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In this page you can discover the finalist for the Music discipline in all three areas.

Discover the greatest artists from all Europe countries!



Vilnius, Lithuania

The quartet has only been in existence for a year and a half, but last year it became the winner of the Novus’19 competition for young groups at the Loftas Art Factory. JUZT members also play in other bands and are active on the Lithuanian jazz scene. The ensemble composed a collective composition 5553 for the competition.

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Tuomas J. Räsänen is a sought-after drummer, a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Last year, he won first prizes in both Tamsta Drum Day and Baltic Drummers League competitions, and was recognized as the best instrumentalist in this year’s VJYP competition.

In addition to JUZT, the drummer plays in Avis Rara and KZK on TV. With various formations he has participated in jazz festivals in Kaunas, Klaipėda, Elektrėnai, Ariogala, RUMSHK’20 in Šiauliai, Loftas Fest, Saulkrasti Jazz (Latvia) and Beantown Jazz (USA).

Nikita Kiriuchinas studies at the Jazz Department of the LAMT. Currently, the musician is most interested in synthesizers, but he also plays drums, bass guitar, keyboards and several wind instruments. In addition to JUZT, he works with KZK on TV, SynthEtika, and the LAMT Big Band, also composes and arranges music.

Keyboardist Kazimieras Krulikovskis currently studies at the Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, works for Sonoros Vilnius city choir and Ugnelė children’s choir. In addition, he plays in the John’s Shower Band, KZK on TV and Castor Stetson; arranges music.

Bassist Vainius Indriūnas studies at the Faculty of Arts and Creative Technologies of the Vilnius University of Applied Sciences. Last year he appeared in the VJYP competition with the VR Quartet and was recognized as the best instrumentalist. He also won first and second prizes in the Novus’ 19 competition with JUZT and John’s Shower Band; was recognized as the best in the bass guitar category in Gitarų šėlsmas (Guitar Frenzy) competition.



Krakow, Poland

Chrust is a modern and young approach to folk. Traditional polish singing complemented by rock drums, produced by an electronic sountrack music composer.

Christina Psycha

Athens, Greece

Christina Psycha is a vocalist, songwriter and composer. Her songs are based on latin rhythms mixed with early jazz elements. Her performance melodic style is influenced from the Renaissance and Byzantine music and she likes to blend these traditions on her compositions. Her lyrics are written in Greek language and they refer to humans and nature. Her debut album released on April of 2021 and includes 11 original compositions and 1 arrangement of a Greek traditional song. The album is called “Violetera”, meaning the girl who serve flowers. She choose this title because of its strong romantic symbolism, which also represent the sound of the album. The goal of this project was to capture a unique sound that will also allow each musician to express himself through the songs and the arrangements.

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• Christina was chosen to perform her project at the 21st Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival. She won the contest in the “best young artist – new music” category.
• Christina represented Greece at the 7th Katara European Jazz Festival (November, 2021) in the city of Doha – Qatar.
• Christina was chosen to perform her work at the Mediterranean Jazz Festival in New York on January 2023.
• Christina has toured in many venues and festivals in Greece, Netherlands and Qatar (Nafplion Festival, Hydra Jazz Fest GR, Sakotura Jazz Fest GR, Comedy Cafe Amsterdam, Katara Jazz Fest Qatar, Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall).

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