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Northern Europe Jury

In this section you will find all judges for the 16 disciplines of MArteLive in Northern Europe (Yellow Area)

The jury will vote following this evaluation criteria:

  • Proposal’s artistic quality
  • Execution technique
  • Originality and innovation
  • Emotional impact
  • Performance live impact


The audience will vote online during the Online Auditions from May 16th to May 23rd


Giedré	 KilčiauskienéGiedrė Kilčiauskienė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Giedrė Kilčiauskienė is a singer awarded with universal talent. She equally well feels and stylishly presents the repertoire of jazz classics and pop/electronics. Her performance is subtle, “clear” (Giedrė means “clear” in Lithuanian), with exceptionally light sweetness in the voice and original accents. She performs as the vocalist in the groups Empti and Pieno Lazeriai, as well as in the projects Jazz Miniatures and Blue in Bossa.
Giedrė is also an Associate Professor in the department of Rhythmic Music at Vilnius College. In 2013, she received an award as the Artist of the Year at the best-known yearly Lithuanian music awards M.A.M.A.

Vykintas BaltakasVykintas Baltakas                       Leuven, Belgium / Vilnius, Lithuania

Vykintas Baltakas is a Lithuanian composer and conductor. He is like a musical Scheherazade: his music keeps pulling you in and referencing itself, sometimes branching off and reinventing itself, and sometimes returning to where it started. He weaves musical stories that are linked with a delicate interconnected web.
The story starts in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1972 where Baltakas was born. In 1993 he moved to Karlsruhe, Germany, where he studied composition with Wolfgang Rihm and conducting with Andreas Weiss. From 1994 to 1997 he also worked with Peter Eötvös at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe and at the Hungarian composer’s International Institute. Also an accomplished conductor, Baltakas has conducted the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Ensemble Modern, and Klangforum Wien.

Giedré	 ZeicaitGiedrė Zeicaitė                       Salzburg, Austria / Vilnius, Lithuania

Giedrė Zeicaitė is a singer actively performing in Lithuania and abroad with various concert programs. She graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (LAMT) and the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Austria.
Besides, Giedrė;works as a vocal lecturer at LATM and as a singing teacher at the Stasys Šimkus Conservatory. She conducts and organizes international and regional singing masterclasses. Furthermore, Giedrė is an organizer of the international singing competition “Pearls of M.K.Oginskis Music“, as well as a frequent member of the jury at various singing competitions.


Darius BeinoravičiusDarius Beinoravičius                       Lithuania

Darius Beinoravičius, a.k.a. Dapa Deep, is a DJ/Producer from Lithuania. His music has reached not only radio tops but also the hearts of many listeners. Dapa Deep is rapidly gaining popularity both in Lithuania and abroad. The artist signed the contracts with the largest record company Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, and the number of Dapa Deep works is ever-increasing in electronic music stores. Dapa Deep always tries to find something new and impress his listeners. “I’m just improvising as a good cook in the kitchen. After all, good spices will never be too much!” he says.

Deividas JaroškaDeividas Jaroška                       Vilnius, Lithuania

A soundclash of genre-agnostic colorful sound that is melded together to create an equilibrium of unpredictable, ever-changing dance music. This is the complex definition of in the same way complex, versatile, and standards-breaking Deividas Jaroška sound. His original work on “Uncharted Territories” EP (released in Nov 2019) strongly represents the inconsistency in his consistency, chaotic, and unpredictable live and DJ performances by Deividas.
Having performed in Beijing, Riga, Kyiv, Paris, Lyon, and Berlin, Jaroška released his debut “Red Room Offering” EP on Lyon’s boutique label AR/FM. In 2020, he started his label Ledotmat Musique where he brings out his music from the most personal moments of his life.

Evaldas AzbukauskasEvaldas Azbukauskas                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Evaldas Azbukauskas is the person behind Girių Dvasios—a Dub Techno, Electronic dub, and ambient music project. Girių Dvasios means “The Spirits of The Woods” in Lithuanian. The sound of Girių Dvasios is inspired by ancient Baltic culture and nature. A big inspiration and influence come from the thick forests of Lithuania.
In 2010 Evaldas started the Cold Tear Records label to release his music and other artists’ works. Since then, Girių Dvasios has performed in almost all the electronic music festivals in Lithuania. He also released over ten full-length albums and many other releases. At the moment, Girių Dvasios is one of the most popular electronic music projects in Lithuania.


Ådne SekkelstenÅdne Sekkelsten                       Oslo, Norway

Ådne Sekkelsten is the managing director of Scenekunstbruket and has had various leadership roles in the Norwegian cultural sector. Since 1998 he has been developing Scenekunstbruket, and through this been an active voice and fighter for the performing arts field In Norway. He founded the festival Showbox in 2005, and in 2014 edited the book Performing Arts and the Young. Sekkelsten is a trained actor in addition to having an education in theater studies and cultural management. He has worked as an actor, director and producer in theater and film. In 2015 Sekkelsten established Kloden Theatre in Oslo, a theatre house that will be an important art scene connecting artists and the young audience.

Kristina SavickienėKristina Savickienė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Kristina Savickienė is a theatre manager and producer. Having worked in the performing arts field since 2006, she is Artistic Director of Vilnius International Theatre Festival SIRENOS, the largest and oldest theatre festival in Lithuania, and Head of Artistic Department at Lithuanian National Drama Theatre. She is also one of the founders of the Lithuanian Cultural Managers Association and was a member of the board 2015-17. Although her primary interest lies in arts management and production, she is also involved in artistic projects as a dramaturg, text author, educator and literary translator. Kristina Savickiene holds a master’s degree in Arts Management from Vilnius Fine Arts Academy.

Giedrė KabašinskienėGiedrė Kabašinskienė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Giedrė Kabašinskienė is International project and programmes manager and leader currently working at the Office of International Relations at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA). Her main activities are related with the development of the international strategy of the Theatre and Film Faculty, including promotion of young artists in dance, performing arts and films at different festivals and competitions. She has coordinated a number of international EU, Erasmus +, Nordplus and other programmes, including dance, theatre, multidisciplinary and research projects, organiser of Internantional Conferences. 1998-2002 Lithuanian Culture attaché in France. Since 2007 she constantly cooperates with several NGO – Theatre company „Utopia“, Dance company „Airos Dance theatre“, „Ramybes gallery“ in Palanga. Since 2005 she is invited by international organisation of Francophonie (OIF) in Paris to be Regional Expert for Eastern and Central Europe countries, as well Member of Jury commission for the world art festival Jeux de la Francophonie (Francophone Games) in Niger, Niamey (2005); Beyrouth, Liban (2009); Nice (France), (2013); Abidjan (Cote d‘Ivoir) (2017).


Cristina Caprioli Cristina Caprioli                       Stockholm, Sweden

Raised in Italy, for years dancing in Germany and the United States, since the mid 80s resident of Stockholm, Sweden, where in the late nineties she founded ccap, still base of all her work. Cristina Caprioli works with choreography in multiple forms and formats: stage performances, installations, exhibitions, films, publications, as well as research, festivals and community projects. Whilst teaching and touring nationally and internationally. After decades of critical work, Caprioli has gained the position as one of Sweden’s most consistent choreographers. Her work is marked by precision, complexity, rigor and ease. Each of her work claims, but also generates attention and intra-active reciprocity. For the benefit of a shared experience of art. Cristina is Professor of Choreography and has received a number of honorable grants and prices.

Kerstin Schroth Kerstin Schroth                       Berlin, Germany – Paris, France

Kerstin Schroth, is a curator and arts manager and lives in Berlin and Paris.
She was appointed as artistic director for the contemporary dance festival Moving in November, an annual festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland in 2019. And signs responsible for the program during the next three years.
From 2006 to 2019 she has been working as the company manager of Great Investment, the company of the Danish choreographer Mette Ingvartsen.
She lectures at the university of Gießen, K3 Hamburg, Sommerakademie Berlin and the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. Her courses include curatorial concepts, production development, distribution and tour organization, as well as the communication between artists and curators.
In 2006 she founded the annual festival sommer.bar under the festival Tanz im August and curated it for 6 years.
During a period of 10 years, she worked as production manager for international festivals such as: Tanztheater International (Hannover), Tanz im August (Berlin), Poker im Osten and Context#3 – Learning by doing at Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin).
She has worked in long and short-term collaborations with performing artists such as: Lindy Annis, Paul Gazzola, Frauke Havemann, Sasha Waltz and Gérald Kurdian.
She graduated in Cultural Studies at the University Hildesheim, Germany.

Sabina Scarlat Sabina Scarlat;                       Brussels, Belgium

Sabina Scarlat was born in Romania, where she studied ballet at the National Conservatory of Bucharest. She has a degree in psychology from the ULB University of Brussels and practiced as a psychologist specialized in Lacanian psychoanalysis. In 2010, she returned to her first love by becoming the artistic director of Garage29. She learned from great choreographers and directors whom she invites to work and research in the studio, such as Lisi Estaras/Les Ballet C de la B, Juan Navarro/Carniceria Teatro, David Zambrano, to name but a few. Over the years, she has developed the studio as a dynamic platform for emerging artists among who she evolves.
Convinced that choreographic writing can only take place when it escapes the knowledge of its creator, she likes to question the conditions that bring about the emergence of choreography from a raw material or an everyday object. Her first creation (Uniform, 2017) — depicting the symbiosis of two women who mercilessly demolish a large set sculpted in sand — was awarded the prize for best scenography at the international Atelier festival, Baia Mare, in Romania. In 2018, she begun a research on minimal narrative in contemporary dance for young audiences. In 2019, she started a cycle of collaborations on the theme of gender identity: “Match 2” with Vilma Pitrinaite ; “DipaTe” with Chloé Beillevaire and “Nothing Sexual” with Charlie Cattrall and Elie Tass.

Laurynas Žakevičius Laurynas Žakevičius                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Laurynas’ goals as an artist and performer reflect the ones in the mission of LOW AIR, a dance theatre he co-founded: to raise the awareness towards dance though building culture communities, presenting dance performances, fostering education, and initiating social programmes reachable to anyone. LOW AIR, Lithuania’s first urban dance theatre, founded in 2012 by Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius, aims to research the full potential of urban dance.
The debut performance “Feel-Link”, an emotional duet of urban and contemporary dance, presented in the Arts Printing House’s programme for young artists which led to nomination for the highest Lithuanian theatre award for this performance and praised by both the theatre community and critics. The play is still performed, and it has been performed about 100 times in 12 countries around the world.
Since 2011, the choreographers staged six performances of new dance syntheses, searching for fresh forms in the Lithuanian contemporary dance scene. Their works have been awarded twice with the highest Lithuanian theatre award Golden Stage Cross – “Home Trip”, a dance, music, theatre, and literature performance, and “Game Over”, a visual dance performance.
Laurynas and his partner were awarded with Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuanian National award for young creators and Borisas Dauguvietis Earring award for both the successful research and development of a new stage forms connecting urban dance and theatre and for the pedagogical work which changes a face of Lithuanian contemporary dance.
Laurynas has been developing and leading more than 30 dance projects funded by various local and international grants schemes.

Vilma Pitrinaitė Vilma Pitrinaitė                       Brussels, Belgium / Kaunas, Lithuania

Vilma studied choreography at CDC de Toulouse and Ex.e.r.ce, CCN de Montpellier as well as theatre directing in the School of National Theatre of Strasbourg, collaborated as dancer and actor with Philippe Grandrieux, Karim Bel Kacem, Hubert Colas, Mossoux-Bonté, Karine Ponties. Her first piece was staged in festivals JT14, Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris and Premières, Strasbourg. «Miss Lithuania» was presented in Aerowaves Spring Forward, nominated as the best act of the season in Confluences, Paris. In 2016 she returned to «Aura» as a choreographer and recently created a piece for another most important dance company in Lithuania «Šeiko dance theater». Her work «Somaholidays» won «Fortunos» award and was nominated for the highest Lithuanian Golden Cross Award. Her current work «MATCH 2» will be premiered in the festival TB² in Brigittines, Brussels in June 2021 and is already invited to the famous Edinbourough Fringe Festival.

Raimonda Gudavičiūtė Raimonda Gudavičiūtė                       Frankfurt, Germany

Raimonda Gudavičiūtė is a freelance dancer, choreographer, teacher. She started her dance education at the Aura Dance Theatre in Kaunas (Lithuania). As a member of this dance company, she has performed at many dance festivals and in many theatres both in Lithuania and abroad. She extended her education with a Bachelor’s degree in dance and acting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2007. Raimonda Gudavičiūtė completed a Master’s degree in contemporary dance at the Theatre Academy of Finland in 2009. Since 2011, Raimonda Gudavičiūtė has been living in Frankfurt and working as a dancer/performer in local projects. In November 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, Gudavičiūtė, in collaboration with the dramaturg Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė and the video artist Sebastian Heindorff, premiered a short film „M(e)&M(other)“, in which her seven year old son also takes part. The film was invited to be a part of the New Baltic Dance festival in Vilnius in December 2020.


Žygimantas KudirkaŽygimantas Kudirka                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Zygimantas Kudirka is a writer, artist and performer in the fields of interactive poetry, artificial languages and avantgarde rap, trying to find the universal dialect that could be understood by plants and animals and babies and the future links of evolution. Has published an interactive poetry book, released 7 music albums, makes constant appearances in contemporary art shows (incl. Baltic Triennial and Venice Biennial), has won multiple awards in the fields of music (incl. Alternative music artist of the year), advertising (incl. Cannes Lions Silver), visuals (incl. Music video of the year) and literature (incl. Best European slam poet).

Saulius VasiliauskasSaulius Vasiliauskas                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Saulius Vasiliauskas (b. 1989) is a writer and literary scholar, studying PhD at Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. He lives in Vilnius, participates in various cultural initiatives and organizes the annual “Underground Readings”. In 2020 Saulius won the First Book contest organized by Lithuanian Writers’ Union publishing house and published a short prose book Dabar aš ramiai papietausiu (“Now I Will Have a Quiet Lunch”).

Greta AmbrazaiteGreta Ambrazaitė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Greta Ambrazaitė (b. 1993) is a Lithuanian poetess, translator and a book editor. She obtained a Master’s degree in Literary Anthropology and Culture at Vilnius University. Her first poetry book Fragile Things (lt. Trapūs daiktai) was published in 2018 and was awarded the Young Yotvingian Prize as a best young poet’s book. This book was also announced as the Poetry Book of the Year in Lithuania. In 2019 she was awarded the Young Artist’s Prize by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. Her poetry has been translated into English, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, German, Russian, Spanish, Greek and Chinese languages. Also, she released lo-fi music album Blood Mouse (lt. Kraujo pelytė) in 2019.


Andrius ZakarauskasAndrius Zakarauskas                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Andrius Zakarauskas (born 1982), a conceptual painter, explores the medium of painting and the position of the painter in the context of contemporary art. Having graduated from the Department of Painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the artist sourced the motifs for his early work largely from secondary realities – art history and film. In his later work, painting itself emerged as a central theme.  
Zakarauskas’s work has been exhibited at the Vienna Fair in Vienna, Art Cologne in Cologne, and Cornice in Venice. The artist has had solo shows at the Rooster Gallery in Vilnius, the Michael-Schultz Gallery in Berlin, the Andreas Binder Gallery in Munich, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art in Beijing. Some of his most notable group shows are exhibitions at MO Museum in Vilnius, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, M. K. Čiurlionis Museum in Kaunas, the Art Quarter Budapest, and elsewhere. In 2009, he was the first artist to win the Young Painter Prize. In 2018, he was awarded a Bavarian grant for his exhibition at the International Kuenstlerhaus Villa Concordia and Instant Intax Prize at the Vilnius Photo Circle Festival in 2019.  His works are part of the National Gallery of Lithuania constant exhibition.

Linas JusionisLinas Jusionis                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Linas Jusionis (b. 1986) from 2007 to 2011 studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts where he did his BA and in 2011 completed his MA in fresco-mosaic studies. He is a finalist (2009, 2010) and runner-up (2011) of the international competition “Young Painter Prize”. He has been participating in group and solo exhibitions since 2009. Since 2011 he is represented by gallery “Vartai” (Vilnius).  
Linas Jusionis paintings usually contain elements of landscape, urban spaces and architecture, as a projection of his personal experiences. His works are always balanced between a specific treatment of landscape, or space in general, and a growing likeness to abstraction.

Povilas RamanauskasPovilas Ramanauskas                       Kaunas, Lithuania

Povilas Ramanauskas (b. 1987) graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Currently he is working as the lecturer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Faculty of Kaunas and as curator at the gallery “Meno parkas”. P.Ramanauskas had over ten personal solo exhibitions and participated in more than fifty art exhibitions/projects in Lithuania and abroad. His main creative field is contemporary painting, objects and installations. He tries to question the limits of common understanding towards contemporary painting through the aspects of new techniques, materials and concepts of contemporary art. The idea of his artworks is to show that contemporary painting, or painting as a medium, is quite versatile on the whole: while absorbing other media, while mixing with other visual expressions, painting remains.


Žilvinas LandzbergasŽilvinas Landzbergas                       Kaunas, Lithuania

ŽILVINAS LANDZBERGAS (1979, Kaunas, Lithuania) studied sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Art in 2004. From 2005 to 2007 he completed a postgraduate artistic residence at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. From 2011 to 2013 he headed an independent artistic space in Vilnius. Žilvinas Landzbergas sometimes works as a curator and teaches at the Academy of Art in Vilnius, where he since 2015 is doing Phd Artistic Research “The Longing for Body”. In his extensive works he often collaborates with various artists. He has presented many permanent works in public space (in Utrecht and in Vilnius). In 2008 he was awarded the main prize of the art publisher Thieme Art. In 2017 he represented Lithuania at the 57th Venice Biennale with the installation R. Landzbergas has achieved several striking solo exhibitions, including Crown Off in the Centre of Contemporary Art (CAC) in Vilnius (2015), in the Kim? Centre of Contemporary Art in Riga (2011) and in the Oxford Museum of Modern Art, UK (2005). He has presented his works at international group shows at the 33rd São Paulo Art Biennial (2018), Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA) (2018), About the Trees in Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern (2016), Sculpture Quadrennial Riga (2016), Million Lines exhibition in Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow (2015), Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art. (2010), and Baltic Triennial (2009). He lives and works in Vilnius.

Aušra TrakšelytėAušra Trakšelytė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

(1981) is an art historian, critic and curator. She finished PhD studes at Vilnius Academy of Arts (2012). Aušra is interested in site-specific art and theory, exploring it in different formats – contemporary art exhibitions, public discussions and publications. She has been writing articles, essays and exhibition reviews since 2003; curating art projects and exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad since 2004. Worked as an assistant of Lithuanian Pavilion at the 53th Venice Biennale and has attended an internship at the Manifesta 7 European Biennal of contemporary art. 2013 – 2015 she organised Vilnius Street Art festival; and from 2018 is initiator and curator of apiece window gallery, exhibiting a single artwork of contemporary visual art or conceptual design object at a time.

Vytautas ViržbickasGoodhearter Wisher – Vytautas Viržbickas                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Goodhearter Wisher, formerly known as Vytautas Viržbickas (born 1987), mainly creates figurative sculptures and installations that become three-dimensional illustrations of complex internal states and literary plots. Vytautas Viržbickas graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in sculpture and has held solo exhibitions at Le Magasin National Center for Contemporary Art in Grenoble, Si:said gallery in Klaipėda, and Vartai gallery in Vilnius; he has actively participated in group exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Nida Art Colony, art fairs such as Artisstima (2015) and Viennacontemporary (2016).


Gili BenitaGili Benita                       New York, USA

Gili Benita is a photographer, born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel and currently based in New York City. In 2015, he started his military service as a cinematographer in the Israeli Air Force film unit, making psychological and instructional films. After his release from the military in 2016, he began his first long-term documentary project, working with ‘Save a Child’s Heart’; an Israeli NGO providing medical aid for children suffering from congenital heart diseases in Tanzania. In 2018, this work was exhibited at the “Local Testimony” exhibition in the Eretz Israel Museum In Tel Aviv and won the first prize in the Photographed story category. That same year he traveled to Japan for a project on the culture of Japanese loneliness: ‘Kodoku,’ which was published in iGNANT, The Independent Photographer, Aint Bad, and won the Bronze prize in the Photo Essay catagory in Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019.In 2020 he created the photo series ‘Should We Watch Something?’, telling the story about his roommates romance during the COVID 19 pandemic in NYC which was featured it Vogue Italia. That year, he also graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program where he was awarded the Lisette Model Scholarship and the Director’s Fellowship. Gili is also a full member of Diversify Photo and an editor at Aint-Bad Magazine.

Andrej VasilenkoAndrej Vasilenko                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Andrej Vasilenko (b. 1985) is a Lithuanian photographer who currently lives and works in Vilnius. His works have been exhibited in various contemporary art centres including the Whitechapel Gallery in London and the CAC Vilnius. In 2017 for his project “This is Vilnius” Vasilenko won a creative residency at Diaphane, a photography centre in Beauvais, France. In 2018 Vasilenko’s works were exhibited at the Photaumanles festival exhibition in Beauvais and were presented in two solo shows at the Kaunas’ Old Town Library (as part of „Kaunas Photo“ festival) and Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. Andrej Vasilenko’s new photography book is a presentation of his ongoing project This is Vilnius, started in 2014. Book released in 2019.

Dovilė DagienėDovilė Dagienė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

DovilėDagienė– DoDA is an artist and photographer who lives and works in Vilnius. In 2020 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Photography and Media Art with DFA (Doctor of Fine Arts) degree. Research interests include memory, imagination, time and place in photography. Since 2006 she has been participating in group exhibitions and has held several solo shows in Lithuania and abroad. In 2019, she received the J. Dovydėnas Prize (Lithuanian Photographers Association) for the most significant humanistic and documentary photography projects, works of art and exhibitions.


Egle PlytnikaiteEgle Plytnikaite                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Egle Plytnikaite is a freelance illustrator and creative based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her works are minimal, colourful and conceptually driven, often utilising subtle textures that give her work a vintage warmth whilst maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. Egle frequently works on a range of social, editorial and commercial projects for a diverse range of clients including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Die Zeit, United Nations, Monocle and many others.

Linda VuorenvirtaLinda Vuorenvirta

I’m a freelance illustrator who loves to design and draw characters, especially within the context of narratives. I’ve spent eleven years studying fine art, animation, illustration, and design to better my skills with figure drawing and beyond. Echoing my childhood hobby of creating picture books about families, flowers, and cottages in the woods, I’ve settled into an artistic identity centred around storytelling and characters. I’m also taking the advice of a member of the jury which evaluated my college work: “never stop telling stories”.
I draw inspiration from both intangible and real-world sources. I love music, all kinds of visual art, magic, fantasy, science fiction, and other products of the human imagination. I’m also moved by nature, history, geography, social issues, and humans’ relationships with each other and their environments. I work mostly digitally with a graphics tablet or an iPad + Apple pencil, but I’m also fond of traditional pencils, pens, and markers.

Artiom BrančelA.Bran                       Vilnius, Lithuania

A.Bran is an interactive illustrator from Lithuania, currently based in Portugal. After finishing Interactive design studies, freelancing and traveling for a couple of years , he tried himself as Art Director in one of the video and animation studio in Vilnius.
Mostly he working with  2d symbols  thats connecting to one storyline and putting them in different medias like: illustration, design, walls, murals, animation, patterns, advertisement, objects, scenography, tattoos, exhibitions, zines, sculptures, and etc. 
Currently freelancing between Lithuania and Portugal.


Žilvinas DanysŽilvinas Danys                       Vilnius, Lithuania

I graduated with a Bachelor of Sculpture and Master of Photography and Media Arts from Vilnius Academy of Arts. Through the exchange programs, I studied in Valencia (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal) and Riga (Latvia). I speak English, Spanish and Russian. Since 2014, I am a member of the Lithuanian Artists Union.

I have 10 years of work experience at Vilnius Academy of Arts in initiating and organizing youth artistic initiatives such as international wall painting events and non-formal education camps. Main projects: “Art Synthesis”, “Cycle of Fest of Baltic Paganism” and “The Baltic Wild Walls”.  

I have 10 years of experience working with documentaries and feature films, video reports as a film director and cinematographer. I am experienced in developing artistic concepts for audio-visual projects and events. Also, I have worked as a light designer in theatre and served in the Lithuanian Armed Forces, and contributed to military journalism. I am an experienced executive producer, art projects organizer, an active participant in creative activities in art symposiums, and a professional artist in collaborative and personal exhibitions.

Izak OneIzak One                       Lithuania

Izak builds a visual discourse from free hand graffiti. Working directly on the wall with spray cans, he started motivated by his brother in 1998, when both during four years painted writing “HGC crew” (Hermanos Graffiteando Calles). His references then were the New York subways seen in books and in the “12 Oz Prophet” magazine. During 2002 until 2008 he had privileged of mastering the direct design of the image using black and white. This creates a visual “silence” that expands its communicative efficiency in the over-stimulated urban landscape. From the year 2010 Izak turned back to the full color chart and is showing predominance for the woman figure as main character in his pieces. He has exhibited his works in his home country Chile as well as in Argentina, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Latvia and Peru.

Vladas SuncovasVladas Suncovas                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Vladas Suncovas is an artist creating spaces and the tools needed for that. In his practice he uses methods of architecture, design, technology and art. Creates scenographies, exhibition expositions, small scale architecture, installations, experimental furniture, educational projects. Education:
MFA- Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Walls & Space
BA- Vilnius Academy of Arts, Fresco-Mosaic

Vytautas TumėnasVytautas Tumėnas                       Vilnius, Lithuania

He has born in 1965. After the graduation from Vilnius Academy of Arts (art history, theory and criticism) 1988 – 1991 he worked at the National Folk Culture Center. Since 1990 he is researcher at the dept. of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Lithuanian Institute of History; 1998 doctor of Humanities. Publications: 5 monographs and studies; 60 scientific articles in journals and books.
Other artistic activities: a) lectures (35) and analysis of art symbolism and processes in media (23); b) member of various evaluation commissions and national, government councils and foundations of culture, professional art, folk art and amateur art competitions, educational processes and certifications; c) consultant, curator, participant of professional, folk and street art, kite art projects, workshops and camps (Vilnius European Capital of Culture 2009: ,,Zime ornament secrets“; Kaunas Biennial Unitext 2013: “Net of Laima”; street art projects The Baltic Wild Walls 2017-2020); d) the member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association; Lithuanian Folk Artists’ Association; Lithuanian Art Historians’ Association.


Tauri VästrikTauri Västrik                       Tallinn, Estonia

Tauri Västrik is an Estonian menswear designer with a high interest on knitwear. His designs have been questioning the meaning of gender neutral clothing and how one could be interpreted in the essence of luxury materials and craft techniques. His collections have been presented in multiple events and competitions, such as recently Mados Injekcija in Vilnius, BIAFF in Bilbao and Mittelmoda The Fashion Award in Milan.

Anna SchneiderAnna Schneider                       Budapest, Hungary

Anna Schneider is Hungarian womenswear designer. She has been working at different brands throughout the years, while currently in London for an internship at Paolina Russo. Last year, Anna was working for Nanushka as a design intern. Working closely with the designers, and the marketing team, in the focus of sustainability, Anna was able to gain experience on it. Her approach to fashion design is also supported in different kinds of fields of fashion and costume design, like from previously working in movies and commercials.

Karolina JanuleviciuteKarolina Janulevičiūte                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Karolina Janulevičiūtė is a Lithuanian fashion designer and artist. In her practice she researches and exposes the human relation to garments, creating narratives that reflect collective and individual memories trapped in dressing. Her background in Fashion Design studies at Vilnius Academy of Art and Estonian Academy of Art and her Master of Arts degree at Aalto University enables research on Baltic region identities and the wardrobe method as a system for creating garments. Her practice under NONES combines production as practice as well the creation of performance wear and exhibition garments in collaboration with other artists.


Grace RubadukaGrace Rubaduka                       Helsinki, Finland

Grace Rubaduka is Helsinki based creator working with clothing, textiles and crafts. She is driven by an endless curiosity and an instinctual need to create. Obsessed with colours and patterns but at the same time, by the randomness of things, is what intrigues Grace in the creative expression.


Liina-Mai PüüaLiina-Mai Püüa                       Tallinn, Estonia

Liina-Mai Püüa is a pattern-maker based in Estonia. Having elaborate experience within other companies and her own clients on product development and garment technology, Liina-Mai has a sharp eye for details, originality and solutions.


Raminta BeržanskytėRaminta Beržanskytė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Raminta Beržanskytė is a Lithuanian craft artist and researcher with focus on archaic traditions such as textile dyeing with plants and weaving. In her label Forest&Meadows she educates and provides access to the processes of growing, harvesting, vat dyeing and the storylines of etno-culture surrounding it. Her practice has been supported by Lithuanian Council of Culture grants and independent scholarships in order to sustain the history or textile dyeing craft tradition.


Rugilė BarzdžiukaitėRugilė Barzdžiukaitė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė works as a filmmaker, visual artist and theatre director. She completed her studies of cinematography and theater directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, in 2006 and 2008; followed by a master’s degree in screen documentary at Goldsmiths, University of London, London/United Kingdom, in 2013. In her film and theater works Rugilė applies cross-disciplinary experience, avoiding direct synthesis of expressions, while exploring the tension between documentary and fiction. In 2019, Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, together with Vaiva Grainytė and Lina Lapelytė, presented a climate change opera-performance Sun & Sea (Marina) at the Venice Art Biennale Lithuanian pavilion. The performance was awarded with the prestigious Golden Lion – the first one in Lithuania’s history, and received much international acclaim.

Giedrė ŽickytėGiedrė Žickytė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

GIEDRĖ ŽICKYTĖ is an award-winning Lithuanian documentary film director and producer and the co-founder of the production company MOONMAKERS. Her films have been selected at numerous international film festivals, winning over 20 international awards and distributed theatrically. I’M NOT FROM HERE (co-directed with M.Alberdi, Chile) was nominated at the 2016 European Film Academy Awards. MASTER AND TATYANA won 4 Lithuanian Film Academy Awards, including awards for Best Director and Best Documentary. Her latest documentary THE JUMP received the Best Documentary Feature Award at the Warsaw Film Festival 2020. She produced THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE, winner of Sundance Best Directing Award 2020. 

Marija RazgutėMarija Razgutė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Marija Razgutė is a film producer whose fiction, documentary and animation films were screened at such international A-list film festivals as Karlovy Vary, Toronto, Busan, Warsaw and more. Marija established her own film production company M-Films (Ciobreliai) in 2008. She is also the organizer of the International Short Film Festival “Vilnius Film Shorts” and coordinator of the European Film Forum “Scanorama” international short film program “New Baltic Cinema”. Since 2011 Marija Razgute has been an active member of Independent Producers Association of Lithuania and a Board member since 2016. Marija is a graduate of MAIA Workshops 2013-2014, EAVE Producers Workshop 2016, and a member of European Film Academy since 2015.


Ramūnas ZilnysRamūnas Zilnys                       Vilnius, Lithuania

As one of the leading music journalists in Lithuania, Ramūnas Zilnys has been covering music releases and events for more than 20 years. He‘s currently working as Head of Popular Music for Lithuania‘s national broadcaster LRT (Lithuanian Radio and Television), also hosting radio shows, events and writing about music for LRT.lt website.


Titas SūdžiusTitas Sūdžius                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Titas Sūdžius came to the world of images from skateboard culture. As a teenager, he started making skate films based on musical editing. These documentaries eventually led to much more complex music videos. Titas is known for directing short subway films, music videos and commercials. His clips have won awards at the KlipVid competition organized by the Lithuanian National Television and received recognition at international film festivals accross the world. Titas works are valued for their elaborate visual language and metaphorical easthetic.


Lauras LučiūnasLauras Lučiūnas                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Lauras Lučiūnas is one of the veterans of Lithuanian music scene. His company CREATIVE INDUSTRIES specializes in international music projects and manages such bands and artists as Jazzu,The Roop, Vidas Bareikis, Alina Orlova and Gabrielė Vilkickytė among others. Lauras Lučiūnas was one of the founders of Vilnius Music Week – a forerunner of Whats Next in Music?, a showcase festival and music industry conference happening annually since 2012 and aiming to support the growth of professionalism and exports of the local music industry. He was also the producer of Lithuanian Eurovision Song Contest, other TV shows and a lot of national events and concerts. Lauras works as a consultant with different non-governmental institutions and programs for youth and children. He is also a lecturer at various universities.


Emilija ŠkarnulytėEmilija Škarnulytė                       Vilnius, Lituania – Tromso, Norway

Emilija Škarnulytė is a nomadic visual artist and filmmaker. Between the fictive and documentary, she works primarily with deep time, from the cosmic and geologic to the ecological and political. Recent group exhibitions include Hyperobjects at Ballroom Marfa, Texas; Moving Stones at the Kadist Art Foundation, Paris; and the first Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art; as well as a new commission for Bold Tendencies in London and a solo show at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Škarnulytė is the winner of the Future Generation Art Prize 2019 and represented Lithuania at the XXII Triennale di Milano. Her upcoming shows include the Toronto Biennial of Art, Canada and 95% of the Universe is Missing, Science Gallery, London, UK. She currently co-directs Polar Film Lab, a collective for 16mm analogue film practice located in Tromsø, Norway.

Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-KalleinenTellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen                       Helsinki, Finland

Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen are an artist duo based in Helsinki, Finland. Their art merges languages and approaches of a number of disciplines, such as cinema, performance, game design, experimental education, hosting, facilitation and alternative economies. Their collaboration started in 2003 when the artists organised The First Summit of Micronations (Amorph! 03-festival of Artist´s association MUU in Helsinki). Tellervo and Oliver are known as the founders of the International Complaints Choir project (2005-). The artists’ work is based on creative collaboration and they are the founding members of YKON and The Speech Karaoke Action Group. Tellervo and Oliver were awarded with AVEK media art award (2012) and Ars Fennica (2014).

Justė JonutytėJustė Jonutytė                       Vilnius, Lithuania

Justė Jonutytė is a Vilnius-based independent curator and producer. She holds an M.A. in History of Art from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Throughout her career, Jonutytė has worked in curatorial departments of Rupert (Vilnius), Tate Modern (London) and Jonas Mekas Foundation (New York), amongst others. She was a director of Rupert, a centre for art and education in Vilnius, Lithuania between 2013—2019. Recently curated exhibitions by Jonutytė include Jonas Mekas: Let me dream utopias (2019), Entangled Tales (group show, 2018), Lina Lapelyte: Pirouette (2017), Laure Prouvost: Burrow Me (2015), Double Bind (group show, 2015-2016), Dan Perjovschi: Time Specific & Lia Perjovschi: Knowledge Museum Kit (2014) and Dora Garcia: The Jerusalem of Europe (2013). Together with Paulius Petraitis, she is the co-editor of “Like There’s No Tomorrow: Young Lithuanian Photography” (2013, distributed by Motto Books).

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