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Painting and Drawing

In this page you can discover the finalist for the Painting and Drawing discipline in all european areas.

One winner of each discipline will partecipate to the Biennial MArteLive.


Riga, Latvia

I graduated in 2016 from the Art Academy of Latvia, acquiring Master’s degree at the Department of Painting, I also had spent one semester as part of a student exchange programme at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. 

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I received the visual arts scholarship of the Boris and Inãra Teterev Foundation in 2012, the Brederlo von Sengbusch Art Prize in 2014, the SEB Banka scholarship in painting in 2016, the prestigious grant from The Elizabeth Greenshields foundation in Canada in 2019 and 2021 and Young Painter Prize in 2019. I have held a number of solo exhibitions, participated in group exhibitions and artist residences in Italy, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, India, Belgium, Germany, France and elsewhere.

Artwork presentation

Every artist during his or her lifetime has millions of ideas he or she would like to realize. Because of the lack of time, political situations such as covid – 19 crisis, economical crisis etc., personal reasons, lack of exhibition spaces, success and funding, and different other circumstances, artists during their lifetime make only a concrete amount of solo exhibitions. In this serie I paint the ideas and concepts of my own I would like to realize, playing with different known and unknown exhibition spaces, galleries and museums and painting my solo exhibition views.



Attard, Malta

As cliche as it is, I always loved art and always attended short courses and experimented on my own. In 2015 I graduated with a Masters in Pharmacy from the University of Malta, however, 2 years later I decided it was time to finally study and give priority to my art practice. In 2018 I enrolled into the preparatory course for M.A in Fine Arts and I have submitted my dissertation this February and will hopefully hold the exhibition in August and September 2022.

Artwork presentation
The works selected here are all related to my M.A dissertation. Through these works I sought to experiment, as well as deal with and challenge the truth in our appearances in relation to how we present ourselves through social media. All whilst trying to assess if the public's current attitude, that of disinterest in the truth, is reflected in ones portrayal of ones own appearance.

Albi Yzo

Tirana, Albania

Born in Korçë, Albania in 1993. Live and work in Tiranë.
2022 : Master 2 in UA Universitety of Arts in Tirana
2015 : Licence 1 à l’Université De Lorraine – Faculté d’Arts Plastiques

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Albi YZO

-Born in Korçë, Albania, 1993
-Live and work in Tiranë


2022 : Master 2 in UA Universitety of Arts in Tirana
2015 : Licence 1 à l’Université De Lorraine – Faculté d’Arts Plastiques


2017 : « Miti i dashurisë » , YeReBlu Art Studio, Tiranë
2014 : « Exposition, Journéé de Patrimoine » , Metz , Francë
2011 : « Ekspozitë Nr 1 » , Shkolla Tefta Tashko Koço, Korçë


2022 : « Biseda në Gjuhën Time » Promenadë Galery , Vlorë
2021 : « Arti përmes vështrimit të të rinjve» Tiranë
2017 : « Ekspozita e fundvitit” , Tiranë
2016 : « Atelieri I Pikturës” , Tiranë
2014 : « Exposition Peinture / Sculpture”, Longeville-lès-Metz
2013 : « Skulptura në hapësirat publike” , Tiranë
2013 : « Ura me Tri Harqe ” , Tiranë


2020 : «Art Teacher», Shkolla « Kristaq Rama », Tiranë
2018 : «First Price “Skënderbeu ne Kohë” », Universiteti Metropolitan, Tiranë
2017 : «Workshop “Mural Art”», Kalari, Itali
2017 : «Workshop “Street Talk France-Albania”», Paris, FR
2015 : «Asistent Prof», Metz ,Francë
2010 : «Third Price “Shqipëria është kulturë” », Apolloni, Fier

Artwork presentation

1- Apocatastasis
Oil on canvas, 130 x 160 cm
In this work is the continuous renewal (apocatastasis) of the society.

Oil on canvas 83 x 103 cm
Reminiscing of a childhood moment eaitng dinner under the candle light.

3-Memory traces
Oil on canvas, 83 x 103 cm
This picture calls for life and life beyond death, but not in a religious context, but in the context that even life after death is lived throughout life. This proves the existence of time towards a flowing progress.

4- Scream in theatre
Oil on canvas ,100 x 80 cm
The subject of the theatrical performance in which I am based on , is this : It’s about the pain the character goes through after losing something very valuable. 
The scream in this case is addressed to the human consciousness to show what is really happening in a shaftless , shallow society that is led by the reason of the unreasonable. 
So , let this be a proclamation of the hope that “ after the rain the sun will always rise “ and that beyond the theatre the life of the man exalted by the power of great knowledge goes on.

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