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Digital Illustration

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Digital Illustration in the Blue Area (Mediterranean to Ocean) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Tuzla, Bosnia and Erzegovina.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.


Finalist from Mediterranean to Ocean

Morvern Anderson

Stow, United Kindom

I am an illustrator based in the Scottish Borders. I have a BDes Honours degree in Animation and I am currently studying an MDes in Comics and Graphic Novels at DJCAD.  My work primarily explores themes around Scottish history, tradition and folklore. I thoroughly enjoy sharing aspects of my culture through my illustrations, using them to highlight the nature of certain celebrations, events or stories. I love storytelling, therefore comics are a huge aspect of my work. I enjoy having the ability to narrate a story through text and imagery.  

Artwork presentation

These artworks are from various projects but with the same recurring themes of Scottish history, folklore, and tradition/celebration. Island Wayfarers (WIP title) is my main project this year. It is a children’s/teen comic about two friends who live on a tiny island in the west coast of Scotland. They are keen to go on an adventure so decide to explore a nearby haunted island, imagining the lives of those who lived there before it was abandoned. (comic pages 15, 27, 28 and concept art). The other illustrations explore various Scottish traditions or celebrations (Burns Night, Ceilidh Dancing and Ice Skating on the Loch). The last comic “Faire Chlaidh” explores the Gaelic belief that the last person to be buried in a cemetery is the overall protector of the other spirits until the next person is buried. All images were created with Procreate on iPad (digital images).

Artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocea

Lia Mori

Athens, Greece

Lia (Evangelia) Mori is a visual artist with a MArch degree in Architectural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) and a MSc in Research in Architecture: Architectural Design-Space-Culture from the N.T.U.A.. 

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Her practice and research combine the theoretical, technical and aesthetic aspects of architecture, visual arts, academic research, literature and activism, while addressing various social and technological issues concentrating on the triptych Body-Space-Technology, a theme which is being analyzed through the prism of Transhumanism, Posthumanism and cybercultures like the ones of Cyberpunk, Videogames and Internet culture. She has participated in festivals, exhibitions and symposiums like the LA Comics Festival 4 (Larissa, 2022), the Elementi 8: EKRAN – HEVRExINTERMEDIA (Kraków, 2020), the Tiny/Massive (Winter Lights Festival, 2019), the symposium Responsive Cities_Urbanism in the Experience Age (IAAC and KAAU, 2016) and the 15th Biennale de la Méditerranée – Symbiosis?-Thessalonikh / Sector: Applied Arts-Architecture (2011).

Artwork presentation

This series of illustrations depict just a fragment of a larger universe, the end and the beginning of a cosmic phenomena. An invasive entity, half technological and half organic, sprawls all over the landscape. Reminding of cables and roots, this entity allegorically depicts the contemporary condition of the technological overwhelming and the never ending networking of everything.
Lamia: Digital illustration (original size 3367 x 1895 pixels).
Threshold: Digital illustration (original size 3508 x 4961 pixels).
Revelation: Digital illustration (original size 4961 x 3508 pixels).

Other artists selected from Mediterranean to Ocea


Gloucester, United Kindom

Hi! I am a Gloucestershire based Artist who specialises in high contrast, black and white fantasy art. My subject matters include birds, dragons, and other mythical beasts, and I uses both Digital and Traditional techniques to create my art. I always loved drawing, and spent most of my childhood daydreaming and drawing all over my books at school! My style has evolved over the years, but my heart truly lies with monochrome, highly detailed inking, and I specialise in drawing feathers in particular.
Artwork presentation
High contrast, dark and bold inking is something I simply love to work with when it comes to my illustration. All four of these drawings were created during the last 2 years, and were inspired by folklore, my love of horror, and some experimentation with bright colours against the black inking.

Sayeeda Bacchus

London, United Kindom

I am Sayeeda Bacchus, a Dutch Illustrator of Guyanese descent, living in London UK.
My work explores cultural diversity, celebrating ethnic cultures and communicating on subjects that deserve more attention. Beside cultures, my work is inspired by nature, travels and contemporary art.
Artwork presentation

3x artwork of ‘INDIGENOUS’
Indigenous imagery is all around us, while the people are often forgotten. Indigenous people carry deep cultural and traditional knowledge. The variation in their culture is expressed in their attire, decorative elements and patterns.

Admiration for artisan skills during hard labour often in poor conditions and with low pay.

A3 sizes – hand drawn with final digital colours


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Evie is an illustrator. She is now a researcher in the University of Bologna, Italy. She earned her MA in illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art in the US this May. Her artwork The River has been shortlisted for World Illustration Awards 2020. The name “Evie” derived from the Hebrew, the origin meaning of “Life”. That is perhaps why she loves to use illustration as a tool to celebrate the wonder of life. She is a nature lover and a big fan of animals with the curiosity and imagination of a child, which inspires her work in children’s illustration. She is also inspired by music. In her spare time, she loves talking to birds and having a meditation moment. She also loves watching at the sky with a vacant mind, wondering if there is another utopia world.
Artwork presentation

I am on my way of exploring the diversity of nature. It is always my dream to use illustration as a tool, to celebrate the wonder of life.

Zofia Chamienia

Gdansk, Poland

Zofia Chamienia is a Polish illustrator. She is studying illustration at DJCAD (University of Dundee) in Scotland. She creates primarily digital illustrations, often using self-made scanned textures. She makes illustrations that convey an optimistic and positive message, and make everyone feel included and seen. She believes that illustrations can influence others, and make the world better, more welcoming, and easier to understand.
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Some of Zofia’s achievements: 3rd place at the Penguin Random House Book Cover Competition 2022, Runner up in the Global Goals Competition organized by the TEDCountdown x The Fine Acts, shortlisted in the international Tapirulan Competition 2022
Artwork presentation

1. Illustration depicting the spirit of the community and interactions between people
dimensions: 8141px x 2717 px
materials used: digital illustration, self-made textures

2. Illustration about the Jute industry, created as a part of the Oral History Project at the DJCAD Archive
dimensions: 14173px x 4681px
materials used: digital illustration, self-made textures

3. PEACE – illustration of the peaceful moment
dimensions: 2480px x 2068px
materials used: digital illustration, self-made textures

4. Illustration created for the Tapirulan competition 2022, theme: STOP.
dimensions: 3661px x 3661px
materials used: digital illustration, self-made textures

5. Illustration depicting Bonspiel – a traditional Scottish winter game on Frozen Lake
dimensions: 1732px x 2268px
materials used: digital illustration, self-made textures

6. Illustration about science and scientists at work
dimensions: 1266px x 3274px
materials used: digital illustration, self-made textures


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Erzegovina

3D digital artist, generalist. Proficient in Maya, Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, Houdini, and Photoshop. I am doing my second master’s degree, this time in Graphic Design and Multimedia at International Burch University in Sarajevo. Previously, one of the most famous YouTubers in Balkan.
Artwork presentation

This piece of artwork was inspired by the first science fiction story I wrote at age eight. The story is about a man who becomes lost in a dense forest where numerous predators hunt for prey. The story plot of the artwork: “I was enjoying the night until the strange sound of crackling forest branches interrupted it. The fire was burning in front of the tent, and a strange creature lurked in the nearby bushes as I ventured out into the night. The man is unaware that the small creature in the bushes is the least of his worries.”

This piece measures 28.5cm x 50.8cm, small size for a desk photograph.


Novi Sad, Serbia

I study Illustration at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. Usually my paintings are digital but I learned traditional art for many years. Nature plays a big role in my art. I like to capture the atmosphere and the vibe of the moment using light and colors. My style is something between stylized and realistic. I really enjoy illustrating children’s books, animating and character design.

Artwork presentation

I enjoy drawing human faces and I like to portray them in a weird manner. Making them look dreamy, even nightmarish.


Pula, Croatia

I was born in 2001, in Pula, Croatia. After finishing high school, I started studying Applied Art at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia. After one year, I also started to study Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I participated in over 10 group exhibitions and held my first solo exhibition called in Rijeka, in January this year.

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My main passions are spatial design, the virtual realm and exploring metaphysical philosophy and psychoanalysis. In my artistic work, I use 3D modeling, animation and computer graphics in order to explore the difference between the material and immaterial, between physical and metaphysical, between imagination and reality. I try to translate immaterial mental phenomena into real space, through computer software and 3D modeling. Part of my research process for my first series of artworks was to ask many different people about what would their mind look like if they were to imagine it as a physical space. Based on their answers, I created the illustrations featured at my first exhibition. I am now continuing with my work and moving towards 360° animation and VR.

Artwork presentation

These are some of the digital visualizations from my first artwork series.

Each of these images metaphorically represents the mind of a certain real person. During the research phase of this series, I interviewed many different people of different ages, nationalities and life backgrounds about what would their mind look like if they were to imagine it as a physical space. Based on their answers, I designed these spaces. Each of the spaces contain a lot of personal symbolism and each spatial element matters (including light, the time of day, color palette etc.) In a way, each image metaphorically represents the mind of a certain person, emphasizing the uniqueness and pecularity all our minds hold. Through visualizing the mind (something immaterial) as a material space, I hope to inspire the viewer to get to know himself better and dive deeper into his own psyche.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

LFHCS finds inspiration in the planets, stars and other extraterrestrial elements and likes to incorporate both modern and historical architecture in his creations. In each piece of work the goal is to create a surreal world and leave a lot of space for the interpretation of the viewer.
Artwork presentation

Digital (collage) work created with and inspired by space, which is open for interpretation.
Names of the work:
– Scenic Drive
– Wrong Way
– Cubagalactica
– Intimate
– The Mind
– Not waving but drowning
– Release: the star within the mirror
– Feeling Free
– Empty Mind
– Happy Camping

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