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Short Film

In this page you can discover the finalist  for the Short Film discipline in the Green Area (Western, Central and Eastern Europe) .
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalists in Western, Central and Eastern Europe

Ewa Sztefka

Poznań, Poland

Born in 1993 in a tiny Polish town, Ewa first tried to become a programmer before realizing her interests lay elsewhere. Since 2017 she’s been an animation student at the University of Arts in Poznań, currently in the master’s program. She works mostly with digital animation, either hand-drawn or cut-out, but also dabbles in stop motion animation. Filmmaking is her main form of emotional expression. Her other interests include digital painting, character design, video games, and being a devoted cat parent.


Allexia Galvão

Lisbon, Portugal

A filmmaker graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, she brings together in his career the series “Justiça” (2016), eu, a vó e a Boi (2019) and Malhação Viva a Difference (Winner of the International Emmy Awards 2019). She is currently dedicated to filming the feature film “Karanba-Made in Brasil” (Co-Production Brazil / Norway).


Semifinalists in Western, Central and Eastern Europe

Ioana Turcan

Gherla, Romania

Ioana Țurcan identifies mostly as a farmer but is present trough her work as a filmmaker, interdisciplinary artist and sometimes a cultural producer with a formal education in Cinematography for Film and TV (BA), Documentary Filmmaking (MA) and Film/Video Production (MFA), the latter accomplished under a Fulbright scholarship. Her medium-length documentary THE OTHER LIFE OF CHARON (2015) screened internationally , was nominated for Best Short Film at the Romanian Gopo Awards and in 2021 she finished her first fiction short film EMPIRIC depicting the situation of young textile worker during the communist period in Romania.

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Ioana has also worked with experimental formats and performative media, creating exhibitions for galleries and public spaces on different ecosystem-related topics as landscape connections, family ties and the process of loss.
In the past years, she has co-developed local initiatives to foster access to visual/art education and cultural production, facilitating workshops on analogue photography, creative writing, contact sports and filmmaking.
Since 2021 she is part of a duo called Uncertain Space, dealing with topics of caregiving, rituals and physical dependency and a transnational artist collective, An Office, which will be present this summer at Documenta 15 (Germany) and Fotograf Festival (Czech Republic).


Other Artists selected in Western, Central and Eastern Europe

Eléna Weiss

Hambrug, Germany

Eléna Weiß studied acting at HMdK Stuttgart and has been working as an actress since 2012 in German theaters and for film and television. In 2015 she began directing theatre plays. She also started developing plays in collaboration with art collectives such as DIE WOHLPRÄPARIERTE FRAU (nominated for Friedrich Luft Preis) and the feminist performance BITCH PERFECT. In 2016 she began directing her first own films, such as the SCI-FI silent movie ROB UND BOB. In 2020 she wrote and directed ALIEN INSIDE, a short movie that deals with normative perception of pregnancy. 

Since 2020 Eléna has been studying film directing at the HMS Hamburg.

Marie Deboissy

Bordeaux, France

Born in 1996, Marie grew up under the sun of Guadeloupa and the Bordeaux region. Passionate about painting and cinema, she likes to tell stories, emotions and characters through images.

Patryk Kaflowski

Krakow, Poland

Born in 1991. He lives in Krakow. Student of the Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School in Katowice. Screenwriter, director and director of photography. He started out with short forms such as commercials and music videos.

Roxanne Paisan

Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Dimitri Sterkens

Ukmergė, Lithuania

Hi! I’m Belgian Ginger


Hugo Le Gourrierec

Chambery, France

Born in 1991 in Chambery (French Alps), live and work in Paris.

Mamma Roman – 1st assistant director : La Meilleure version de moi-même by Blanche Gardin ==> (serie)

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La Maison Noire – 1st assistant director : Dior (Credibility) by Jules Jarossay ==> (commercial)

La Maison Noire – 1st assistant director : Guerlain (Abeille Royale & Orchidée Imperiale) by Jules Jarossay ==> (commercial)

Charlotte Russe Films – 1st assistant director : Des Vacances à tout Prix by Stevan Lee Mraovitch ==> (film)

Androma Pictures – 1st assistant director : I’m In Love – KYGO by Ariel Elia ==> (clip US)

Bonne Nouvelles Films – 1st assistant director : Le Poisson qui rêve des beaux océans by Anthony Cazet ==> (short)

IKO – 1st assistant director : Sur La Terre Des Orages by Marion Jhöaner ==> (short)

Les Films Balthazar – 1st assistant director : Up To Me by Dorine Hollier ==> (short)

Josh Mond – 1st assistant director : Sophie & Eric by Antoine Tassin ==> (docu-serie)


Why Not Production – 2nd assistant director : ADN. by Maïwenn ==> (film)

MK2 – 2nd assistant director : Cold War by Pawel Pawlikowski ==> (film)

Androma Pictures – 2nd assistant director : Le Voyageur by Hadi Ghandour ==> (film)

Big Band Story – 2nd assistant director : Coup de Foudre en Andalousie by Stéphane Malhuret ==> (TV film)

EDDY – 2nd assistant director : Extazus / M83 by Bertrand Mandico ==> (short/clips)

Excuse My French TV – 2nd assistant director : Air France – L’Ascension by Brian Beletic ==> (commercial)

Kashmir Films – 2nd assistant director : Saint Laurent – Night Train by Jean Paul Goude ==> (commercial)

La Femis – 2nd assistant director : UGH ! by Fanny Sidney ==> (short)

autoproduction – 2nd assistant director : Dario Martini by Maxime Mallet ==> (short)


20th Century Fox / Peninsula Royal Film – 3rd assistant director : The Last Duel by Ridley Scott ==> (film)

Lionsgate – assistant director (PA) : Robin Hood by Otto Bathurst ==> (film)

Chapter 2 – 1st Crowd Marshall (during 3 weeks) : Le Brio by Yvan Attal ==> (film)

CG Cinema – 3rd assistant director : Doubles-Vies by Olivier Assayas ==> (film)

CG Cinema – 3rd assistant director : Personal Shopper by Olivier Assayas ==> (film)

Les Films Du Losange – 3rd assistant director : (une) Enfance by Philippe Claudel ==> (film)


Easy Tiger – Community Manager : Divines by Houda Benyamina ==> (film)


AdVitam – lighting technician : Des Apaches by Nassim Amaouche ==> (film)

Les Produits Frais – lighting technician : Le Rêve by Tom De Pekin ==> (short)

Varion Productions – lighting technician : Pôt De Départ by Martin Jérôme ==> (short)


Agata Wieczorek

Lodz, Poladn

Agata Wieczorek was born in 1992, in Poland.
Her practice combines film and photography while moving between constructed documentary and documented fiction.
She graduated from the National Film School in Lodz, Poland (Direction of Photography), and from the Strzeminski Art Academy in Lodz, where she studied traditional techniques: painting and fine art printing.
She is diplomed with Le Fresnoy – Studio national.

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Her works have been exhibited and awarded internationally, both in art museums and film festivals, such as Art Basel Miami, Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki; Molinario Collezione, Milan, Italy (works in collection);KMoPA (works in collection), Japan; MFF New Horzions Film Festival (Poland); CONCORTO Film Festival (Italy), among others.
She is the Parallel European Photo-Based Platform 2nd Cycle Laureate in New Artist category and HELLERAU Photography 2020 – Center for Contemporary Arts Residency Award winner.


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