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Contemporary Circus

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Contemporary Circus discipline in the Green Area (Western, Central and Eastern Europe).
The winners of the Semi-final event in each discipline will take part in the MArteLive Biennial in October 2022 in Rome, Italy. They will also have the chance to participate in Art residencies and get relevant prizes.

Finalist selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe


Grémévillers, France

I was born in 1998 in Beauvais. I started the circus at a very young age at La Batoude. I attended the high school in Châtellerault where they offered the circus arts option. I tried several disciplines before specializing in the acrobatic bicycle.
After obtaining my French baccalaureate diploma, I joined the CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque) in Châlons-en-Champagne where I took classes with different cycling instructors: Anja Eberhart, Camille Châtelain, Jacques Schneder, Serges Huercio,…

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Thanks to these encounters, I have developed a real relationship with my bike and I try to build a poetic and sometimes offbeat universe on stage.
My passion for books has allowed me to create a repertoire of more or less eccentric and crazy characters to whom I give life on my bike.

The circus brings together and unifies all forms of art on the same stage. For me everything can be circus. It is enough simply to observe life in order to be inspired by it and to transpose it with the body. The circus has no limits. Everything is possible and imaginable.

Performance presentations

 – “Jean” (Soft voice) – “I had a dream last night Jean… It was magnificent, splendid, fantastic, wonderful, extraordinary (+ in+ strong)… ” – “And then I heard a noise, it was you snoring, you woke me up again, and you also wiggle at night… Jean, are you listening to me? When I finally managed to find sleep it was no longer a dream that I was living, it was a nightmare, it was horrible, awful, appalling, atrocious, repulsive, infamous “. – “It’s because of what happened last night… Jean, I spent my day cleaning the kitchen, it was everywhere. I have at least a month to make up for it… I can’t take it anymore Jean.” – “And then the laundry was all stained, I didn’t know if I should wash it in hot water? in cold water? 30°? 50°? 90°? with soap? Or bleach?… So I burned everything…- (whispers to her at the bike) “I think he doesn’t love me anymore…”


 – (She gets up, voice louder) “Jean, are you there? Can you hear me, Jean?”


 – (malicious smile) “You know, last night when I went to put the stuff in the back of the garden, I’m sure the neighbor saw me because this morning when I went to get the mail she said hello to me but it wasn’t like usual… She didn’t say hello to me, but HELLO!- “And the back neighbor’s dogs, all they did was bark, I’m sure they smelled something”  – “I heard a noise, I think someone is there, close all the windows, doors, curtains, shutters… We have to hide… Chute makes no noise… – “Jean, (for her) but what is he doing, why doesn’t he answer Jean, (for her) he’s gone he’s gone he’s left me all alone.

 (Shouting) JEAN (calm) ah bah you’re here (shouting) don’t ever do that again listen it’s been months since I’ve taken care of everything here: Cleaning, disinfecting, and even pampering your knife. And what do you do in the meantime?

 Nothing at all nothing at all . – (with a big smile and wide eyes) “So let me rest for five minutes, no three minutes, put on some music or I think I’m going to freak out.” Music: (songs from the movie “La Boum”) 

Semifinalists selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe

Carlos Gaudi

Lisbon, Portugal

– I started my artistic journey in 2011.
Living in a though neighborhood, i emancipated myself and went to study at Chapitô Circus School in Lisbon and the adventure began. Before i went, i had a though upbringing and then i found myself finding who i was deep within. I used dance/movement and circus training as therapy and meditation and i was already able to travel to so many places and states of mind with them.

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For the first time in my life then, i found and have been developing my true self, with my art and wherever it may take me.

My rings are a philosophy of accomplishments, and in my movement with the, freedom, my mission, i aspire to inspire people to aknowledge and value their true selfs and find their unique way to comunicate with the world.

With time i understood through oportunities that were given to me that i love coreography and directing aswell so i hope more and more i can create both individually or in a group or collaboration.


Sara Greenberg

Muizon, France

Sara is a multi-disciplinary circus artist and choreographer. She has been training, teaching and performing for over a decade, after being first welcomed into the circus world at Atlantic Cirque in Halifax, Canada. She discovered a passion for the art form, continuing to train intensively throughout an engineering degree and a half. She left her MASc unfinished to perform with Cavalia in China in 2017, and though she is now dedicated to her artistic practice she remains a lover of science. Her joy and wonder for the workings of the universe is her greatest inspiration.
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Specializing in aerial hoop and silks, Sara’s choreography combines high technique with contemporary movement. Besides aerial, Sara’s toolbelt also includes dance, acrobatics, riding, singing, and violin. Born to a family of musicians, her musicality is an intrinsic part of her work.

Sara has performed with companies including Disney, Cavalia, and La Folie Douce, and has enjoyed teaching and performing across the globe. Her passion for the fusion of multimedia and performance arts brought her recognition as the Emerging Artist at the 2016 Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto. Now residing in the French countryside, Sara trains in between bites of cheese and petting horses.

Other artists selected in WesternCentral and Eastern Europe

Millie Turnado

Berlin, Germany

​​At the age of 9, Millie started her colorful path in a youth circus in Berlin. After joining a pre professional youth circus program in the US for one year, and paddling on a bicycle 10000 km around the world, she decided that she would like to explore the wheel from a different angle. She left her bicycle and fell in love with the Cyr Wheel, which takes her since then on an interesting research journey of spinning, falling, catching und turning. Staying in the circular family, hula hoops encouraged Millie to find her personal language of movement and liberty of expression.
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Performances are giving Millie goosebumps, but also making her feel alive. She hopes to get in connection and exchange with the audience. Connection and community is also what holds Millie to the arts of circus and inspires her. Besides that, Millie finds inspiration in the colour pink, gardening, the smell of India and feminism for creating. Millie has had the chance to gain experience performing in Zirkus Mond, Berlin Circus Festival, Karneval der Kulturen, and several open stages in Berlin in the past years. Performing in public spaces, as a street show performer or being part of site specific performances (Brand e.V), is important to her as well. She enjoys the pure, honest atmosphere and the connection with other human beings out there. In 2018 Millie joined the circus school DIE ETAGE and graduated in October 2021.
Performance presentations

I was interested to explore how to grow from an unsure place, to a place of joy and vibrant life. How can we keep going forward, when the world seems sometimes quiet heavy laying on our shoulders? How to let go? How to be in the world as a woman?
In my act, I tried to find movement and storytelling to underline this process. As Cyr Wheel is my main discipline, I was curious how to connect it with dance and the exploration of the space. The dimension was a round stage of 7×7 m with dance floor.

Duo Eyal & Julia

Katowice, Poland

Both grew up competing in acrobatic gymnastic. Julia from Poland, Eyal from Israel Today performing as a Hand to Hand Duo hoping to get the chance to share their art with as many people possible
Performance presentations

This act is all about the inescapable ups and downs of most relationships.
Trying to bring to stage our acrobatics skills while telling a story.


Hasselt, Belgium

Simon-James grew up in Australia, where he also received his education at NICA (National Institute of Circus Arts, Melbourne Australia) and in 2013 settled in Flanders, Belgium. He is Artistic director of On Stage Events and co-founder of Sur Mesure, as a performer and maker of the show Fillage. Since 2013, Simon-James has been active as a professional artist and performs non-stop in the performing arts, mainly in the circus arts.
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He has worked for renowned companies and directors all over the world including Feria Musica, Circo Aereo and GOP Variete Theater – Germany. He is an experienced circus performer with internationally recognised certificates from NICA, with over fifteen years of training at an international competition level in gymnastics, dance and diving/trampolining, over fifteen years of performing experience in circus, theatre and dance and has international touring experience both on and off the stage. s.o.l.o is his first solo performance.


Valencia, Spain

 Circus artist from England, with a background in psychology and neuroscience. I am interested in what happens in the brain when performing and training in circus and how we can use this information as an inspiration for creating art, to improve how we train and to improve our understanding of the brain. 

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I have trained full time for two years in Creat circus school and I have a first class degree in psychology from the university of Bristol. My main discipline is aerial straps, but I also do partner acrobatics, handstands and dance.

Humberto Kalambres

Valencia, Spain

Humberto Jiménez Ríos, born in Mexico in 1990 is an artist multidisciplinary of circus arts, who began his career in self-taught manner from 2007 and professionally starting since 2011 in the school of the arts
circus performers of Puebla (MX), specializing in slack-rope walking, juggling, manipulation of hats, and clown.
In 2018 he entered to study theater physicist in the physical theater studio Phillip Radice and on this moment in following a class of sensible dance whit Claude Coldy .


Valencia, Spain

my name is simon olivares, I started in the circus arts since I was a child through juggling, a discipline that I learned in the streets and squares of my hometown, Santiago de Chile. I entered and became passionate about juggling working as an urban artist, and traveling through the world relizing street shows in many squares, conventions and stages throughout Latin America and Europe.
I have study in various contemporary circus schools in Europe, participating in circus companies, creating shows and solos.

Francisco Simoes

Lisbon, Portugal

Provocation and introspection. This creation turns out to be a research about the creator´s physical and psychological response towards the spectators. Its evolution allowed the author to discover the feeling of freedom on stage and the benefits of that connection with the audience. It all starts at a point in the character's life where confidence and arrogance hold sway, but everything can change thereafter.
Material – white juggling club
Dimensiones – 7x7m

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