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Q:I am a Lithuanian artist but currently live in London (or between Lithuania and London). Which area I belong to/ should I choose to apply from?

You can choose your country of residence or nationality, depending on where you are located during the contest process


Q: Am I going to exhibit the same artwork I submit in the application form also in the online selection events and semi-final of the contest? 

Q: Am I able to show a different artwork from the one I submitted in the application form?

The same artistic content should be presented in all the selection process. If you want to propose a different artwork/performance for the online or semi-final event you can contact application@martelive.eu


Q:Will you cover my art printing/exhibiting/mounting/shipping costs for the semi-finals?

The organisation covers the cost for exhibiting the artworks. Printing and shipping cost are on the participants. If you cannot ship your artwork we can display it on a virtual exposition at the event.


Q: Who is doing the selection process for the online selection events?

The preselection is made by the MArteLive curators, and the online auditions and semi-final event selections are made by the international juries


Q: When are you planning to announce the participants of the online selection events/ semi final event?

See the dates on https://contest.martelive.eu/contest/


Q: What if I am a multidisciplinary artist – which “discipline” should I choose in the application?

The one that looks more relevant to you. Need to identify one


Q: Can I send some archival material- pre registered performance for the first selection stage?

Yes. Only original artworks and performances are admitted


Q: It is mandatory to send lyrics, texts and any other perfomance-related material in english (original text or translation)? If so, which format would be fine?

Yes, it is absolutely mandatory to send the text of your work in english or the english translation . You have to upload a text file (any open format) when filling the application form

Short Movie
Video Clip
Video Art

Q: I’m a young director. Can I apply as a group with my production team? 

No, for the short movies/music video/video art disciplines the application must be submitted individually (director, video maker, producer)

Short Movie
Video Clip
Video Art

Q: are cover admitted in the musical program?

No, only original works are admitted

Painting and drawing

Q: Can I submit a drawing on wood?

Yes. Your technique and using material is free. Painting can be made on canvas, paper, wood, glass, or others, made by using oils, acrylics, aquarelle, tempera, gouache and others. Drawings can be made by pencil, charcoal, ink spread with a brush or stick, sanguine, marker pen, pastel, crayon, pen, eraser, chalk, on the paper, wood, canvas or other.


Q: What kind of handicraft can I submit?

You can submit any type objects as long as they are made completely by one’s hand or by using only simple, non-tech related tools like scissors, carving implements, hooks or similar.

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