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In this page you can discover the finalist for the Music discipline in the Blue Area (Mediterranean to Ocean) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Tuzla, Bosnia and Erzegovina.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.


Finalist from Mediterranean to Ocean

Christina Psycha

Athens, Greece

Christina Psycha is a vocalist, songwriter and composer. Her songs are based on latin rhythms mixed with early jazz elements. Her performance melodic style is influenced from the Renaissance and Byzantine music and she likes to blend these traditions on her compositions. Her lyrics are written in Greek language and they refer to humans and nature. Her debut album released on April of 2021 and includes 11 original compositions and 1 arrangement of a Greek traditional song. The album is called “Violetera”, meaning the girl who serve flowers. She choose this title because of its strong romantic symbolism, which also represent the sound of the album. The goal of this project was to capture a unique sound that will also allow each musician to express himself through the songs and the arrangements.

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• Christina was chosen to perform her project at the 21st Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival. She won the contest in the “best young artist – new music” category.
• Christina represented Greece at the 7th Katara European Jazz Festival (November, 2021) in the city of Doha – Qatar.
• Christina was chosen to perform her work at the Mediterranean Jazz Festival in New York on January 2023.
• Christina has toured in many venues and festivals in Greece, Netherlands and Qatar (Nafplion Festival, Hydra Jazz Fest GR, Sakotura Jazz Fest GR, Comedy Cafe Amsterdam, Katara Jazz Fest Qatar, Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall).


Semifinalists from Mediterranean to Ocean

Clara Byrne

Dublin, Ireland

Clara Byrne is a singer songwriter from Bray, Co. Wicklow. She is a graduate of BIMM music College.

Clara has been fortunate enough to support a wealth of Irish talent including Wallis Bird,
Mick Pyro (Republic Of Loose), Cathy Davey and Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy).
She seeks her lyrical inspiration in the world around her and seeks solitude from that world in the music she creates.

Her upcoming debut album “Handstiched” will be released later this year.


Sopio T

Tiblisi, Georgia

Sopio T is an Electronic Music project from Georgia, a small country with huge potential and talents, to which this artist belongs to. Sopio T is the story of the artists background as a – Musician, Composer, Conductor, Singer/Songwriter and simply a young Georgian woman from the small Post-soviet country always streaming for the bigger, for the wider outlook, transforming gloomy, grey stereotypes into colourfulness of free spirit…
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Sopio T makes you feel a Georgian soul comprising Folklore elements very naturally and smoothly diluted with electronic sounds, coloured by her feminine energy – subtle, fragile but powerful on the other hand. Sopio T proves to be a unique mixture of both Georgian as well as international.

Sopio T is an adventure, giving the audience an opportunity to travel into the limitless, dynamic emotional waves, diving deeper and deeper – in love, sadness, joy, ups of victory and extreme downs of despair in this hectic and diverse life


Other artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocean


Belgrade, Serbia

We are a grunge band from Belgrade. Our journey started in January 2014, when we formed the band. Two months later, we had our first gig at the Belgrade Youth Center as guests of the Guitar Art Festival. After a few member changes, we started writing our own songs in 2015. Regular gigs at Belgrade clubs ensued in the following years. By the end of 2020, we finished recording our debut album and published our first single “Spiral” in February 2021.


Future Husband

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Future Husband is Dutch-Nigerian singer-songwriter Adura Sulaiman. After years spent touring the world in other bands (Feng Suave, Sofie Winterson), Future Husband is the debut project of Adura Sulaiman. Listening to Future Husband is like floating in a hypnagogic state. The lines between dreaming and reality blur, a soft gradient painted over consciousness and abstract query emerging. Gossamer vocals interlace with floating guitars and soaring synths, with lyrics that take you into vivid, alternate landscapes. Loose composition and lyrical concepts were reshaped and recorded alongside bandmates/best friends Thomas Bosveld, Ivar Otten, Kike Zwagerman, and Twan de Roo. The tracks were further mixed in New York by Grammy award-winner Scott Jacoby (John Legend, Sia, Janelle Monáe, Coldplay).
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With every listen, new textures and meanings seem to emerge. Perhaps it’s less so the music changing to the listener, but Future Husband requiring her audience to adapt to the music: a constantly evolving give and take. As she notes, “Every memory I have of my life is fluid; it changes over time. Especially when you work with your memories. So now I try to accept that everything is subject to change, even your mind, and that’s okay.”

Cosmos in Buzunar

Chisinau, Moldova

Cosmos in Buzunar is a Synth Wave Electronic musical band, composed of musician Pavel Olari, Adrian Roșca and Laurențiu Coțaga, formed in 2016, Chisinau.
The first years of activity of the project was marked by searches, collaborations and incessant musical experiments, from a simple acoustic formula: guitar, violin, voice, cajon – to a full band that embraces musical genres such as indie, folk and alternative rock. From 2018 Cosmos in buzunar become full electronic, exploring various electronic
instruments such as analog synthesizers, groove-box instruments, etc.

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Thus, the concept of the project was reformulated, focusing on genres such as synth wave – synth pop, later IDM, progressive techno, electronica and dark electronic.
Cosmos in Buzunar is a multilateral artistic project, whose need was born from the desire to explore and find an individual artistic identity and means of expression, both musical and visual.



Aarhus, Denmark

hauman means ‘merman’ in Danish.
hauman explores mythologies from the depths of the darkest oceans.
hauman writes bright melodies and sinister lyrics about human decay.
hauman transforms melancholy and vulnerability into enchanting atmospheres.
hauman creates music that soars from near to beyond.

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hauman is a Danish composer, musician, and sound artist. She holds a master degree in film music composition and has international and professional experience as university lecturer and audiovisual installation artist.

hauman unavoidably integrates sound design in her cinematic music, and she unites ambient atmospheres with catchy melodies that invites the listener to emotionally engage in her musical universes.

“Hauman was the name of my grandfather, who taught me to play the piano and use my imagination. He was born by the North Sea and named after the folk tale about Agnete and the Merman; a tragic love story suggesting that following your passion might lead you in despair. My songs emerge out of this mythological universe, seeking to explore the dualistic balance between our desires and obligations, whatever they may be.”



Varaždin, Croatia

ŠećeЯ (in croatian šećer, /shaicher/) stands for sugar and it is a drug, escape and consolation. And it tastes good. It is a name for a solo project of Tena Rak from Varaždin whose heart is in whole Balkans and dreams are in the night sky.


Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

s-alt is an RNB/alt. rock group formed in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the summer of 2021. The members are: Filip Maric, vocals and composer, Jasmin Avdic, bass player and producer, Bakir Memisevic, keyboard player and composer, Mladen Ristic, guitar player, composer and producer, Denil Babovic, guitar player, and Amina Halilcevic on drums. A debut album is in the works, with two singles already released. The themes of the album are mainly about an individual’s battle with their own inner self, which is best seen, or rather heard in the group’s first single release “Gorko Slatko”. The sound of the band is made up of the individual styles of it’s six members.
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This unique blend of sound can be best heard on the band’s second single release, called “Novcici”. s-alt introduced themselves to the regional audience through a number of live shows, single releases, live performance videos and television, radio and internet interviews and through a decent online social media presence. The album “Teksture” is set to release in winter of 2022. Meanwhile, the band is working on live shows and is collaborating with a myriad of artists from all fields of the arts.


Amesterdam, Netherlands

J.A.D.E, 21 years old and based in Amsterdam. She started making music by accident. After starting to get to know poetry, and getting/ using Ableton she started to produce her own beats. J.A.D.E creates alternative neo soul, since 2018.
Melodic and sometimes 'different' , J.A.D.E knows how to create a vibe. Currently working on her first and self produced EP; funghi.
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The message in J.A.D.E her songs mostly contain parts of her experiences, an uplifting message, feelings or just fun. The thought behind J.A.D.E is to help people realize they are not alone when it comes to experiencing life, feelings and situations. She has had a great time performing at local student parties (Bildung), Lowlands, SEXYLAND, Kwaku and more.

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