the main aim of series does: everyone has to explore himself and find inspiration and knowledge to share it with outworld. Since 2020, the artist’s work has been heavily influenced by architecture with a dash of digital surrealism. Author of many mural paintings and interior paintings. Worked with Bosch, Unit City, Ring Ukraine, Klo, Roshen, Urban Planet and others. Participant of many festivals of street art and art exhibitions.
Artwork presentation
The main symbol of this series is the spiral line – the eternal symbol of perception, one of the most popular worldwide ornamental decor through the centuries.” Kalkov decided to use this profundus symbol and rearrange it into new modern forms and, more precisely into art objects created in geometrical and op-art styles. “The Circulation” has one challenging feature. It dives inside and expands outside as the main aim of series does: everyone has to explore himself and find inspiration and knowledge to share it with outworld. Since 2020, the artist’s work has been heavily influenced by architecture with a dash of digital surrealism.

Other artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocean


Athens, Greece

Yiannis Kalyvis is a postgraduated Master student of the Athens School of Fine Arts since 2021 (9.2/10). His work has been acknowledged since his first steps as a student, not only with university awards, but also by selling artworks to collectors. Yiannis has been participating in exhibitions since 2018, including one of them in National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation with the total number of them being six. He specializes in traditional art, as well as street art, with some of his street-art projects being presented by Greek journalists in art sites. Being effective under pressure Yiannis has a growing target group, and two large collections including and combining abstract, surrealistic and figurative art. Currently, he teaches history of arts and gets inspired daily by working for the ALMA Gallery in Athens, Greece
Artwork presentation
Graphite putty, ink, paper, acrylic sprays, acrylic paint, gold leaf, pencil, markers My subject matter is the essence of the world I live in: dystopia. Inevitably, every individual witnesses the devastation of modern society. Instead of paying tribute to nature, we opt in favor of worshiping materialism, forgetting our origin. I see in my artwork the today’s crisis; I see a nature that has sunk into the dystopia that human has imposed, remonstrating the contemporary world.


Tuzla, Bosnia and Erzegovina

Vanja Stankić calligraffiti artist born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla. Mixing calligraphy and elements of graffiti generating unique abstract art. Winner of 1. festival of freedom in street art, Tuzla. Partizipant in ''color'' graffiti jam Tuzla (2022)
Artwork presentation

Dimensions of wall 4m x 3m
Wall colors, black color for background and other colors for details
Montana black or Loop graffiti spray for shadows
Paint roler for background and brushes 4cm to 20 cm width for details


Naim Idrizi Art

Kumanovo, North Macedonia

Naim Idrizi (1989) is a Street Artist, and he is known as the pioneer of 3D Street Art for N.Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and beyond.
With his unique style, he made this art to have a new dimension in the Balkans.
He is known for: 3D Street Art, 3D Mural Art, Mural etc. Making him one of the most sought after artists in the Balkan countries.

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-His works have different topics, which basically convey social, political and other messages.
-He masterfully uses colors and other “tricks” to create those much-loved and sought-after images by the public.
-His works so far, vary in sizes from 1x1m to the largest 10x12m.
-Naim is constantly engaged with projects, both private and through various festivals.
-And of course, he could not miss awards.
-He has been awarded in his country of origin and abroad.
-He is on the move all the time, working and at the same time promoting his art.
-He has a master degree from the Faculty of Arts in PRINTMAKING, Prishtina (Kosovo).

Artwork presentation

1. WASP – Dimensions:4.50m x .10m, Material: Acrylic,
Lokacion: Serbia 2022.
2. EAGLES – Dimensions: 9 x 4.5m, Material: Acrylic,
Location: North Macedonia, 2019.
3. WATER TURTLES – Dimensions: 4 x 2m, Material: Acrylic,
Location: North Macedonia, 2018.
4  PARROT – Dimensions: 9m x 6m, Material: Acrylic
Lokacion: North Macedonia, 2021.
5. EAGLE IN THE DEPTH –  Dimensions – 12m x 7m, Material – Acrylic,  
Location: Kosovo, 2016.
6. 3D ART RIVER – Dimensions: 7 x 4m, Material: Acrylic, Location: Kosovo, 2018.



Tiblisi, Georgia

Musya Qeburia is Georgian artist from Tbilisi. She is creating wall paintings since 2008. Her art critically explores the surrounding world, while the artist is in constant search for better style, better expressions, and eternal progress.

She has done her studies at Tbilisi State Art Academy school. Her experience in the art is multidirectional as she used to work in various art sphere for different companies, among them she used to work for a famous publishing house, advertisement companies, and creative industries.

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Her works are not limited to wall paintings only, but she also practices other mediums, such as digital art, painting on paper and canvas, craft making and experimenting with various materials, ingredients and technics.
During her career, Musya Qeburia had 3 personal exhibitions in Georgia, and she has participated in various international art festivals, among them Kharkiv Smart Fest, Batumi Backyard Stories, Our Voices From the Spray Cans-Norway,  Artisterium 2014, Tbilisi Mural fest an Niko -festival. 
During her career, she has collaborated with various companies in Georgian as well as internationally established ones, such as booking.com, amazon.com, Europian Union, Unicef, McDonald, Eastern Partnership, etc. 
At this stage, the artist not only aims to get well-established and achieve the success but make Georgia successful country on the global scale of street art map. On this process, Musya Qeburia wants to tackles such internationally heated topics as social justice, ecology, equality and so on.

Artwork presentation

Beauty Buried In Swamp, Poti- Niko festival 2020

Tbilisi Mural Festival 2019
These five children are reflecting several global problems, such as: Deforestation, wars, global warming, poverty and last but not least is air pollution, which is really big problem in our country. all these problematic issues, which I have used, starts with our country and goes around the world and in reality these issues touch us all…

Plastic Jellyfish – Niko Festival 2018
plastic pollution – underwater world with human, plastic bags and with jellyfishes


Georgian Letters -commercial project for Development company


7th Pencil

Banbury, United Kingdom

7th Pencil is a street artist from rural England her style is a combination of graphic images, patterns, often bright colours and many layers. Attention grabbing and vivid.
Building designs from collated photography that create a sense of being overwhelmed. These compositions, layered often create an intense vision of the subject from the artist point of view. The works explore female empowerment as wall as mental health issues such as confusion in feeling overwhelming emotion, dealing with human connections and what expressions can say to individuals viewing them.
Artwork presentation

Image 1 and 2

1. AeroSoul framed.
Hand crushed paint cans framed with hand spray painted background. 30x30cm

2. AeroSoul mobile made with hand crushed spray cans with hand cut and painted paper wings. Strung with fishing wire on a metal ring. 6 x Spray cans, approx 1.5m by 0.5m by 0.5m

Hiss release, Soul releases, Solace, Release, Aero Soul.
Representing freedom and liberation of someone oppressed, stereotyped and discarded.

Other images
Exterior murals painted with spray paint free hand and with stencils.

3. 2.4m x 6m approx
4. 2.4m x 8m approx
5. 2.4m x 5.5 approx

These works explore a visualisation of emotion and expressions also using colour to enhance these feelings. Promoting discussion about mental health and female empowerment.



Bristol, United Kingdom

Hazard a.k.a Harriet Wood was recognised in The Guardian's Top 5 female graffiti artists in the UK, followed by the Top 25 female street artists by The Huffington Post. After two years in Barcelona, she's now based in Bristol, UK. Her portfolio includes many female portraits and detailed floral pieces amongst other creatures! From a crowd funded a community project in Arizona on the Mexican border which resulted in her painting a huge warehouse in the middle of the Sonoran Desert to a huge mural on the 79th Floor of 3 World Trade Centre, New York – Her work takes her all over the planet.
Artwork presentation
I first started spray painting when I was 13 years old after having a teenage crush on someone who tagged! Since then I've attempted to get to grips on my can control and I'm trying to improve and challenge myself every time I use a spray can. I love playing with light and surfaces – my portfolio includes many portraits and I have a focus on the way light can throw shadows and change colours. Because of the way aerosols can blend I've been pushing myself with colour palettes, using rich tones contrasted with complimentary and juxtaposing shades. One of the most challenging pieces I've painted recently is a cut whiskey glass. This was a particularly challenging piece due to the liquid, transparency of the glass and refracted light. I paint entirely freehand (all spray cans and caps!) which makes creating the appearance of different textures and surfaces in aerosol really fulfilling! The first portrait I've submitted hopefully shows a "sophisticated" soft and warm colour palette, the second the cut glass in greys, blues and browns and the final portrait a red hot, steamy portrait of a female smoking painted in a much more loose style.


London, United Kingdom

Alessandro Ioviero born in Italy in 1992 developed a love for drawing at a very early age becoming especially interested in drawing portraits.
A graduate of Naples fine Art Academy Alessandro perused a career in fine art specialising in portrait and photorealism. Moving to London in his early 20s he started his profession as a fine artist.
he was inspired by the urban setting and became fascinated with working outdoors. this led him to experiment with spray cans, which ultimately became his preferred media. The streets of London replaced his sketchbook where he gradually perfected his skill.
Artwork presentation
spray paint on canvas and any other surface. photorealism, impressionism, monochrome and body language. from small dimensions, such us 50by50 canvas, up to big scale artworks 5m hight 5m width and even more, depending on surrounding areas !!!

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