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In this page you can discover the finalist for the Sculpture discipline in all european area.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive.


Riga, Latvia

I am graduate of environment art Latvian Art Academy, design structure. The main priority of creating my art works is the process. At the time of process i do research and experimentalize using different kinds of materials and technics. 

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I draw big attention to those subjects, which affects mind of a human being or the structure of the planet (nature), in that way trying to find and figure out the meaning of things. Through the philo- sophic and empiric senses, i create art works for things that i care the most, unknown questions as a research.
I really want to continue to grow up and learn everything new in my professional work, using the experimental technics to amaze the spectator about the idea and visual pleasure.

Artwork presentation

Artwork “NOW” draws attention to various rooms coexistence in the same time, excluding human being as the main component of the environment. In this moment, in present, placed in the same space, we have the opportunity to teleportate indirectly by feeling the impact from other environment. To look at the calm nature’s rhythm from the tense and active urban environment. Installation is an online with nature which is shown using sounds and video media.


Prague, Czech Republic

I am Darina Molatová, a Czech artist from South Moravia. My work is inspired by everyday, neglected, yet indispensable things from daily life. My main medium is sculpture. I have a wide range of techniques. I work with soft materials such as foam or wool, as well as classic materials such as plaster, ceramics or concrete. Much of my work is concerned with the human body, its possibilities of movement, its structure and its surface.
Artwork presentation

The artist’s primary intention was to emphasize the beauty of the shapes of the human body through strict cuts. The sculptures juxtapose the vivid, soft and amorphous with a geometric void. This clash creates tension. One of the two figurative sculptures is enclosed in a block that defines precise boundaries that are not obvious at first glance. The other sculpture emphasizes the movement and position of the model’s body through the cuts. The sculptures are made of plaster by casting into a mold. Their dimensions are 58x52x175 cm and 40,5x26x175 cm.



Athens, Greece

I was born in Athens, Greece, and spent my life between the big city and the island of Crete. I studied Art Management and focused onSemiotics on Culture & Art in Panteion University of Athens. I am a self taught artist, never gained academic training. In 2022 I opened a small art studio (@irzzystudeoathens), where I teach seminars and classes around creativity, and I produce my own works. I am constantly inspired by nature, the human experience & body, spirituality and mortality. I work with clay, cement, natural elements, paper and fabric. I wish to grow old by the sea, surrounded by love.

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July–August 2017 La Teste-de-Buche, France (Au-pair)

February–June 2022 Aix en Provence, France (Erasmus at École supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence Félix Ciccolini, Studio Pratique d’espace et co-créations)


2014 Lidice Gallery (collective exposition)

2020 “Not enough”, Galerie Na Miladě (solo exposition)


Lidická růže (2014)

Artwork presentation

(greek: μήτρα – meaning uterus)

Ceramic sculpture: hand-built, black clay, gloop and crackle glazes, 1240oC firing
Dimension: Max Height 21cm / Diameter 31cm

The work is an inversion of the female uterus. An organ formed as a cavity to welcome new life is now remodeled in an aggressive synthesis of spiky tentacles, mingling with smaller openings and small cavity areas. A composition of bright color gloop glazes represent the humid environment of the uterus, transcended in vibrant essence. Much further than a feminist overview of the human body, MEETRA refers to the Divine Feminine, to the ancestral energy of creation and force.

A correlation in which female identity is no longer passive, no longer a receiver, a vessel. It is now an emitter of energy, a full body on its own, it is a whole, not something that needs to be filled. Feminine existence is perceived under new data, with new qualities and possibilities.

Made in ATHENS, GR on JULY 2022 – IRINI THEODOSI (irzzy)

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