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In this page you can discover the finalist for the Theatre discipline in three area of MArteLive Europe

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Klaipėda, Lithuania

Æmotion Theatre is a troup of 25 acting students based in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, formed by an actor and professor Valentinas Masalskis in 2019. Spending most of our time practicing acting, rhythmics and music – we feel greatly inspired to share our love for art with the world. 

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From the very beggining of our formation we immersed into many activities in order to mature as artists. We have been a part of various workshops such as: The History of Documentary Theatre with Lithuanian director Loreta Vaskova; the gathering of various Lithuanian theatre artists, Jauno teatro dienos, established by our course head V. Masalskis; we had an opportunity to practice with Hungarian director Arpad Schilling while he was working on hist spectacle in Klaipėda, Lithuania; we were a helping hand to Taško teatras in their historical and artistic performance Pasivaikščiojimas.
Our debut performance occured in 2020, during annual Lithuanian cultural event Kultūros naktys – where we carried out our visual and rhythmical performance Tabulas Musica, in Presidency Square, Vilnius.

Work description
The rhythmic performance “Tabulas Musica” is an unusual take on portraying some of the biggest and most common issues of human society – rush, ignorance,closed-mindedness, even selfishness, lost feeling of community. The act includes rhythmic, singing and even dancing routines which raise the question of society’s problems, but also adds a humorous spice to it. Such performance is a way to help the viewers reflect and recognize themselves in certain situations, where they can feel excluded or otherwise – being the ones who shut themselves out. “Tabulas Musica” translated from Latin means “music of boards”, during the performance wooden boards are used as a way to show how sounds and movement can be found anywhere, all you have to do is stop and just listen. Our act would not be as mesmerizing without the vast number of acting students moving as one, that is why synchronicity, harmonious sounds and togetherness are the main gestures of this performance, which even creates a sense of army soldiers. Such precision and power delivered by our team is undoubtedly exciting, inclusive and one of a kind.

Maria Caetano Vilalobos

Lisbon, Portugal

Born in Lisboa in 1994. Actress and director with a degree in Theater from the University of Évora and the ESAD of Murcia. Completed her Masters in Interpretation and Artistic Direction at the ESMAE, in PORTO. Participated in some international projects Exchange – Breathe (Turkey, 2015); Say it Loud (Germany, 2017); Sometimes Je Ne Sais Pas Cómo Hablarte (Spain, 2017), Corps Intime, Corps Politique (France, 2018), Mr&Mrs Lover (Netherlands, 2018), Migr’art (Poland, 2019). Declaims recurrently in the Poemacto initiative and, in this same context, is part of the poetic anthology “Bicho Mudo Viro Bicho” as a poet and illustrator; Winner of Poetry Slam Amadora 21’ and 22’ and Slam Trafaria 21’. She currently works as an actress in the show “O Público” staged by Karas from the company Ninho de Víboras, she is a director and actress of the projects “!REGA GERAL” and “Nu Geral”, teacher of Theater and Dramatic Expression, curator of the collective exhibition A Arte de Nos Virmos about the female orgasm and sexuality and poet in the Mbuki-Mvuki musical project.

I am a Woman

I am a Woman
Vulva on the outside
Inside is vagina
I was raised until now
To be a good girl
“Don’t just hang out with guys
You’ll look like a whore
You don’t know
What people are capable of
And it’s not worth the fight
Heed, be chaste
The rest is enough
Accept the recipe
A man
Is not honest
He lies and cheats
But loves like this”
“Breath, contract
Come to be in me”

What a gift
To be born a Woman
So good
To be able to suffer
With no sound
And having to run
In the shadow
Of whoever wants me

“Don’t go alone
Ask them to take you home
Call me when you arrive!
It’s not my paranoia
Things happen
You better accept it. “
“Be careful daughter
This life is dangerous
Especially for women”
Looks like a trap
To make me scared
But it’s only that way
If you want it to be.

“You only hang up with boys…
What were you expecting?
With short clothes
Bold answers
What were you expecting?
You look like a whore
You don’t take care about what you do
What were you expecting?
You talk about sex
So openly
You give yourself to everyone
What were you expecting?

I was expecting to be able to go out at night
Without having to come home running
To be able to hear my name
Without starting to shake
Expecting to sit on the train
Without having to look at the floor
Because a single glance with a boy
It’s read as a booty call *
Waiting to be able to speak
About sex and masturbation
Choose to go out and dance
Without feeling your hand
Without having to feel you rubbing on me
Because you think
If I didn’t want to
I Would say no
Well, if I wanted to I would say yes
And I’m not just speaking for myself
A discusting approach in the night
A look at the subway
An invitation to dance
Already pulling her inside
Your hand on my wrist
A whisper in the ear
A kiss without permission is “only an impulse”
A photo without asking for it
The simple idea
That I wanted all of this.

The body freezes
Panic takes over
The heart pumps
He asks
“Do you have a lighter?”
The word suppresses
And everything accelerates
And it’s only a crime
If she denies him
If she resists
But her strength gives up
In the moment he takes her
Because conscience insists
That society is blind
And of all the saddest
The sentence only exists
When she denies him
You saw it, you know this exists,
You lived it, you felt it.
The body freezes
Panic takes over
The heart pumps
He asks,
“Do you have a lighter?”
You heard,
You pretended not to see,
The exaggerated pick-up line
The voice raised
The frozen body
And everything turns to nothing.

“It was her boyfriend
How could she have been raped?”

Maria Caetano Vilalobos

* “Automatically gives him authorization “.

work description
Sou Mulher it’s part of Nu Geral – a show about sexuality through love and intimacy but also oppression and violence. 
This excerpt draws attention to the reality of being a woman in today’s society, where harassment is normalized and sexual violence victims have risen during pandemic times.
Most of the time we are afraid to come home at night, to talk about it, to be blamed or seen as crazy when we feel brave enough to speak and claim our rights. The victim is not the problem. To be a woman is to fight for freedom that should belong to all of us.
Degree in Theater and Master’s in Interpretation and Artistic Direction. Wrote the thesis “How to create a performative practice to think the today’s sexualities” and participated in international projects in Turkey, Germany, Spain, France, Poland and Netherlands, about human, sexual and Reproductive Rights. Part of the anthology “Bicho Mudo Viro Bicho” and Mbuki-Mvuki musical project, winner of Poetry Slam contests, theatre teacher, curator of the exhibition “The Art of Coming” about the female orgasm, actress in “O Público” by Karas, and actress-director on the projects “!REGRA GERAL” and “Nu Geral”
Vídeo by Cláudia Moreno

Shahrzad Nazarpour

Vienna, Austria

Shahrzad Nazarpour, a Vienna based performer and choreographer of Iranian origin. who is an artist coming from a traditional family in a very religious society my uncompromised feminist perspective, lead to my experience of persecution in Iran. She is challenging her own taboos and social values as a radical performance artist. She migrated to Austria since one year in order to continue her studies at the university of applied arts in Vienna right after receiving the bachelor of theater from the university of art in Tehran. Immigration coincided with the emergence of a new concern which was the mutual relationship between the body and the society along with the impacts of the social on the bodily.
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As if the body is under the constant oppression and influence of the surrounding environment and society possessed the power of dictating our bodies behaviors. In her case, Iran as an Islamic state where She spent most of her life in there made me experience and absolutely different body in contrary to the one that she is able to live in here in Austria, and her challenge would be a permanent struggle to adapt one’s muscular memory’s with the new social structure. Most importantly, her agenda is to elaborate her knowledge in dance, performance, and visual arts through speculations on politics, feminism, post humanism, and inclusive dance practices.

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