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Digital Illustration


In this page you can discover the finalist for the Digital Illustration discipline in the Yellow Area (Northen Europe) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Vilnius, Lithuania, on June 25th.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive in December and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.

Discover the greatest artists from the Northern Europe countries and keep supporting every talent!

If you live in a country of Eastern, Southern and Western Europe

Finalist Northern Europe

Greta Brat

Vilnius, Lithuania

I’m a self-tought 3d artist, visual escapism creator.
Interested in blurring and exploring the boundaries that exist between fantasy and reality.
Inviting to a place which might not exist, but one that you can believe in.

Artwork presentation

The Touch – A handshake. A head on the shoulder. A side-hug.
Safety, trust, and a sense of belonging. It’s about basic human need – a touch.
(Cinema4d, Daz 3d, Photoshop).
Rest Stop – A mental rest stop – a place for others to escape into and to have hope. (Cinema4d, Photoshop).
Neptune – daily life on Neptune. (Cinema4d, Photoshop)

Semifinalists North Europe

Armanda Capaitė

Vilnius, Lithuania

I have a diploma to prove that four years of my life were spent learning how to observe, hear, and better understand people. And I have two other to prove that I am capable to communicate those observations clearly and creatively through graphic design and advertising. I do believe that I blossom the brightest when I can put all of these skills together.
Artwork presentation

Acts of Service is one of the five love languages that can be best described as DOING something for your loved one. As the quarantine was the time we felt disabled like never before, acts of service were almost the only way to express love and care for each other. And it doesn’t really matter for whom: a significant other, parents, or random local people around… It made us feel connected when we were feeling the most alone. These illustrations try to capture the peace in the heart that you feeling while serving others in these difficult times.

Tallin, Estonia

New Nordic design house MA+KE lab pays tribute to the lost birds
The changing world creates new interior directions and brings back to the forgotten old, and so is the new design laboratory, born in Estonia, bringing to life three forgotten birds.

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We celebrate birds’ past existence and by doing so inform our audience. In a way, it is a memorial to the past and a call for a better, more nature-preserving future. A deep understanding that we need to protect our wildlife.

Artwork presentation

In depth, the artistic narration deals with the extinction of species, through the use of figurative expressions as well as literal symbols. The first chapter of our collection tells the story of the passenger pigeon, the dodo, and the great auk.

We celebrate these birds’ past existence. In a way, it is a memorial to the past and a call for a better, more nature-preserving future. A deep understanding that we need to protect our wildlife.

Some ancient civilizations believed death to be a pilgrimage between life and the hereafter: a passage worthy of celebration.

The main inspiration is derived from Mexican and Estonian age-old solstice traditions honouring the departed souls. Many cultures throughout history have celebrated harvest festivals in dedication to the dead. And what is death after all, if not life disintegrating into atoms and the soul dissolving into the silence of nature’s eternal cycle?

In this pilgrimage, art and spirits disperse and dissolve into each other, in both this world and the nirvana.

We depict life and death inherent to each other, as an intertwined duality. Quiet birds that shine in eternal night, giving a glimpse of the long-gone and maybe a delicate flutter from the future.


Riga, Latvia

Leopardmoth is a visual artist and illustrator working with almost tactile proprioception-influenced imagery.
Artwork presentation

January 2021. These illustration are rather personal. It’s that feeling when you are taking a leap of faith and entering a frightening period of unprecedented change. It washes over you, it’s both intense and freeing, melting away the contours of your old persona, inviting you to let go of rationalising and compartmentalising your feelings. letting yourself experience and react instead of acting, watching something new and fresh take the place of your old meticulously constructed and maintained self.

Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns

Riga, Latvia


My name is Ričards Znutiņš-Znutāns and I’m a freelance illustrator from Riga, Latvia. My goal is to create energetic and bright imagery, vision to clients and solve problems or create visionary aesthetics to be seen!

Artwork presentation

Triumph of Galatea – My illustration for Sigulda’s exhibition. My version of the famous painting “The Triumph of Galatea”. The whole concept of the exhibition was about rebirth and the creation of new ones, after the pandemic situation, which included 9 people from different fields such as writers, musicians, and artists.

Malduguns brewery – A label for Double IPA beer named “Mūļāps”, which represent a clumsy, yet bright and funny person. Made by the legendary “Malduguns” beer brewery.

Cornfield runner – A cancelled sketch for a book cover, about a boy who lived in Georgian mountains, in USSR times.

Vilnius, Lithuania

I’m a freelance illustrator based near Vilnius, Lithuania.
Having finished International Politics and Development studies I couldn’t resist my passion for arts. So, I started working as a freelance graphic designer and took a focus on illustration in recent years. Since then I work on editorial and advertising projects.

Artwork presentation

1. When I grow up I want to be a bouquet.
Society praises achievements – the more professional labels you have, the more admired and respected you are. Illustration represents the wish to become a beautiful human being (beautiful as a bouquet), instead of well-labeled human.

2. Music addiction.
Records are spilled out of a drug bottle.

3. Burning man.
The moment of apathy – your head is burning, everything around seems empty and there is not much you can do.

Vilnius, Lithuania

If I remember correctly, I was born in 1998 Lithuania, Šiauliai. I lived my life the same way my neighbors kids did – going to school, playing with kids outside, playing sports and video games. Except that I had a big urge to draw, hence that’s how I differentiate from other kids. And now that life is still happening, I’m forced to live it. Yet I didn’t manage to maintain my big urge to draw, I did manage to remember that I can draw.

Artwork presentation

I enjoy drawing human faces and I like to portray them in a weird manner. Making them look dreamy, even nightmarish.

Salvija Vaičikonytė

Vilnius, Lithuania

I’m friendly, creative and a bit shy person from Vilnius. I like to make art and do fun art projects with people from all over the world. Also I love adventures and challenges.

Artwork presentation

My main focus on children book illustration and landscapes. Some woks are made for books others for fun or album covers. I like to create mystical, magical, calm atmosphere. I love to play with light and colors.

Monika Krivickaitė

Marijampolė, Lithuania

Hi I am graphic design student based in Lithuania I am studying in Vilnius graphics design college. I love to read poetry and draw what I see I my head when I am reading. Then I convert those drawing in to illustrations.
Artwork presentation

In these illustrations you can find what I see when I read poetry. These images appeared when I read J. Marcinkevičius “Autoanalizė“. It is about human who tries to find himself. He wanders in the world compares himself to the sun and drop of water he doubts himself and others he asks and does not receive answers.

Gabrielė Gudaitytė

Kaunas, Lithuania

Gabrielė Gudaitytė is a printmaker and illustrator from Lithuania. Currently based in Kaunas, Lithuania, but tend to move around between her home country, Scotland, London and other places.

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Her work is characterised by a strong storytelling bent and frequently celebrates the small absurdities of everyday life. She likes looking around and telling stories about the things she observes, however does not limit herself to the present moments only. Having a curious mind and a somewhat nostalgic heart, she also enjoys rummaging through archives, researching and finding interesting stories to tell or retell in different visual forms, such as digital comics or stand-alone illustrations or printed matter: small editions of books, booklets, art prints and others.

She is currently building an analogue print house in Kaunas, Lithuania with an intention to have a space for artists and non-artists to learn, create, print and self-publish. Having fallen deeply in love with printmaking, her goal is to attract more people into the exciting world of limited editions with the help of risography, screen-printing, relief printing and more.

Artwork presentation

The artwork presented is the latest illustrations done for various occasions, rather than a continuous project. During the current state of events, I found my illustration style become less spontaneous and more detail-oriented, atmospheric. Every image presented here is static, every character portrayed is almost on-hold; however, every single one of them has a narrative. One is swiping through the social media in the self-made jungle that their house has become during the quarantine; another is celebrating Christmas alone yet in the exact same way that they had done all the other times; there is a girl in a bar that has completely immersed herself in the story she is reading and the red wine she is consuming; a couple of lovers are flying through the empty corridors of a hotel in a Chagall-like manner; and finally, there is this confused silly looking Mr Spring, who is really in no rush to reach the final destination.
All the illustrations are done digitally, some of them have become prints on canvases or riso-prints, some have stayed in their digital form.

Vilnius, Lithuania

I am Violeta Mackialo, a curious, experimental, and open-minded artist from Lithuania. Starting my career as a graphic designer and illustration, this year, I enrolled in my master’s studies in VAA (Vilnius Art Academy) Graphic Arts and Printmaking. 

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This field dictates me a new way of creating process, which is full of unpredictability, coincidence, experiments, and joy of creative process which leads to express inner self.

Most of my works distinguish for their sensitivity to the visual forms, used materials, interdisciplinarity (monotype mixed with cyanotype; illustrations made on the printer screen with augmented reality and etc.), unconventional visual decisions, and intuition.

In 2017 was released my personal, interactive book project “Plains Stone”. (https://vimeo.com/175802152). Later one I was working on projects related to baltic-pagan culture. In 2019 was my first debut on the theater stage, as a mono-play “KItOKIA” visual artist and animator. Last autumn with theater people to the audience we present another solo project, the surrealistic fairytale play “9.18”, which is based on real teenager’s stories of life.

Artwork presentation

Surrealistic hand-drawing illustrations are a part, of the visual solo play ‘9.18’ which premiere for the audience was in 2020 on the 9th of September. Solo play, and all the illustrations, as a visual form, are based on real teenager stories, which often sound like a fairytale, but actually, it is a real-life, with hard lessons, challenges, problems, and losses the young people are facing. The symbols, hidden meaning, and visual figurative sense let to tell the story, which is often are hidden inside and were never spoken before.

All the surrealistic illustrations came to the visual expression very intuitively, drawing a daily visual diary. All of the illustrations are hand-made, using the simple uni pin (rapidographs). In the end, it was partly digitalized (for the purpose to animate illustrations), but it still keeps the authentic feel of real touch and free expression of hand linked with the irrational, intuition, and pure feelings-based expression.

in attacked files below you can see illustrations from these fairytales:
‘Three Sisters’ (the first illustration)
‘Seven springs, summers, autumns, and six winters’ (the second and the 5th)
‘Bridges’ (the third one)
‘Liu’ (the 4th)

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