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Contemporary Circus

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Contemporary Circus discipline in the Yellow Area (Northen Europe) rated by the audience and a professional Jury at the event in Vilnius, Lithuania, on June 25th.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive in December and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.

Discover the greatest artists from the Northern Europe countries and keep supporting every talent!


Finalist Northern Europe

Stockholm, Sweden

Marina Cherry is hard to define. As many humans are, she is a multitude of layered bits and pieces. By formal training, one may say she is a contortionist/acro-dancer. She was educated at ESAC (École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) in Brussels after starting off her professional circus formation at ENC (École Nationale de Cirque) in Montreal.

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Performing and creating are Marina’s favorite activities in the world. Particularly, she finds endless inspiration through improvisation—the body as her weapon-of-choice. Finding her singular niche somewhere deep in the pockets between contemporary circus and dance, research, innovation and a questioning of conventionalities are at the core of her creations. As she continues to create, more words on what she encompasses might reveal themselves.
Primarily a solo artist, she also enjoys collaborations and is working in diverse projects around Europe including the upcoming production by Belgian company Petri Dish as well as the production 2022 by Belgian Company ‘Les Argonauts’. Marina works as well as a pedagogue and along her travels loves giving workshops in movement research, acro-dance and handstands. She is simultaneously pursuing a degree in philosophy with the University of London (online).

Performance presentations

This piece can either be presented as such, in an 8 minute format, or at its current state 25 minutes.
A complex tension between internal and external.
An exploration of the contradictory paradox of mind and body.
A search into the self. Of being. Amongst Beings.
Of what it means to exist in a world alone yet surrounded by others.
A warped un-narrative told through the body of a contortionist.

IN[EX] confronts one’s absolute freedom of existence through the perspective of a body that is seemingly unconstrained.
It is a research of self, of the physical body, and of the connection to the external.
It is an auto-experimentation; a poking and prodding to the large questions in life traversing multiple dimensions of language.

This performance is a research of the internal enigmas that face each individual, allowing us to see our naïve reality in a different perspective. An uncanny delving of extra-ordinary physicality trying to overcome the barriers of banality that entrap the human existence.
Constructed from my allurement towards the larger picture, a peculiarly poetic exploitation of contortion; IN[EX] attempts to find common ground for opposites: a sense to the absurd.

Semifinalists North Europe

Laura Savolainen

Lahti, Finland

Laura Savolainen is a finnish circus artist specializing in tight wire and hula hoops. She started doing circus at the age of 8 and after high school she decided to pack her bags and move to Lahti to study at Sasak, from where she then graduated as a professional circus artist in the spring 2021. In her work Laura aims to combine her musicality and unique movement qualities together with more or less traditional circus techniques.

Performance presentations

Visuality and precise hula hoop technique, “7 Rings” is a hula hoop act by Laura Savolainen

7 Rings is Laura’s graduation act with hula hoops from Sasak



šakiai, Lithuania

I am a student, studying finance but circus is my passion. For me circus is a way to express myself and truly show who I am as a person. I have been training for seven years now and hope to continue.
Performance presentations
My performance is about feeling good while doing what you love, feeling yourself, free and on top of the world!

Other selected artists but non admitted to the semifinals

Artūras Čepukas

Vilnius, Lithuania

The art of juggling is my hobby, which I have been doing for several years. I want to share this with you and show that even this unusual activity can fill the lives of all of us with different colors, impressions, new experiences and opportunities.😍

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