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Contemporary Circus

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Contemporary Circus discipline in the Blue Area (Mediterranean to Ocean) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Tuzla, Bosnia and Erzegovina.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.


Semifinalists from Mediterranean to Ocean

Thomas Angarola

Lienz, Austria

I went on a solo journey at 19, which opened my eyes and changed my point of view of life. I have reconsidered my priorities, and I have absorbed like a sponge the experiences acquired thanks to the people who have helped and inspired me. In 2018 I had a great experience in Taiwan, which allowed me, to create shows for schools. I developed a passion for creating and expressing myself. I was fire dancing at the time.
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In 2019 I bought a van and traveled around Europe, which brought me to meet street artists. I learned with these people new facets of street theater. Inspired, I started performing on the street with difficulty but also received a lot of support and encouragement. I wanted to go further and start a circus school. Since I arrived in Montreal 2019, I have done training courses for clowns and circus. I was accepted at the Flic circus school in Turin. The same summer I was welcomed by a circus collective ‘CIRCO PANIKO’, where I had the opportunity to exhibit my work from the last two years entitled: WHAT WILL REMAIN?
Performance presentations
What will remain?! A circus theater show that tells the story of a boy on a journey, looking for something he has not found in the comfortable walls of his home. This research will drive him insane by pushing him towards self-harm. Mourning home, he decides he wants to go back. But this is an illusion. We delude ourselves that we can go back by visiting places we liked, friends of the past, we want to go back to where we were happy. But we can just move forward. The return does not exist, because everything around us changes with time, only the scenography remains the same. By keeping our curiosity alive we will have found a tool that will help us move forward: The game of remaining a child inside. The wondering what I want to do tonight that is different from yesterday? And overcoming laziness. Because tonight he will never come back. Nature loves courage
Flat hard floor minimum 5x5meters General lights and amplification .

Semifinalists from Mediterranean to Ocean


Framing Effekt

Bale, Switzerland

Framing Effekt is a company founded by Marius Cavin, Nicolas Stocco, Shalom Gramiccioli and Julie Micheneau. We all come from differents countries (Switzerland, Argentina, Italy and France). We met during our professionnal education in ACAPA (circus school in the Netherlands). We all Two years ago, for a school tasks we had the wish to begin a creation project together. We did few residencies in Swizterland, Netherlands, France and Germany. We are combining aerial rope and object manipulation. This project became a performance that we wanted to push a lot more to be able to share it into the circus field.
Performance presentation
In this creation, the research focuses on the concept of support. Four entities reinvent the use of the aerial rope by being inspired by the mechanical supports existing in our society and in the intimate sphere. Supports, conter balances, (dis) balances, chain reactions, choreographies inspired by circus and dance. So many tools to demonstrate that as humans, we need emotional contact to exist.


Dieppe, France

Growing up in a stimulating environment doing hundreds of things, Quentin (called Tino) started his circus education at CRAC of Lomme (France) before sharpening his Chinese pole skills at Flic Circus School (Torino, Italy). During his BA at Stockholm Universoty of the Arts (SKH) he developed a unique variation of the standard 2-meter Chinese Pole: the Tiny pole. This Tiny pole continues to yield artistic and technical provocations.
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Tino is excavating the hidden potential of concepts and symbolic languages by using emotions and curiosity as a tool of creation. He likes to open doors in order to trigger the audiences’ imagination. It is all about language, to share.

Other Artists selected from Mediterranean To Ocean

Duo Kamikazete

Solkan, Slovenia

We are the first Slovenian pole dancing couple and aerial acrobats, who have been creating together for years 2015. The love for this kind of sport sprouted at the very first practice of pole dancing, and with it also the possibility for the development of a unique and innovative artistic couple.

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The Kamikazete Duo is exponentially growing, developing and following our dreams. So far, we have already presented ourselves in front of the whole of Slovenia in the show Slovenia has talent in 2018, where we made it all the way to the semi-finals. We also demonstrated our skills in front of the Croatian audience in their version of the show, namely in 2019 at Supertalent Croatia, where we danced through three completely different points to the final. In the same year, we were part of the biggest circus spectacle in Slovenia, Dunking Devils Live. We took part in several international competitions and took the podium and worked with many athletes, with whom we interwoven different fields and created new acrobatics. The year 2021 was a turning point for us, as we were accepted to the Salto International circus school in Portugal, where we were given the opportunity to live our dreams and receive daily training in the field of aerial acrobatics. In 2022, however, we got the opportunity to fly a little longer and show our new knowledge in the Got Talent Portugal show.
Performance presentations
Our flying pole act is based on theme Warrior, because it is dramatic and powerful. We are showing our strength, flexibility and trust. With this act we would like to show that winning is not achieved with a war, but it is representing the worst part of human beings.

Gracie Hill

Lahti, Finland

I am Gracie Hill, I come from England, London and have been living in Finland for nearly three years ! I specialise in static trapeze and hat manipulation where I love to combine them together.
Performance presentations

Static trapeze & hat manipulation.

“Sharp, Soft, Sudden, Still.”

The blue hat? Or the purple hat? Or neither? Or both? Stuck in a dilemma…  As I escape into my world of electronic sounds… surprised and energised by the rapid rhythm of music, I come to a final decision. Sometimes I get lost, but I know where I am.

Ciaran Circo Pyro

Bangor, United Kindom

Inspired at a young age by No Fit State Circus, Ciaran trained and started the fire performing company Circo Pyro. He then pursued his love of Circus and Trained at INAC Specialising in Rolla Bolla balancing. Afterwards he continued to study at Circomedia specialising in bounce juggling. Now he enjoys performing across the UK in theatres, festivals and as a street performer.
Performance presentation

Bounce juggling orchestra piece and rolla bolla stacking, can be performed in a space as small as 2m x 2m. Height for rolla bolla ideally 3m.

Rolla bolla – 3 boards, 4 buckets, 1 rolla, 1 mat.

Bounce juggling all sat on a stool or can use my rolla bolla to sit on.

Phoenix Performances

Belgrade, Serbia

We're a flow arts duo from Serbia (Milica Aloric & Marija Racic), mainly focused on fire and LED prop spinning, with years of various dance and art performance experience. After several years of training aerial arts together, we decided to embark on a fire & LED journey in 2020, and we're fascinated by it ever since. Our main inspiration is the never-ending journey of learning which applies not only to flow arts, but life itself.

Charlie Inskip

London, United Kindom

Contemporary Flow artist and aerialist

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