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Video Art

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Video Art discipline in the all european areas.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive in December and will have the chance to participate in Art residencies and more prizes.

Discover the greatest artists from the Northern Europe countries and keep supporting every talent!

If you live in a country of Eastern, Southern and Western Europe


Saulė Noreikaitė

Kaunas, Lithuania

I am an interdisciplinary artist working in between the fields of visual art and dance. After graduating from BA in Fine arts from Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2018 I moved back to my hometown Kaunas where I am currently based and studying Social Anthropology in VMU.

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In my practise I am questioning what does it mean to have a body in the twenty-first century, how the relations to our bodies change due to various environmental and societal factors, and how do we care for and make use of the physical possibilities of our existence.
The format of my works usually is (participatory) performances and / or installations, video works with performative elements, short films or instructions for the audience on how to execute the work.
An important aspect to my practise is constantly learning and developing my skills and knowledge, therefore, I both participate in and teach workshops, dance classes as well as I am part of various collaborative projects.

Work presentation

‘Until It Wears Off’

video text transcript


The smell of old urine and medication

Makes me feel like

I’m still alive and breathing.

Makes me feel my fleshiness and being in my own skin,

Moving in this heavy body wearing off every skin particle until it renews itself,

Realizing that one day it will not renew itself so fast anymore.



‘love, love love is lifting me higher

love, love love is lifting me higher

love, love love is lifting me higher’


The first day we came they told us we should keep in mind that someone might die during the month that we stay there.

I didn’t believe it from the beginning. It didn’t happen until the end.


It’s simply that the process of aging or deterioration provides the necessary detachment or arouses a necessary sympathy.


Your body

My body

Or any body


Is in a constant flux


Your body

My body

Or any body


Exist only in a dialogue


Your body

My body

Or any body


Is decaying every day




Green fingers

Post-its on the floor

Without an order

Like our thoughts

Everything is so illusionary

Nothing stays

Where do we begin



‘everyone grows older,

everything must change,

everybody knows we’re gonna die’


Every mosquito bite makes me feel an itch.

Birds, outside the window, are being louder than the cars or the movie that I’m watching.

It all places me in a context, in which nature has a higher position in this hierarchy than I do.

I’m just part of things.



We change ourselves

By the things that we do

Our habits

The supermarkets we get our food from

Where we sleep

Where and how we go to work

It all changes us


It changes our bodies and our memories


In this age there is nothing more important than to take care of yourself and each other. Listening to each other and helping each other out.


This city takes care of me like no one else


Nature takes care of me like no one else


Water takes care of me like no one else


My body takes care of me like no one else


That cup of coffee took care of me like no one else


There are some things that cannot be expressed in words.


Therefore, I stay silent.



Production of too many useful things

results in

production of too many useless people.


The same goes for words.


‘there are buildings, there are people,

Walk around and look up to’





Video, text and sound: Saulė Noreikaitė



Special Thanks to:

Sansusi Wellbeing residency, Anda Lace, Mercedes Krapoviskas, Jukka Pekka Lilja, Armands Silins, Beatričė Leitonaitė, Shani Leseman, Miša Skalskis, Tina Jeranko, Maria Pask, Hanna Ijas, Emma Johanson, Gabriela Galeano Batres, Ilze Bergmane, Leonie Shneider.


Music: Laurie Anderson, Beady Belle, Massive Attack, The Whitest Boy Alive.


Patrícia Chamrazová

Vienna, Austria

Patrícia Chamrazová is a media artist. She comes from Slovakia and is currently based in Vienna. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Intermedia at Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. She currently continues her studies in Transmedia Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna. She worked as a mediator for Kunsthalle Bratislava (2017 – 2018), in production for  the digital arts festival Sensorium (2018 – 2019), festival Biela Noc (2019 – 2022). She actively participates in various international exhibitions, projects and residencies. In 2021, she co-founded the civil society aj aj along with Nela Pučeková, Viktória Revická, Nina Vidovencová, Lucia Kupcová, and Tatiana Takáčová.


Warsaw, Poland

Born in Ukraine, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Poland), specializes in painting and documentary art.


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